Leyline of Sanctity


If Leyline of Sanctity is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

You have hexproof. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Leyline of Sanctity Discussion

Darth_Savage on U/W Control

7 hours ago

Deck looks good, not sure how well it would perform against a mirror match or another creatureless deck like 8-Rack... I'd suggest you want something in your sideboard to grant you hexproof, Leyline of Sanctity or Aegis of the Gods are the first cards that come to mind.

C.LewisMTG on Swan Lands

14 hours ago

Your list is interesting. I myself opted against the loam plan, but it's definitely an interesting route. I'm on a 41 lands "Jeskai" list myself, adding white for Leyline of Sanctity, Stony Silence, Wear and dropping the silver bullets in the mainboard for cards like Mystic Speculation and Serum Visions.

http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/treasure-swans-20-41-land-swans/ My list if you're interested.

as far as this list goes, is a 3/3 split the way to go on your assault effects? I just can't imagine not wanting 4 Seismic Assault in here. +1 from me though!

foxinsox on G/W Enchantress-Prison deck

2 days ago

It really depends on your budget, but if it isn't an issue, then definitely run Leyline of Sanctity over Ivory Mask if you can afford it. Banishing Light will up your Oblivion Ring count to 8.

So much ramp, and nothing to spend it on? I have a good suggestion for you for all that ramp: Enduring Ideal. Then every turn you can just fetch out your answers.

I'd up the heralds to 4. They cheapen everything in your deck.

Good luck!

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on help: abusing the new gideon ...

5 days ago

Regarding Gideon of the Trials in the new Amonkhet set, how can we maximize this last/ ultimate ability? So far, I have Avacyn, Angel of Hope/ Sigarda, Host of Herons/ Privileged Position/ Leyline of Sanctity/ Peacekeeper. So, he can't be destroyed, sacrificed, targeted by spells or abilities, chosen to take damage instead of player, or damaged in combat. However, I can't get around Thief of Blood and mass exile, like Perilous Vault. Any ideas?

Yawgmoth73 on G/W Enchantress-Prison deck

6 days ago

Just curious as to why your enchantress deck has no enchantresses. Is the Eidolon posing as that? There are three actual enchantresses you could use for your deck if you wanted.Yavimaya Enchantress, Verduran Enchantress, and Mesa Enchantress...all modern legal. Rancor might be a good inclusion. If you can afford them, Stony Silence and Rest in Peace as well as Leyline of Sanctity is good against targeted effects. Privileged Position is also interesting.

Darth_Savage on Golden Lightning

1 week ago

ArchaelTheDivine don't get me wrong, I like Deflecting Palm, the issue is against Storm, Tokens or Mill it's essentially a dead card as those decks are using lots of small sources to damage you or don't win via damage.

Galvanic Blast was perhaps the wrong suggestion, though it leveraged an existing synergy, perhaps Searing Blaze, Lava Spike, Collateral Damage or Shard Volley.

You will also want some enchantment removal, Leyline of Sanctity shuts down burn (or discard), this really is a sideboard suggestion Wear / Tear

Myfler on Cockroaches Company

1 week ago

I think the decks really starting to shape up, one thing to note about Leyline of Sanctity, most people run multiple copies of that card to increase the odds of having it in their opening hand, mainly because drawing it and playing it on turn 4 often isn't fast enough to help you, especially since Crypt Incursion can always be cast a turn before Leyline of Sanctity can be played. My suggestion would be to either add a couple more copies to increase seeing it in your opener, or just cut it and add something else you feel is relevant.

I'm really liking how your deck is starting to get some interaction, but I personally don't like the mainboard Nature's Claim's. While there will be a couple decks it will help you against, no (tiered) decks play Rest in Peace mainboard, and a lot of games it will just be a dead draw.

While Altar of the Brood could be amusing to play, I feel as it would only be a more "win-more" card. Solely because you have no other mill cards in your deck, so you have no realistic chance to mill them completely. While I'm not 100% sure if Blasting Station is the right card in the deck, it does give you extra interaction, can be fairly relevant in a couple certain matchups, and usually won't be a dead draw.

One last thing to add, while I definitely think that this deck wants Collected Company, the general consensus is that you want a minimum of 22 creatures, as this will only give you a 5% chance of missing, while giving you like a 74% chance of hitting 2 creatures. Currently you have 17 creatures in the deck which gives you around a 56% chance to hit 2 creatures. Here's a link to "Collected Company Math" if you'd like to take a look.

Once again, hope this stuff is helping!

Hexcimal on Avalanche (Infinite Landfall)

1 week ago

Thank you again for your input. I believe I will begin focusing on the mill aspect and part ways with the Lynx (though I will miss its art). Additionally (at least for now), I will put my mind to rest on the thoughts of including the Spirit Guide. (I wonder if Jeskai Avalanche could be a thing too?)

I would have to disagree with Fracturing Gust as it removes all artifacts and enchantments, including my own (more specifically, part of my combo). It is an expensive card as well, but I'm most worried for my first point.

Stony Silence may be worth looking into, though I would have to drop it after equipping Ruin Ghost with Lightning Greaves or else my equipment will be useless too. Aura of Silence is another card that I'm looking into, as it would slow down Affinity and I'm only looking to stall until turn 5/6 at the latest when I pull the win (ideally, if I can make my deck consistent enough for that, and I feel that I'm getting close).

As for siding in my own sort of artifact/enchantment hate, I really like Fragmentize. It's cheap and efficient, and gets rid of all pertinent artifacts/enchantments that I should fear for (Blood Moon, Leyline of Sanctity, and Pithing Needle to name a few). Its wording effectively means that I can destroy any artifact or enchantment pre-turn 5, which is around when my deck is looking to secure victory.

Rest in Peace I feel would be an excellent inclusion, as I also fear for the likes of Surgical Extraction and Extirpate. This combo is unique among its pieces and I have no redundant or backup cards to make it work if one part of it goes.

I also agree with you that my deck runs very little creature hate. It has developed more to protect my pieces and repel opponent spells than it has to deal with my opponent's resolved creatures when they hit the field. Path to Exile or Supreme Verdict are both excellent cards and equally relevant for slots in the SB. In terms of single creature removal, I would prefer PtE because while it does provide ramp for the opponent, it is not restricted to having the creature attack to cast it (like Condemn would, but I like your thinking). Additionally, I could try running Authority of the Consuls to slow down aggro.

And I also believe Grand Abolisher would be perfect against control. It used to be part of the main board until I shifted away from mono-white(ish) infinite mana to make the deck more consistent, but I know I would still like it in the sideboard. Or even a couple/few copies of Silence to cast the turn I want my combo to go off.

Thank you again for your input and considerations!

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