Leyline of Sanctity


If Leyline of Sanctity is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

You have hexproof. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

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Leyline of Sanctity Discussion

TMBRLZ on The New Aurora

2 days ago

I like where you're headed but it seems clunky. First issue is your mana is too even. A few playtests found myself sorely missing sources. use the mana chart and adjust accordingly. You should consider more shocklands - Breeding Pool + Overgrown Tomb as they'll count as "forest" types for your Utopia Sprawl to land on and can enable you to hit either as well as your colors.

Wasn't sure how I felt about a spell heavy variant cause it lowers the number of permanents in play, but the Memory could be a good way around that. Your only follow up issue is the lack of an alternate wincon. You lose to Leyline of Sanctity. You could also consider lowering the land count. You've got more protection like the Commit and Perilous Vault and Cyclonic Rift when really you should just jam out as hard as you can imho. Consider more big stompy, preferably ones that benefit based off of lands like Ulvenwald Hydra (there are some better Modern alternatives I don't know off hand).

Consider less lands, a more balanced mana base, some creature win-con as backup, and maybe some man-lands as well. Slower mana but nice alternate beats that can be hard to target.

Just needs to build a bit faster and be more straightforward for the kind of speed we're looking for with the card advantage of The Great Aurora. Definitely on the right track though.

InnerFlame on Let's have that talk: Burn

2 days ago

Entrei, Oketra's last mercy won't be played as mush as a lot of people are thinking. Timely Reinforcements is a much better option. Not only do you not want to really do it until around 5 life, but reinforcements is more survivable if you get Skullcracked or Atarka's Commanded. You can use timely reinforcements with value at any time and it's still devastating, plus it has the added vesatility of tokens. Therefore I don't see it being replaced and people won't run that much devotion against burn. As far as Leyline of Sanctity goes, they have just as much of a chance as you do to draw into Destructive Revelry and mise we'll play two turns to see if you draw it while establishing the mana, DarkLaw.

I see how the deck is linear, and that can be played around by stoping their options by drawing your options. Which, isn't that how magic is? So if you get mad about not drawing your answers, you're mad at your luck, which is a large part of magic. So I don't see the use in getting mad about the deck. I can see the it's not interactive and boring to play against part, I get that a lot actually. That's probably the best argument against playing it. The players calling it a non-deck are just what run through my head a lot.

Entrei on Let's have that talk: Burn

3 days ago

one of the problems i have seen with burn is that as an archetype, it is almost too easily shut down. Stuff like Thragtusk and Leyline of Sanctity are simply brutal against that one entire archetype (pure burn that is). Don't even mention the new Oketras Last Mercy (3 mana resets your life total)

That being said, burn is not a bad archetype. IMHO, its one of the more fragile ones, as it can straight up lose if the opponent starts with a certain card in hand, but it keep variety in the format.

rothgar13 on Which deck to use in ...

4 days ago

I actually haven't gotten to play as Grixis Shadow against Sun and Moon yet. It's not a very common deck, especially online. That said, I can see it being problematic. Blood Moon is a problem, Gideon of the Trials is a problem, and Chalice of the Void can be a problem. Leyline of Sanctity coming out of the board will also be annoying. I think Game 1 is probably reasonable thanks to discard, but postboard games might be tough.

As far as the deck's positioning, it looks pretty reasonable at the moment. The tide is starting to turn in terms of decks like Death & Taxes packing dedicated hosers like Mirran Crusader, but overall the deck is just really tight and efficient, so it can sometimes overcome the hate. The only tech I'd recommend going forward are ways to deal with aggressive creature decks that go wide quickly - Elves, Humans, and Merfolk are examples of this. I like Kozilek's Return and Liliana, the Last Hope in those matchups.

tclaw12 on AlertKnave8075

4 days ago

Hi, I'm only selling at the moment. I could do $52 (75% TCG Mid) for the three Leyline of Sanctity if that interests you.

Snapdisastermage on 8-Rack

4 days ago

Yeah, If budget isn't a constraint the go to is usually 4 Marsh Flats And 1 Godless Shrine If thats to much money 4 Concealed Courtyard would work im sure. I know Leyline of Sanctity is only 1 card and not every deck runs, But that thought ran through my head until I experienced it myself and it feels sooooo bad

Snapdisastermage on 8-Rack

4 days ago

8-Rack is strong right now, But Leyline of Sanctity is becoming extremely popular because of the rise of Death's Shadow You need to splash white

GeminiSpartanX on Which deck to use in ...

5 days ago

I find that what you've mentioned about sideboarding against mill is often the case Zaueski! Unless their SB is packing Leyline of Sanctity that is. Which tweaks would you make Zaueski? I've been having decent success with storm lately, although I haven't finished 1st yet in a weekly modern event. There's always one loss each week that stains my perfect record lol

I'll add 1 vote for each of those decks!

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