Concealed Courtyard


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Concealed Courtyard


Concealed Courtyard enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Concealed Courtyard Discussion

Dawnsly on RubyStrings

4 days ago

Hey Ruby, I don't know if you got my notification or not from your trade binder. I have 4x Inspiring Vantage 3x Concealed Courtyard 3x Scrapheap Scroungerand 1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance I was really interested in 3 of your Sacred Foundry and 2x Path to Exile. Wondering if you'd be willing to make a trade?

Wino on Grixis Chandra and Tezzeret Improvise

4 days ago

Sherring92 first of all thank you and I'm happy that you like this deck so much. I like your idea to use Declaration but I think that you don't need to use Concealed Courtyard because spire can give you white mana and you need the swamp to have untapped the split lands! Let me know how FNM goes!

Archangel_of_Entropy thanks a lot! Your combo is sweat! I like it so much!

Sherring92 on Grixis Chandra and Tezzeret Improvise

4 days ago

Hello, it is a very nice deck!I'm playing it from 4 days and it is great!I did a little mod on mana side by adding 2 Concealed Courtyard and removing 1 Swamp and 1 Spire, so i can add to my side card like Declaration in Stone or Stasis Snare.I'm going to play it tonight at FNM.Tell me what you think!Thanks in advance (and sorry for my bad english!)

Sparky41 on W: Verdurous Gearhulks

5 days ago


I know this isn't what you were advertising, but would you be interested in trading your three Path to Exile for two Thoughtseize and either three Scrapheap Scrounger or three Concealed Courtyard?

zephyr_chang on Doran, the Junk Tower (Turn 3-4 win)

5 days ago

Yes, I was surprised to see a Junk list with no Lingering Souls!

Mardu Ascendancy can allow for a turn-3 kill in theory - T1 Birds of Paradise, T2 Doran, T3 Mardu Ascendancy and swing with Birds and Doran and 2 Goblin tokens, sac the Ascendancy to deal exactly 20 damage.

As for your lands, I took a closer look and this is my personal opinion:

  • 2 Forest, 1 Plains, 1 Swamp (the minimum number of basics needed to cast all your spells - Junk gets hit HARD by Blood Moon)
  • Up to 8 on-colour fetches in total - Windswept Heath, Verdant Catacombs, Marsh Flats.
  • At least 1 of each shockland - Godless Shrine, Overgrown Tomb, Temple Garden.
  • 1 copy of Urborg so that excess fetchlands can at least tap for mana.
  • 3 utility lands - Gavony Township, Vault of the Archangel, Ghost Quarter.
  • You are left with 4 slots. Currently you are running 1 Woodlands Cemetery, 1 Murmuring Bosk, 2 manlands.

If you have any of the new fastlands - Concealed Courtyard or Blooming Marsh, or the old one Razorverge Thicket, I would encourage running them in place of the Woodlands Cemetery and Murmuring Bosk. Your colours should be fixed enough by then, for you to run 2 Forbidding Watchtower.

GeminiSpartanX on W/B control

5 days ago

I've been playing Abzan midrange in standard for a while now, but have been thinking about switching to straight BW. However, standard seems to be very aggressive atm, so making a few changes to this list could help with the agro matchup depending on your expected meta. I'd consider using 1-2 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, since you have the possibility of gaining enough life to activate her Vindicate ability with your lifelinkers. I'd cut the 3rd Anguished Unmaking, since it's normally the last removal spell you want to use in multiples. If you add 2-3 Evolving Wilds to your deck, you could have an easy way to trigger revolt for some MD Fatal Pushs. Harsh Scrutiny isn't as well-positioned right now, so I'd consider cutting it for the pushes and some other changes. I've found that Liliana, the Last Hope is ok on turn 3, but kind of hard to keep alive if drawn later in the game. I'd swap 1 out for a Sorin, Solemn Visitor to diversify your threats. Sorin also helps with the Ayli lifegain plan if you want to go down that route. Concealed Courtyard and Shambling Vent should both be 4-ofs if possible before including something like Forsaken Sanctuary. Since you do have so many legendary creatures, perhaps cutting 1 avacyn for a 2nd Ob Nix would be ok. Ob nix and sorin are also great at drawing extra cards. If you do add a Sorin and a 2nd Ob Nix, Oath of Liliana can help protect your walkers the same turn they come into play.

The SB should help shore up tougher matchups, which for me includes sweepers against agro decks and finishers against control. Lost Legacy isn't really needed now that Emrakul is banned, and it can't name the blue gearhulk against control decks since it's an artifact, so I'd swap them out for 2-3 Flaying Tendrils to bring in against Scrapheap Scrounger decks to back up your Kalitas. The Murders don't pull much weight in the SB. This is where I'd put your 3rd Anguished Unmaking along with a number of Stasis Snare or Blessed Alliances to help get rid of opposing Gideons. Blessed Alliance also helps against hexproof hydras from the RG energy decks. Linvala is a good finisher against control decks if you have trouble in those matchups (although your MD Transgress the Minds do help out there). A single Fumigate could work somewhere in here as well, although I'm not sure if it would be better in the MD or SB.

Hopefully some of that helps, or at least gives you a good idea for testing. If you want to check out my abzan build for some idea's I've been tinkering with, take a look here: Junkzaban Tournament-buster! Good Luck!

Leatherankh on Take Life - Give Life

6 days ago

The one thing I would be worried about with this deck is the mana curve. You are really heavy on the 4 drops, and with how light you are on removal (7 out of 60) any true aggro deck will run you over before you can get established. Authority helps this a lot, but it only buys you a turn or two. I would lighten up on the creatures a bit and go with more removal. Others have given you some great recommendations so I won't bother.

Now I understand budget, I'm in the same boat, so here is how I would prioritize.

1) Good cheap removal like Murder. Your LGS will have tons of copies and a playset will cost you about a buck. 2) Mana Base. They're a little pricey but they will make a HUGE difference. I would prioritize Concealed Courtyard over Shambling Vent, though both are great cards. 3) Sideboard tweaks. They key is to think about specific matchups. What would work against the main archetypes? How do you stop vehicles? Or Copycat? Or GB Snake/Counters? Go from there.

I made a similar but much more controlling deck, and it shows up in the Similar Decks list at the bottom of yours. Check it out for some ideas.

MangaVentFreak13 on mechanized panharmonicon

1 week ago

Wow. Just wow.

Um, mana base: Spire of Industry, Concealed Courtyard, Aether Hub, Sunken Hollow, Prairie Stream, Port Town, Choked Estuary, Shambling Vent, Forsaken Sanctuary, Submerged Boneyard and Meandering River. There are so many choices, pick your poison. Trust me, it'll help.

Control: You mentioned the early game is weak. It is. Control helps with that. Whether Fatal Push, Grasp of Darkness, Anguished Unmaking or something like that to kill creatures or something like Disallow, Void Shatter, Metallic Rebuke, or Negate to disrupt your opponent. Then you have cards like Anticipate, Prophetic Prism and Glimmer of Genius to help filter your deck in addition to Glint-Nest Crane to search for your combo pieces, (especially since Glint-Nest will bottom your Mechanized Productions). Speaking of which, I think you need more artifacts.

Early Game: Thraben Inspector is a good card, and a wonderful way to start off the game. Aether Poisoner doesn't really put any pressure on your opponent though, so what is she there for? If you have her for her deathtouch then why aren't you running Gifted Aetherborn? If you have her to make Servos, I think Hidden Stockpile will make more. Energy, maybe Live Fast and/or Die Young, or Shielded Aether Thief have a bit more utility. Hell, I think even Aether Swooper is better at making servos and energy than it.

Mid game: As much as I like Pilgrim's Eye I don't really think it's where you want to be. I think at that point in the game you probably want to be thinking about blocking creatures or searching/filtering for the combo. Though it is an artifact that you can grab with Glint-Nest Crane which is worth noting. A really convenient blocker would be Weaponcraft Enthusiast, giving you 3 blockers for the price of one or Eldrazi Displacer if you were actually serious about running it. Not only does it block but it can also stall by tapping your opponent's creatures. Felidar Guardian and Thought-Knot Seer I personally feel work best with alternative ways to use their effects so I would recommend Eldrazi Displacer and also Essence Flux so you can bounce them at instant speed for cheap.

Additionally, I'm iffy on Demon of Dark Schemes. I like the card but I think you would have to build around it more to justify it more. Like if you have a board of 3 Servos and your opponent has one creature you can kill (there are a lot of things running around with 3 toughness these days) then sure running it is great! But it's a huge mana investment, especially with the lands you are currently running. I personally would go more for Herald of Anguish and play it with some early game artifacts like clues, servos or Prophetic Prism, Cogworker's Puzzleknot, or Servo Schematic to get it on the battlefield sooner.

Hope some of that was helpful. Honestly I like your deck.

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