Battle at the Bridge


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Battle at the Bridge


Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for .)

Target creature gets -X/-X until end of turn. You gain X life.

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Battle at the Bridge Discussion

Ranovex on RB Artifact Aristocrats ("Artifactocrats")

1 week ago


I agree with what you said, thank you. A lot of what I have here is stuff I pulled from packs or traded for. I just started buying singles so maybe I will throw some of those in! What, in your opinion, should I cut for those? Maybe one Fatal Push and one Battle at the Bridge to put in two Unlicensed Disintegration and remove one of each Bomat Courier, Servo Schematic, and Scrapheap Scrounger to insert three copies of Fling?

Unmask_Art on Passive Aggressive Vampires ($20)

2 weeks ago

Nephylos I started running 4 Dazzling Reflection I added one Altar's Reap also and I found it very useful. I added 2 Prophetic Prism and they are great for the draw and potential mana. I went against my aggro deck earlier before making changes and lost every time. But after making the changes I went 5-1 winning 5 straight before the first lost. I got rid of Ondu War Cleric and replaced it with 4 Expedition Envoy Because they are just 1 mana to cast it makes for a good early block or a good combo if you have 1-2 Kalastria Healer and a Panharmonicon. I have 1 Battle at the Bridge and it came in handy in two matches.

I've won a bit without the Panharmonicon also but I love it when I get 2-3 Trespasser's Curse out early then get a Panharmonicon. It's an easy win from there. Chaplain's Blessing has been a lifesaver too. I have 4 of them and it's nice to also do a bit of damage if you have a Cliffhaven Vampire out.

Unmask_Art on Passive Aggressive Vampires ($20)

2 weeks ago

Jaruun Yes I ran 3 Authority of the Consuls A few of the issues that came up. Was when their creatures either had double strike or they just exiled my enchantments/artifacts as I put them out. I often found myself needing to block with my creatures just to survive till turn 6, while hoping for a Dusk. The creatures I found to be most useful were Kalastria Healer and Cliffhaven Vampire. I think a better drain option is to switch out Ondu War Cleric and Zulaport Cutthroat for something like Chaplain's Blessing, Dazzling Reflection, Expedition Envoy or Battle at the Bridge. I will trade out Live Fast for Resourceful Return or Renewed Faith.

What I might try and go for is getting 1-2 Cliffhaven Vampire out then using instant spells to trigger drain. I know Live Fast was a way to get energy for Aether Hub but I added a couple Evolving Wilds to get plains if I need them. I also added two Sunscorched Desert.

HotDog800 on Scratch & Plague

3 weeks ago

majin_shinsa thanks for the input. I'm going to have a think further on all those suggestions. Not sure how much extra value they will add? My thinking:

The Fatal Push and accompanying suggested cards are introducing an additional mechanic to the deck mostly to accommodate/inspired by Narnam Renegade's +1/+1. Although it would be nice to more consistently revolt there, that ability is more of a happy bonus if it activates. They are more about having a turn 1 deathtouch bully out & have a cheap canon fodder unit that I have no qualms about loosing. This means that the opponent knows that they will be coming out worse off in the exchange. Hence adding to the 'bully' factor. This works well on a psychological level, but also helps stall the opponent, which is a deadly mistake because of the fight/destruction cards that are coming anyway.

Point being: although I like the idea of having that extra level of flexibility in the deck, I am worried it may weaken the overall mechanic of the deck. Thoughts? I will likely try a variant with those suggestions so I have more accurate RL data.

Now, what you have highlighted is there are two cards in my deck (Harsh Scrutiny & Battle at the Bridge) that may not be giving as much value as potential others could. Actually, I think that I should switch out the Bridge for another Scrutiny. In an opening hand, Harsh Scrutiny is extremely useful (for obvious reasons). Mid game it is only marginally useful, and late game it is a only good as a bluff (which is actually really effective in this deck). Battle at the Bridge is for dealing with cards mid/late game that have other uses other than blocking/attacking that may be causing me issues - have a great life boost to boot (reminds me of good ol' Stream of Life that I loved playing back in the day). Perhaps this is a perfect case for sideboard. Thoughts?

Thanks again for the feedback. It's damn useful, and giving me some interesting ideas.

majin_shinsa on Scratch & Plague

3 weeks ago

If you end up adding Fatal Push you should think about 1-3 Evolving Wilds so that you can trigger Revolt for Push and Narnam Renegade on demand. Key to the City would give you a discard outlet for drawing extra cards while making Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons unblockable.

I would also look to getting rid of Harsh Scrutiny and Battle at the Bridge for something else like Grasp of Darkness or even 2 Fourth Bridge Prowler to kill something for Narnam Renegade. Subtle Strike is a fun surprise (for you, not your opponent who is trying to chump block)

bellz76 on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

So the Dark Salvation is really good. If you can get more of those, I would. The Metallic Mimic is also good. I'd get more of him too. You're not running any artifacts, so Battle at the Bridge isn't good at all. I know it's like the salvation, but you are already running zombies, which makes it insane compared to no artifacts, which makes in pretty bad in your deck.

I'm ok with the Campaign of Vengeance- esp as just a 2 of. Combine that with the menace ability of Lord of the Accursed, and you can swing and not lose all your zombies.

What I would do from here is move the Binding Mummy and the Fan Bearer into the sideboard- or maybe just the fan bearer and cut the blinding all together). Take out the Battle at the Bridge, and cut the In Oketra's Name down to 2. That gives you 9 slots to play with. Really try to get the 3rd and 4th of the Wayward Servant. But use the other 7 slots for the other cards your missing. But try to do some testing and see how you like it either way.

dra600n on Undeadication

4 weeks ago

Alright, I've made some changes:

I removed the following (and placed these in the sideboard for now): Gideon of the Trials, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Stir the Sands, Diabolic Tutor

The following were removed entirely:Oketra, Bontu, Null Caller's

I added in:1x Metallic Mimic, 2x Fatal Push, 1x Battle at the Bridge, 2x Campaign of Vengeance, 3x Blessed Alliance, 1x Dark Salvation

Here's my reasoning for the changes:The Null Callers didn't really add a whole lot unless I had a graveyard full of creatures, and it being a 4 caster as a 2/4, I figured there were better spells for that cost (or less). Same with Oketra and Bontu - both had great stats, but with their restrictions, it just didn't fit with the deck IMO. The Metallic Mimic will give +1/+1 to all Zombies, and even though there's only 1, I think it'll be more effective than either of the God's or the Null Callers.

The Fatal Pushes and Blessed Alliance are for creature control, though I'd still like to get 2 more FP's.

I added the Dark Salvation to replace Stir the Sands, just as something to add in, and it's more effective. I'd like to add at least 1 more in, but maybe this will get rotated out. Same with Battle at the Bridge, which will get rotated out for a Fatal Push once I get more.

Would it be wise to rotate out In Oketra's Name for Cryptbreaker or Diregraf Colossus, or should other cards be rotated out instead?

DubiousDanish on GB++ AKH Competitive?

1 month ago

You're welcome nickn0me! I'm no pro or anything I just play a lot of mtg and believe that helping other people is what makes the community so great. Yeah, I knew I was stretching with Battle at the Bridge and Bonds of Mortality. That's just how inefficient black and green are at stopping the Ulamog Marvel decks. Dropping Grasp of Darkness might be safe with Heart of Kiran on the decline and killing zombies (which seems to be the other deck on the rise) with it will never feel good. From what I've seen Never//Return is the replacement for GoD. Personally I think Manglehorn is a pitfall, I could be wrong though. Slowing them by one turn is equalized by the fact that you "most likely" spent a turn casting him. The painful truth of Painful Truths is that it's a bad draw spell, I'm assuming you meant Cruel Reality or something? If you meant something else let me know. In regards to Dispossess and Lost Legacy they seem like they could be useful. I don't know anyone who swears by them, but now that Marvel is the new target they might start to see some play. Dispossess and LL are very much control deck cards though, just keep that in mind.

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