Lost Legacy


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Lost Legacy


Name a nonartifact, nonland card. Search target player's graveyard, hand, and library for any number of cards with that name and exile them. That player shuffles his or her library, then draws a card for each card exiled from hand this way.

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Lost Legacy Discussion

bellz76 on Is that Mr mill frozen in the ice? ._.

1 day ago

So I think that any mill deck should run a full 4 of Fraying Sanity. I believe that card is going to really be the all star. That with Startled Awake seems really good.

I would try and find a way to get Engulf the Shore in the main deck- and at least 3 copies- maybe even 4. The biggest issue you're going to have is creatures. Either that or Crush of Tentacles- you need to be able to wipe the board without the Thing in the Ice  Flip.

You also need some form of card draw to keep the mill spells coming, so Pull from Tomorrow or even Take Inventory... anything really. You'll need more cards.

I think you can do without the minister or the thief. You aren't running enough energy to make them matter as much as with more energy cards. Oh- and I would absolutely run Lost Legacy in the sideboard. Memory would be a nightmare for your deck.

You'll probably need to do some testing with this before you can really get a feel on how competitive it is.

Hope this helps.

MonochromeDisco on

3 days ago

Siding against control would probably be something like this:

-3 Hope of Ghirapur/Watchers of the Dead depending on whether they use their grave more or just spell sling.

+3 Kambal, Consul of Allocation

-4 Essence Extraction

+4 Lay Bare the Heart

If they have a specific combo that doesn't rely on an artifact:

-2 Hidden Stockpile

+2 Lost Legacy

I'm thinking that the deck might want to side Dispossess to handle tower of power to strip Dynavolt Tower or Torrential Gearhulk. Would probably go down to 2 Fragmentize and remove that slot filling Watchers of the Dead for them. You'd be at a bit more of a risk vs vehicles, but you could just as easily side in the Dusks and blow up their Heart of Kiran

clayperce on Deathtouch with ∅CMC of 1.92

5 days ago

Looks sweet!

Looking at your sideboard ...

  • I'm wondering if you need faster answers for Solemnity, especially if you're on the draw Game 2 (since Lost Legacy is useless if one is already on the board). Natural State was of course lousy against Marvel, but it might be exactly what the deck wants for HOU Standard.
  • Hour of Glory over Final Reward?

Draw well!

ROUROU on Creatureless Temur Reclamation (second time 1st!!)

6 days ago

Hyperalgialysis Turns out that you are right. My first concern, is not Lost Legacy, because, i have MANY win cons. In the number, they are 6. One HUGE problem though, is Blessed Alliance . This is why, i sided in a Void Winnower . I playtested and as soon as the Sphinx and the Winnower hit the field, there are not much one can do XD . THANKS for the suggestions brotha!!

kshock68 Well, wait for me to playtest it, because, there are sure some points that this deck might seem weak. I am trying to figure them out XD . Thanks for the kind words and thanks for the upvotes guys xDxD

Emzed on Turn 4 Win! The Abzan Switcheroo!

1 week ago

Reclaim is quite a bad card, and you certainly don't want 4 of this kind of effect. I would play Renegade Rallier instead, the card is way better and also helps with recursion (not Doran, but everthing else). Unfortunately, it doesn't work well without fetchlands. Also, Noxious Revival is strictly better than Reclaim, but still not a card that i would want in my deck.
Further, 17 creatures seems like a low number. Sure, Lingering Souls and Commune with the Gods kind of count, but with cards like Tower Defense you really want multiple creatures on the board at all times. I would absolutely play 2-3 more Yoked Ox / Tasseled Dromedary, and probably 1-2 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. If your budget allows it, Spellskite would be another great addition, since it's 0/4 without defender, protects your important synergy cards, and disrupts several decks like Bogles and Infect. My preferred creature count would be 20-25.
Your current list is extremely light on disruption, and the only effect you have, Languish, hurts yourself quite a bit (only 6 of your creatures survive without help). It would be much better to have an effect that leaves your 4 toughness creatures alive (Drown in Sorrow?), or just play spot removal like Fatal Push, Path to Exile or Abrupt Decay. A flexible card like Collective Brutality would also be great, and escalate gives you a nice way to make use of redundant copies of Doran and Assault Formation.
For your sideboard i recommend Eidolon of Rhetoric, Duress, Lost Legacy, Fragmentize, Night of Souls' Betrayal and Rest in Peace (or some other graveyard hate).

BeaudaciousGiebs on (IXALAN STANDARD) All hail the God-Pharaoh!

1 week ago

If you plan on running library removal like Lost Legacy anyway, Dispossess may be incredibly useful against any deck that runs gearhulks. I know in my locale there exist several control decks that love Torrential Gearhulk but would be complete duds without it.

mack10k on The dark duracell

1 week ago

You don't need Dispossess now with marvel banned. Also I would run Transgress the Mind and Lost Legacy in your SB. Can't stand the 18 land, but meh what ever. I never did like people running 2 Verdurous Gearhulk, I am a firm believer in 4. Or 3 main 1 side.

Hyperalgialysis on Creatureless Temur Reclamation (second time 1st!!)

1 week ago

No rush but it does work pretty well. I do it in modern with infect, my deck is temur basically the simic with red splashed for double strike. It usually kills the second or third turn but games 2 and 3 are much more difficult because they know the plan. I learned to switch out my infect creatures for stuff like Kiln Fiend and Wee Dragonauts so my opponents arent sure what is happening. The deck still wins through boosted creatures they just dont have infect so sideboarding in infect answers does nothing. I have been running esper control in standard for awhile now and if I played your deck my first sideboard card would be Lost Legacy to take out your win condition cards and probably Blessed Alliance to deal with the manlands. If you switched to eldrazi it would make my lost legacy useless since I wouldnt be able to name them, and if you ran Void Winnower about half of my removal and counter base is not able to be cast. For sure post your findings after your exams, I am excited to see what you come up with.

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