Alms Collector


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Alms Collector

Creature — Cat Cleric


If an opponent would draw two or more cards, instead you and that player each draw a card.

Alms Collector Discussion

Coward_Token on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

5 days ago

Congrats on the 500th! I see that you've finally embraced the Nabber (although I'm sad to see the stylish Curse of Opulence go - I'm guessing there's not enough agroo to be had in your competetive meta).

Anyway, does Alms Collector have a place here? It clashes with Smothering Tithe but could help prevent people from going out of control.

(Also, nitpick alert: Chaos Warp isn't part of the 'forger package? :) )

Nickals-Tresarry on the Kambal I can afford

1 week ago

Thanks a lot for your help !

Your right to pick up Felidar Sovereign and Test of Endurance they are a good win con' !

I didn't think about Smothering Tithe at all but it could be really great ! (I know my firends will hate it).

For Alms Collector and Aven Mindcensor , they can be quite handy so I'll have to think about it.

The Swords to Plowshares is a must have, obviously. I needed more removal anyway.

Beseech the Queen is good, I realy want one ! For Necropotence I've mixed feeling, I mean, yeah I get it you can draw multiple cards by turn and all but it's always at the end of the turn so... I don't know I will test it I guess, many friends of mine plays it, they will lend it to me.

Thank you again ! If you have any other idea (like win con' or 'out of the box' idea) I'm all hears ! =)

hkhssweiss on the Kambal I can afford

1 week ago

I would definitely pick up a Necropotence as a constant hand refill, with all the reprints it's pretty cheap atm. Swords to Plowshares is definitely a great way to deal with removal. Beseech the Queen is another budget friendly tutor that is great for any black decks. Alms Collector is a cute baby Notion Thief for denial. Aven Mindcensor just to tell people no :P

There are plenty of options on what to go for. It depends on what route you want to go for. I see that you have Aetherflux Reservoir and that is a great way to win. You can also try going for Felidar Sovereign or Test of Endurance as well. Other than that I would also definitely Smothering Tithe .

Feel free to ask any questions as well!

ShreddedByCrows on Linvala Stax, Vannifar‘s worst Nightmare

1 week ago

Pikobyte The idea reminded me of so many cool games that I could not help myself writing you down a novel!

And I totally understand your point. Always seeking for more ''competitiveness'' fastly becomes boring and kills all the fun of EDH. That's why I dismantled Hokori in the end - even if it was solid and flavorful, it was just too disruptive and unfun to face for other players.

If you like cards that we rarely see, give a try to Barl's Cage . I only tried it once in a control-ish Azorius Taigam, Ojutai Master deck and I was amazed by its potential. It's still pretty much a funny card, and isn't too disruptive either.

If you feel like you're still lacking card draw, there are multiple viable options you don't actually run. As mentioned in my previous comment, Dawn of Hope is likable. Armistice is playable and good at politics. Alms Collector is a suitable meta depending tool. Tamiyo's Journal , Book of Rass (the book basically is a non-black, lot worse, Erebos/Greed) are both a bit expensive for their respective effects, but they're also effective if you really need that.

If you don't mind giving it a look, as I'm looking for some feedbacks to ameliorate my own brews, here's the last of my EDH decklist I updated on this site : Ishai and Ludevic

PixelPro123 on Don’t go away mad...just go away

2 weeks ago

Something like Alms Collector might not be bad for the deck

Hissp on Bureaucratizing Paradoxical Engines - GAAIV

2 weeks ago

Hey, interested to hear your thoughts on Containment Priest , Gilded Drake , Linvala, Keeper of Silence , Meddling Mage , Phyrexian Revoker , Recruiter of the Guard , and Alms Collector (I'm building a Lavinia deck and looking for some overlap in other Azorius Commanders!)

triproberts12 on Odric, All Is Fair When We Share

3 weeks ago

THE most important card in Olric is Concerted Effort . Gotta have that redundancy for a commander-theme heavy deck.

In terms of "eating your vegetables," this deck really needs ramp and card draw. Marble Diamond , Knight of the White Orchid (goes well with the knight stuff I mention below, Mentor of the Meek , Mind Stone , Endless Atlas , Alms Collector , Sword of the Animist , Emeria, The Sky Ruin , Solemn Simulacrum , Boreas Charger , and Isolated Watchtower would all be good, here.

I would cut a lot of the first strike and add in more double-strikers. If you have both, first strike is useless to share. Arashin Foremost is cheap, and it's serviceable, even without the tribal synergy. Aven Sunstriker , Sylvia Brightspear , and Skyhunter Skirmisher come with flying. Silverblade Paladin can get you attacking the turn before Odric comes out. Solemn Recruit is nothing special, but it beats Master at Arms, at least.

Mirran Crusader would be one of the more expensive cards in your deck, but it's very good, and it's a knight, in case you want to add in some knight synergies, since you're heavy on the tribe. Kinsbaile Cavalier would be the best choice to support that, kind of as a backup Odric, although Valiant Knight is also pretty okay. In fact, I really like Heavenly Blademaster with Odric, too, so I wouldn't hesitate to go all in. Also, Gallant Cavalry , Call the Cavalry , and Righteous Confluence all start doing some major work by adding vigilance and making 4/2's once you account for double strike.

In terms of keyword soup, Zetalpa, Primal Dawn is good. Same for Akroma, Angel of Wrath . That one is a bit expensive, but haste is hard to come by in mono-white. I could say the same for Lightning Greaves , or at least Swiftfoot Boots . Riftmarked Knight could also have a place if you go knight tribal. I suppose Sword of Vengeance could also be okay? Deathtouch is very hard to come by in mono white, although if you've got a little extra in your budget, Basilisk Collar is very good with first/double strike and gives lifelink, to boot.

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Alms Collector occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.22%

White: 0.1%

GW (Selesnya): 0.12%