Lost Legacy


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Lost Legacy


Name a nonartifact, nonland card. Search target player's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with that name and exile them. That player shuffles his or her library, then draws a card for each card exiled from hand this way.

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Lost Legacy Discussion

TheGodofNight on Metallurgic Artistry

7 hours ago


Game 1

Round 1 - You were on the play. Only I took a mulligan. 14 Turns, 28 minutes. Double Dynavolt Towers made it easy for you to start to overwhelm me.

Round 2 - I was on the play, we both took a mulligan, me to 6, you to 5. 17 turns, 21 minutes, I managed to cast Saheeli's Artistry on a Torrential Gearhulk, which overwhelmed the board. You ran out of draw and stagnated in the late game due to me casting Disallow.

Round 3 - You were on the play. Neither of us took a mulligan. 18 Turns, 37 minutes (we would have gone to time at this point and we would have stalemated). In the interest of finishing the match I played it out. I landed a Metallurgic Summonings and just stomped you with tiny constructs which took 11 turns to happen.

A very grindy, mirror match without the use of sideboards.

Game 2

Round 1 - You were on the play. I had to mulligan to 4. 16 turns, 23 minutes, you managed to ultimate Chandra, Torch of Defiance, which sealed your victory.

Round 2 - I was on the play. You had to mulligan to 5. 22 Turns, 31 minutes, two Metallurgic Summonings landed, no counters in hand, lots of removal, but I swung in with an army of constructs.

Round 3 - You were on the play. We both had to mulligan to 5 (I'm fairly certain that the randomize for lands with TappedOut doesn't actually work). 18 Turns, 29 minutes, you landed the killing blow with double Dynavolt Towers.

Again, very grindy. No sideboard.

Game 3

Round 1 - I was on the play. No one had to mulligan (the system is not trying to make a liar out of me). You kept a 3 land hand, with all 3 colors of mana, but didn't draw any additional mana for 5 turns, which let me land a Tezzeret the Schemer and a Metallurgic Summonings. I quickly hit Tezz's ultimate and overwhelmed the board. I didn't keep track of the turns or time with this one.

Round 2 - You were on the play, and I used our sideboards for this. You brought in Lost Legacy and Transgress the Mind. I brought in Ceremonious Rejections and Fevered Visions. Turn 3, you dropped a Lost Legacy, I figured if this was really round 2, and based on what you saw of the mainboard, you would either name Tezzeret the Schemer or Metallurgic Summonings. Since you had both, I named Tezzeret first. I landed a Fevered Visions on Turn 3. Turn 4 you named Metallurgic Summonings, and on my turn 4, I landed the second Fevered Visions. Both of our hands we constantly full, and you took 4 a turn for several turns, before the card advantage and pings became too much.

So overall, this tells me that control vs control is tedious and unpleasant. I can certainly see the merit of your deck and how well it would work against any other deck. I do think that the RNG for the lands was BS and affected the outcome more than anything else. I do think that I could streamline my deck to be more consistent, but against any other type of deck, I think that both of our decks would kick some serious ass. I encourage you to try play testing the two of them and see what results you come up with.

TheRedGoat on Creature-less Vehicles

1 day ago

Okay, interesting idea. But what happens when they have Lost Legacy? I mean, why not run even one of the modification cards mainboard?

I also might make the suggestion of non-artifact specific removal cards like Anguished Unmaking. Possibly for your Flaying Tendrils in the sideboard. (Walkers can be a b*#$% to deal with)

Lastly, have you thought about using cards like Wrangle or Hijack as a means of crewing/controlling the enemy?

Sykrow on Aether Syndicate

1 day ago

Thanks. It's super detrimental if someone uses it on this deck so I have them to remove other people's Lost Legacy cards. That or someone I can't deal with.

What4joke on Aether Syndicate

1 day ago

Highly approve of Lost Legacy in the sideboard. possibly the most sideboard card of all time.

ABadMagicPlayer100 on Secret Salvage Alignment (Budget)

1 day ago

VageGozer I actually really like Lost Legacy to hose all the combo decks now that you mention it. The main reason I'm running red is that I don't play standard all that much, so I just modified a deck I already own (thus the Ghirapur Orrerys). I wanted to keep changes somewhat minimal/budget friendly so I could upgrade without having to buy a whole new deck for a formal I don't really play.

VageGozer on Secret Salvage Alignment (Budget)

1 day ago

Any Hedron Alignment-based deck gets an upvote from me. I also think Secret Salvage is really making this strategy a lot more viable. One big question I have: Do you really need to play red? Sure, Fiery Temper is good and Unlicensed Disintegration is non-conditional instantspeed removal, but is better than putting in more black removal (Murder is also non-conditional) and counterspells? I haven't played with Bomat Courier enough to have an opinion about it. It could be good, it can also be just a 1/1 that blocks once. I prefer to make the manabase as straightforward as possible, since the deck revolves around a strategy that needs proper setup. Less unnecessary complications = better chance for the setup to work properly.

I've been playing around Hedron Alignment for a while and I found out that once you have atleast one Alignment and a Secret Salvage the game is pretty much done. So my preference goes to getting those cards as fast as possible, i.e. going through my deck with Oath of Jace, Catalog, Anticipate and Treasure Keeper or just getting the needed cards directly with Diabolic Tutor and Behold the Beyond.

Prior to Aether Revolt, I was trying using Lost Legacy to get one Hedron in exile from anywhere. Now that Secret Salvage is a thing, I don't know if it has completely replaced Lost Legacy, because LL can also target your opponent. I like to keep one in the sideboard, just in case.

KennEH on Baral Control

2 days ago

With Emrakul, the Promised End out of standard what do you think is worth naming Lost Legacy with and potentially giving your openent cards? I'd much rather run Ruinous Path in the side for Planeswalker removal as thier isn't a way to deal with them once they hit the board in this deck. Also how reliably does Thing in the Ice  Flip flip? Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet would be much better against aggro.

If blue based control becomes a thing I'd also suggest a Sphinx of the Final Word in the sideboard as well.

I'm going to run a version with my suggestions and maybe a few Ob Nixilis Reignited and report back.

Maverik3 on Jeskai Copycat Control (AER Standard)

2 days ago

so there is a big problem with running this kind of deck, if its only a combo deck, everyone will be running 4 Lost Legacy or 4 Authority of the Consuls if not in the mainboard, the sideboard and then the deck is worthless. Also its pretty good odds that they will get an Authority of the Consuls down before you have the ability to counter it.

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