Leyline of Sanctity


If Leyline of Sanctity is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

You have hexproof. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Leyline of Sanctity Discussion

Debo on The Depletion

21 hours ago

One quick bloodmoon and you're screwed mate.

Found your deck on a reference for how to deal with Leyline of Sanctity.

Recommend taking out the fetch and tap lands for basics, and replacing ghost quarter for Mana Confluence.

magicsheep on Standard Dimir Control Afflict

1 week ago

I love how you've refined the deck. It plays a lot more streamlined and consistent, so excellent job ncjhou.

1) I definitely agree with your choice of cantrips. Opt really helps smooth out your draw, and the scry is a definite bonus. Before Ixalan I used Censor (for cycling) but Opt is even better.
2) Alright, I'll be curious to see this deck transition from standard to modern.
3) I think I would switch out 4 Ammit Eternal to transition in 2 Death Barons and 2 Lord of the Accursed.
4) From my experience, Trespasser's Curse is actually worse than it seems. Against token spam decks, if you can get it out early enough, it does massive damage. But if you're drawing it in the later game, it's kind of useless. In the sideboard, I personally try to avoid cards that are only good at a specific point (that's why I hate Leyline of the Void and Leyline of Sanctity). But, at the end it's your decision whether to keep it or not.
5) I would probably agree, but I use Blink of an Eye rather than Consign most of the time.
6) I'll look into replacements for Vraska's Contempt, but my other two suggestions don't work in the colors. I normally use Dreadbore and Terminate, but those aren't in the colors so let me look into something else...but to be truthful, just bouncing a creature/planeswalker to their hand and countering it when it enters the battlefield normally work for me.
About the sideboard: Leyline of the Void and Leyline of Sanctity are good against certain types of decks. Fulminator Mage is very useful in the sideboard.
Otherwise, I have no other suggestions. Keep building and tweaking!
This deck could become very standard/modern competitive, so nice edits, ncjhou. -magicsheep

APPLE01DOJ on Nexus of Fate and the ...

1 week ago

First of all when do you ever get 7 lands against mill? Second this is no worse than say Leyline of Sanctity against burn or Leyline of the Void verse dredge. WotC prints answers to decks all the time. Third Mill isn't a very competitive deck so it's not going to shake the meta up. Fourth the only viable decks for this are Infinite Turns which could use it as a 1 of or U/W Control which probably wouldn't use it at all. Lastly SEVEN Mana.

KongMing on The Most Evil Deck in Modern

1 week ago

I played against a deck like this in one of my pods last year. I eventually ended up sideboarding in some cards to my Ally deck to help take care of business. Specifically, I grabbed Rest in Peace to stop Academy Ruins, Leyline of Sanctity so I couldn't be targeted by Lanterns and Shredders, and Beast Within and Krosan Grip to destroy Witchbane Orb and Ensnaring Bridge so I could win with mill or combat damage. After I sideboarded that stuff in, the Allies stopped Lantern Control cold pretty much every time.

Awesome deck idea, I like seeing people cry at the brutality of the topdeck control. +1.

hungry000 on $10 Blue Artifact Storm

1 week ago

Oh shoot, I didn't notice that you asked for sideboard help lol. Well, here goes:

The first thing to consider when making a sideboard is what matchups you're bad against; aggro is the obvious one, so that should come first on your list of hate cards to look for. Next you should ask yourself what decks you typically run into at your LGS (or wherever you play) and look for hate cards against those decks. Finally, fill the rest of your sideboard out with the "staples" such as Negate or Dispel. I actually usually do this first, then consider the other things after (that's the lazy way out, but it works if you need a sideboard quickly). Here's what I would recommend running in any blue deck:

Another thing you should try to do when building a sideboard is find cards that help out your game plan as well as shore up your matchups; for example, a Collected Company deck would play Thrashing Brontodon over Naturalize because it contributes to the deck's gameplan (winning through beats and making value with CoCo) whereas Naturalize doesn't. In your deck, it can be as simple as a spell that draws a card along with its effect, or it can be a cheap (or expensive) artifact that you can play for free (or for cheap) with your cost-reducers.

Of course, during all these steps you need to keep in mind the limitations of your deck and the colors it's in. Blue is particularly bad at removing creatures and artifacts/enchantments and dealing with graveyards.

Now that that's been said, here's a list of some generally good budget sideboard cards that I compiled:

  • Steel Sabotage for Affinity and other artifact decks.

  • Sea's Claim for Tron/decks with greedy mana bases. Upgraded version would be Spreading Seas (note how this card helps your gameplan by finding combo pieces).

  • Ceremonious Rejection is a solid counterspell for Tron, Eldrazi, and Affinity.

  • Echoing Truth is a good catch-all, takes care of tokens and pesky enchantments like Leyline of Sanctity (I've noticed it's in your maybeboard. Good job, you found a decent sb card on your own).

  • Spell Pierce. Idk, it counters stuff. I think Dispel and Negate are better for you though.

  • Gigadrowse is my favorite card to play in blue combo decks as it can tap creatures in the aggro matchup and tap down lands in the control matchup, allowing you to combo off the next turn without any chance of getting disrupted.

  • Ratchet Bomb is another good catch-all for permanents you can't normally deal with in blue. Pretty neat in this deck since you can play it for free. (It's under a dollar if you really search for it)

  • Witchbane Orb helps against targeted discard and stuff.

  • Dragon's Claw is great in the red matchup, even helps you gain life for the Aetherflux kill.

Now some cards that I think would work well in your deck as well as in the sideboard:

  • Metallic Rebuke works pretty well with artifacts, no? A 1 mana Mana Leak is pretty neat.

  • Engulf the Shore since you have Inspiring Statuary, it's probably easy to cast it for just 1-2 mana. In fact, I think it warrants a spot in the main if you run into aggro a lot. Might need more statuaries so you can cast it consistently, though.

  • Baral's Expertise because it can deal with creatures and cast Paradoxical Outcome (if you think about it it's a Paradoxical Outcome that bounces 3 things for 1 extra mana) and Statuary helps cast it, however it's in the same situation as Engulf.

  • Silent Arbiter is a bit too heavy on the wallet for this deck, but I thought you could maybe consider it.

After you make a rough draft of your sideboard, you need to do one more thing: ask yourself what cards your opponents will bring in against you and think of cards that will counter those cards. This part is tough, as you'll have to think of all the possibilities and cut some of your other sb cards, but it'll benefit you in the long run.

The way I learned how to make sideboards was by looking at similar decks to the ones I was building and taking notes from their sideboards. Doing that would help you out in the long term, too.

Sorry my answer was a bit late, hopefully this helps :D

ArchonBlue on Leyline in U/W Control?

1 week ago

I've been running three Leyline of Sanctity in the sideboard for my Control list, but I haven't been too impressed by it. Its mostly there for burn spells and to a lesser extend hand disruption, but often I don't get to play it turn 0 and its just kind of slow and clunky. I think I could throw in some better cards like Damping Sphere, Celestial Purge, or Ceremonious Rejection. Any thoughts on this? I'd really appreciate some feedback! Here's the list: Gideon U/W Control

Chasmolinker on Pattern Recognition #70 - Removal

2 weeks ago

Boza 8 Rack runs 12-16 "Target player discards a card" in one way or another spells. Be it Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, or Wrench Mind. They all target the player. The Rack included. Although it sounds decent, Shrieking Affliction and Liliana of the Veil are not enough to win a game while playing 8-Rack with Leyline of Sanctity on the opposing side.

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