Dire Fleet Hoarder


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Dire Fleet Hoarder

Creature — Human Pirate

When Dire Fleet Hoarder Dies, create a colorless Treasure artifact token with " Sacrifice this artifact: add one mana of any color to your mana pool."

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Dire Fleet Hoarder Discussion

skulstads on Death by treasure!

2 days ago

Saint1129 while you will get a treasure token from Dire Fleet Hoarder you will get a double sacrifice with the Doomed Dissenter

Saint1129 on Death by treasure!

3 days ago

Hmm ok. In that case, Dire Fleet Hoarder could replace Doomed Dissenter- not only does it have a higher power, it would give you 2 treasure token when sacrificed to Ruthless Knave.

magicsheep on Pirates life for me

1 week ago

You should also remove Dire Fleet Hoarder because you're not running treasure. Also, Fraying Sanity could become pretty overpowered when used with Navigator's Ruin and Raiders' Wake. Just putting out there as a potential addition. To me, Deadeye Quartermaster does not feel like it is searching for any essential piece of your deck or any artifact which could drastically change the boardstate/game. So I would personally suggest removing it.

xhuggels on Control the Treasure-Control

2 weeks ago

the difference is that this card replaces itself with something random you cant plan around. You cant rely on it drawing you a land, nor a creature to replace it, nor anything you can use the following turn for that matter. top players in any game, regardless of the platform value consistency above all else, and that's why it isn't seeing play now, and probably wont see it at all. its a thing you can play, but if you need this to cycle through your deck, ur not happy about it.Sacred Cat , Dire Fleet Hoarder and Martyr of Dusk are all consistent, you know what you get, and if it is what you want, its a good fit for the deck.

xhuggels on Control the Treasure-Control

2 weeks ago

For the type of deck Dusk Legion Zealot wants to go into, it has lots of competition. Its basically a chump for a card creature as its stats dont allow for a trade. Dire Fleet Hoarder is a chump for a ramp, which can be better by itself, but it has trading ability in addition to that. Sacred Cat is basically a 2 for 1 at 1 CMC less, and Martyr of Dusk is also a 2 for 1 with some trading ability. If Dusk Legion Zealot was a 2/1 body, it would be the best one among these, but since it isn't, its kinda meh tbh, as its power is entirely dependent on the card you draw.

ShadowHawkIII on treasure black

2 weeks ago

You dont actually have many treasures in this deck, it looks more like a normal black aggressive damage deck, there are some great pirates that make treasures in black Dire Fleet Hoarder Pitiless Plunderer, and some other black spells that grant you treasures Contract Killing, the most obvious being Revel in Riches. The equipment Prying Blade also gives you treasures when you attack. Seeing how expensive your deck already is, it shouldnt be too difficult to get a hold on those black Ixalan cards for even more treasures.

xhuggels on Control the Treasure-Control

3 weeks ago

for Costly Plunder to work like it should, you really have to have ton of treasures through multiple sources. you need a very reliable way of having treasures out real soon, and it doesnt work with just 4 copies of Gleaming Barrier. You need 3-4 copies of dire fleet hoarder as well, and a means to sack them if your opponent someone catches on and doesn't kill them. It works in a more creature heavy deck where you start your treasure production earlier. How about 2 copies of Azor's Gateway? you draw a card each turn, and then when you flip it it gives you tons of ammo to put behind Torment of Hailfire, without using treasures at all. That way you are more free to save them for Mechanized Production.

kyleac96 on Esper Revel in Riches

3 weeks ago

Thanks so much for your comment! I do like the grixis build and actually gives me some ideas for this deck. I am using dire fleet hoarder as a way to attack and block in the early game and i do want him to die asap which is why i have a good amount of removal just in case. But nonetheless i appreciate you looking at the deck!

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