Concealed Courtyard


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Concealed Courtyard


Concealed Courtyard enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Concealed Courtyard Discussion

zephyr_chang on Bloody Aristocrats

11 hours ago

You should try to upgrade the landbase too. If not Marsh Flats or Godless Shrine, at least Concealed Courtyard or Caves of Koilos or Isolated Chapel?

Argy on Esper Zombies

3 days ago

This works well for the most part.

I think it would be more consistent if you dropped the

Your lands could drop to 24.

Submerged Boneyard and Concealed Courtyard should come out for better dual lands that have a chance of coming in untapped.

Cards that aren't helping much are Cradle of the Accursed and Liliana, Death's Majesty.

Graf Harvest works better than I thought it would.

You need to put a Sideboard together or you will struggle with certain matchups. Take a look at #1 Black Zombies for some ideas.

Snapdisastermage on 8-Rack

5 days ago

Yeah, If budget isn't a constraint the go to is usually 4 Marsh Flats And 1 Godless Shrine If thats to much money 4 Concealed Courtyard would work im sure. I know Leyline of Sanctity is only 1 card and not every deck runs, But that thought ran through my head until I experienced it myself and it feels sooooo bad

NV_1980 on Stopping Power!

1 week ago

Hi Gadianten,

Thank you for commenting :) Concerning Concealed Courtyard, I don't really like the 'enters tapped unless you control 2 or fewer lands' thing. This means that unless this card happens to be in my opening hand, it'll enter tapped anyway. Now you might be thinking that's still better than the absolute guarantee that Forsaken Sanctuary enters tapped (and you'd be right), but it's just not worth 5 euros to me.

Eldrazi Monument could work very well in this deck, considering that I have multiple ways of creating tokens (including my commander) to keep the evilness alive :) I'll give some thought to what I'd replace for it.

Don't believe for a minute that I haven't drooled over Serra's Sanctum for long periods of time. It would rule in this deck. But the price, it's just brutal. Where I come from, I wouldn't be able to get one under 50 euros. Maybe some day I'll be able to trade for one, but until that time I'll just keep on dreaming.

I see what you're getting at with Starfield of Nyx and this card actually used to be in this deck. I rewmoved it because of one fatal flaw in it; creatures are a lot easier to remove from the field than enchantments. I found that out several times, the hard way.

You're partly right about Angelic Accord. There are only five ways for me to gain life in this deck. However, I often end up tutoring for one of these; especially when my pillowfort enchantments are already on the field. I'll give this one some more thought.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

Gadianten on Stopping Power!

1 week ago

I have been wanting to make a deck like this for awhile and definitely like where you are taking it.

With that in mind I have a few of recommendations, replace Forsaken Sanctuary with Concealed Courtyard and if you are having trouble with saving your tokens from board-wipes try Eldrazi Monument, and a commander upkeep cost of for flying, indestructible and +1/+1 you really can't go wrong. Price may be an issue but if you are able you may want to replacing New Benalia with Serra's Sanctum, the land seems practically custom made for your commander. Also, try replacing Angelic Accord with Starfield of Nyx, its essentially a Debtors' Knell for enchantments and you don't quite seem to have the life gain to take full advantage of Angelic Accord.

Sparky41 on Need 2x Lotus petal

1 week ago

Hey! So I have 2x Lotus Petal, a Purphoros, God of the Forge, and a binder of stuff I'd be willing to trade towards an Arid Mesa, as well as possibly a Concealed Courtyard and a Clifftop Retreat if you can find anything worth it. Let me know!

StriderHaryu on How to kill your opponent in 1/1 easy step!

1 week ago

Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately, the mana base problems seem to be here to stay; Blooming Marsh is $7.00+ at my LGS, and Concealed Courtyard is $8.00+, and I can't seem to get anyone to hire me. :P

Your comment about Dissenter's Deliverance is one I hadn't considered, but I think I will now. I think I'll try to keep Forsake the Worldly, however, because it deals with Always Watching . There are, sadly, 2 Exert decks in the FNM meta where I live, and both of them are way too fast for me, usually.

If possible, do you still consider Fortified Village to be worth it? Or would I need to add more green spells, sich as the Nissa, Voice of Zendikar you suggested?

Thanks a lot for the help!

ej133 on Witch-Maw Control

2 weeks ago

Hey, bro, whaddup?

Well, let's get this sorted out: your deck need some improvement. You're on the right track, and Modern has never ever been control-friendly as it is right now, even though we're living in a Death's Shadow spree. But the point of playing control is having fast answers to trouble, and your list seems a bit too slow. I don't know how is your budget for this deck, so, for every suggestion I'll bring along a budget option too.

Shall we?

  • The most common decks in modern run at most 3 colors. If you wanna run 4 colors, you need a slightly better mana-base. Fetchlands like Flooded Strand and Windswept Heath, along with shocklands (Temple Garden, Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool, Godless Shrine, Watery Grave and Overgrown Tomb are your colors) will bring you the manafixing you need. You gonna lose some life, but trust me, it's worth it. Budget: you might consider running some Botanical Sanctum, Blooming Marsh and Concealed Courtyard too. They were printed in Kaladesh, so they still a bit 'cheap'. Amonkhet brought a set of fetchable lands too, so you might run Irrigated Farmland, Fetid Pools or Scattered Groves with the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands and this may also work.
  • Your removal spells are soooo expensive. I mean, you're running 3 copies of a 2-mana sorcery-speed removal. That's hardly ever useful. When I saw you were running Witch-Maw colors I was expecting some Abrupt Decay, Path to Exile and Fatal Push. These are some of the best removal spells of all time, and they're all available for . Nonetheless, they're also very good with Snapcaster Mage. And about Hero's Downfall, well... it's a cool card, but I wouldn't run 4 copies. Budget: Even for cheaper options we have awesome cards like Condemn, Vendetta, Murderous Cut, Victim of Night, Mortify and Putrefy. (Ok, these last two aren't sooo great, but at least they're instants and can handle some paralel trouble.)
  • Your choices for counterspells are very connected to the fact you run a removal-heavy deck, so you don't really need to counter creature spells. That's ok. But Dissolve is a card that rarely ever saves a game due to its mana cost. It's double blue for some small advantage. I'd recommend going for Remand or even Logic Knot. If you reeeeally like blue stuff (like me), you might even try to fit Cryptic Command in, but I don't recommend it in a 4-color. Budget: Rune Snag, Mana Leak are very competitive options too.
  • Finishers: Well, every deck needs to win some way. I really love AEtherling, this card is sooo awesome, but as I said on Jwillette72's deck Don't wake horror! (Sung like Don't Wake Daddy) once: he's far too slow for modern. By the time you drop him, you will (very likely) be nearly dead already and he won't save you. For a 6-drop I really like Elspeth, Sun's Champion. She is such a power-house. For similar reasons, I have my concerns about Desecration Demon. Sure, he's one of the fattest creatures you'll drop for 4 mana, but he is very susceptible to your opponents actions. I mean, if you're playing against someone with Lingering Souls on their deck, you're very likely to never attack with him. (by the way, you could use some of this card here too) Also, he is very easily handled by Path to Exile and Fatal Push. For a quick beatdown, I'd probaly go for Tasigur, the Golden Fang and/or Geist of Saint Traft. These are awesome finishers, and a little harder to deal with than the Demon and the Aether Guy. Budget: Gurmag Angler does the Tasigur job very good too. Blood Baron of Vizkopa is also a good option. Aaaand, four copies of Lingering Souls with Zealous Persecution can be a solid strategy too, trust me.
  • I imagine you're trying to do a sort of boardlock with Blind Obedience, but Authority of the Consuls does exactly the same thing for even less mana. You lose the Exort ability, but if you keep paying this, you might end up tapped-out and that is not what a control deck wants. But keep the Detention Spheres, this card rules.

Anyhow, I really like your deck and support what you're scheming here. If you want more tips, feel free to ask.

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