Legitimacy: The Treasure of Politics


Welcome to my Queen Marchesa deck. If you like pillowfort, control, politics, and unique win conditions, this is the perfect deck for you! It's essentially a 4-in-1 kinda deal! This deck essentially wants to build a pillowfort while using political tools like Humble Defector to gain favors. Once I've got Smothering Tithe into play, I can start hyper-accelerating everyone's card draw with Teferi's Puzzle Box while ramping me even further to eventually close out the game with Revel in Riches.


Yes. This deck is all about abusing that treasure token in every way possible. Smothering Tithe converts having my opponents gaining the monarchy to generate more treasure tokens. Treasure Cove allows me to convert treasure tokens into card advantage. Revel in Riches turns blood bath into treasure tokens and wins me the game. Treasure tokens generate me a ton of mana to be able to further my boardstate faster than everyone else at the table.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

You'll love this deck is you like table talks and playing the political game in your pod. You'll also enjoy having almost every answer at your finger-tips once you have Sunforger in play. You'll probably not enjoy this deck if you want a straight-forward deck, combo, and prefer aggro over pillowfort/control type of strategies.


General Strategy

The main strategy is to control the flow of the game with politics and Sunforger to incentivize opponents to do things for Queen Marchesa (long may she reigns). We also want to fully exploit the card Smothering Tithe to gain unprecedented mana advantage via treasure tokens with drawing mechanics like Teferi's Puzzle Box. Once the pod is fully under our grasp, and with a ton of treasure tokens in play generated by Smothering Tithe, we will eventually win with Revel in Riches. The ideal boardstate is to have Queen Marchesa and Sunforger in play. The key is to have open mana and a full grip at all times to create a perception that you have the answers to any threats. It is sometimes alright to let our opponents get the Monarch especially if we are in need of extra bodies versus card draw.

Protecting the Monarchy

Securing the monarchy is a tough endeavor as the power to draw a card at every endstep is a very tempting advantage and is hard to resist. The following are cards and notable synergies to help us with that:

Getting Political

The deck at it's core is all about leveraging politics to advance our board state. Maze of Ith is a great land to help out another player in need and buying favor. We don't really run many cards that interferes with my opponent's board or cards they play as that will draw unnecessary attention to our board and affect our political leverage power. The following are ways to use politics to our advantage:

  • Maze of Ith = "I'll save you from that attack if you promise .."
  • Humble Defector = "I'll give him to you if you promise to give him back to me after you use him to draw."

Revel in Riches

With the printing of the card Smothering Tithe, letting my opponents draw cards is now a build around engine since it will let me generate a bunch of treasure tokens to inevitably draw me closer to my win condition Revel in Riches. The following are cards and notable synergies that generates card advantage:

Getting to the Promise Land

My deck aims to win via Revel in Riches and there are several combo synergies in the deck that allows me to generate multiple treasure tokens. The most important treasure token generator is Smothering Tithe and it is paramount to get that into play ASAP whenever possible to get the ball rolling. In a creature filled boardstate, having Academy Rector and Phyrexian Tower out is a significant rattlesnake as a simple boardwipe can literally give me the victory as I can sac her in response to fetch Revel in Riches to win. Similarly, having Smothering Tithe and a bunch of treasure tokens in play will elicit a similar response with rector/tower in play. If plan A falls apart, my secondary win condition is to generate enough Angel tokens with Luminarch Ascension to secure the throne. A good way to ensure I get Luminarch Ascension to take off is to to pair it up with Delaying Shield or Solitary Confinement.


Queen Marchesa is a very fun mardu commander to build around. I've tinkered with multiple different builds including goodstuff, hatebears, and voltron which are all viable and powerful strategies to build around. I ultimately settled on the pillowfort/politics build as it is more well-received in a general pod at my LGS and less cut-throat than my other iterations. Upgrading the deck into a leaner and meaner version is possible and the following are cards to be considered:


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Updates Add

Brought an incomplete version of the deck to my LGS for a spin. Performed exceptionally well in a pretty aggro pod of Rhys the Redeemed , The Ur-Dragon , and Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle . The first few rounds were basically everyone ramping and getting stuff set up. The Arixmethes player got his general out early and took advantage of me being tapped out to deal 12 commander damage to me (and killing it) while he could even though I have a No Mercy out. This kinda took me by surprise but considering that he had ramped pretty hard, getting him out again isn't a big deal and pillowfort usually is harder to deal with later in the game. Mid game had the Rhys player Tooth and Nail entwined into a Craterhoof Behemoth and Avenger of Zendikar to kill the two players. He's afraid to go at me as I had a Vedalken Orrery and Sunforger out with a ton of untapped mana. I also had Solitary Confinement in hand which I could have flashed in if he decided to attack me. I ended up locking the game with Platinum Angel with Lightning Greaves and he conceded.

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