Mystic Barrier


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare

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Mystic Barrier


When Mystic Barrier enters the battlefield or at the beginning of your upkeep, choose left or right.

Each player may attack only the opponent seated nearest him or her in the last chosen direction and planeswalkers controlled by that player.

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Mystic Barrier Discussion

Reverie42 on Brad's Saskia: Do You Like Violence

1 week ago

A few non-standard includes here that I think are neat:

The mana base here seems extremely greedy. Only 1 mana rock and 36 lands for a 4.2 average CMC just seems a little too inconsistent.

Some possible adds:

Possible cuts:

  • Heliod, God of the Sun is msotly just going to be a vigilence enabler. I think its 4-mana "make one kind of crappy token" ability is a trap in Saskia (even though I love it in other decks)
  • Sire Of Insanity seems worse at doing its job than the Conqueror's Flail that you removed from the stock list. Saskia tends to hold more cards than you'd think.
  • Archetype of Aggression is mostly granting trample to things that aren't likely to use it very well. Most of your mass buffs that would make it useful grant trample anyway.
  • Lurking Predators with only 29 creatures and no other top manipulation seems pretty ambitious. I get that it can filter away lands, but I can't imagine where you wouldn't rather just draw a threat instead.
  • Mystic Barrier really hurts you when you have a wide board and draw mass pump. It's cute, and I fully support running it as a fun card, but it's usually going to hurt you more than help.
  • Mardu Strike Leader seems right on the edge of worth it. Seems like a meta call, but it probably wouldn't feel terrible to lose it.

solarPULSAR on Calling all Dicks and Douchebags!

3 weeks ago

Sounds like you might want hatebear cards and global enchantments to slow the game down, or ways to punish people from attacking you. What about Ghostly Prison or Sphere of Safety or even a card like Hixus, Prison Warden? You can also try Mystic Barrier which can be ridiculously annoying. Also, Story Circle LOL

theindigoeffect on Uril's Revenge

1 month ago

My deck performed pretty well tonight, but the combined power of enchantment-based destruction and counterspells was ultimately my undoing. Even with two effective card-draw engines, I really wish I had Wheel of Fortune at that point in the game, but maybe that's just desperation talking. Had I mulliganed more aggressively like you suggested, I probably would have won. I definitely avenged my loss from the previous game, just like this deck was designed to do.

I don't know that I encountered a point where Stony Silence or Null Rod would have been useful, and Torpor Orb would have been beneficial in one game and against one player in particular. Don't get me wrong: they're great cards: they just wouldn't have had much relevance.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar is great for its low cmc cost and its effect: any other creature-based prison effects you'd recommend off the top of your head?

Possibility Storm is kinda high in terms of its cmc cost, and Choke is somewhat narrow, but I'm running out of low-cost stax options that don't adversely affect my general, so I might have to risk including the latter, even if it ultimately ends up being a dead card. The rest are definitely viable options: I might have to re-think my cmc limit, but I do agree with your philosophy of being oppressive with prison cards, as opposed to just surviving with pillow fort cards.

What do you think of Mana Web, Mystic Barrier, Crackdown, Karmic Justice, Impending Disaster and Smoke? Not great cards, and I know Mystic Barrier isn't cheap, but it would probably keep me from losing. I don't know. lol Just saw 'em in my notebook, and they seemed somewhat functional.

Thinking of squeezing Contested Cliffs in there: it really would have been useful tonight.

So would you recommend the inclusion of roughly 7 removal cards and 7 stax cards? I typically consider wrath effects to be removal.

zelian12 on Austin's Friendly Atraxa!

2 months ago

If you go deeper into enchantments, you can ramp with Carpet of Flowers and Frontier Siege

protect your walkers with Mystic Barrier, Sandwurm Convergence, and Sphere of Safety

and you can play the other oaths for utility/flavor

MagicalHacker on I'm Looking for Enchantments Like ...

3 months ago

Oh I was just thinking out loud lol xD and hey no problem.

A fun little card that I enjoyed in my superfriends deck was Mystic Barrier, since it shut all but one opponent from attacking your planeswalkers, and if you choose the player to your left or right that has fewer creatures, youre in a solid place.

MagicalHacker on Good pillowfort cards for superfriends ...

4 months ago

You'll find stuff like Sphere of Safety and Peacekeeper in MagicalHacker - List of All Pillow Fort Cards, but when I played superfriends, my favorite pillow fort was Mystic Barrier.

foxboy93 on Party Hard

5 months ago

If you want to get cheeky, my buddy runs a casual 60 card deck with the "Give people tokens" theme, then uses Repercussion and Blasphemous Act to deal tons of damage to players and kill them.

I had run a Selvala, Explorer Returned deck. One way to win was to get enough mana and then Hurricane the board, killing everyone at the same time.

Another way you could win is with cards like Darksteel Reactor, Azor's Elocutors, Celestial Convergence, Epic Struggle, Helix Pinnacle, ect like effects are a way to win without really needing to do anything or very little. If you go this route, you'll want to go into a pillowfort style deck and "smother them in kindness". So cards like Forced Fruition on your side will make it hard to cast spells, playing Mystic Barrier and making sure big guys cant get to you and can only attack one direction makes it harder to do things. I played a group hug deck and it was more fun for my opponents than it was for me to play. Never the less it is possible. You just have to figure out how you want to win, and how to achieve this.

You mentioned you were running into draw issues. blue should have plenty to do that. One thing I learned with four color decks is consistency. Fetches, shocks and double colored or mana that can get you colors you need are necessary when playing decks like these. I recommend looking at Tolarian Academy for a guide on 4 color mana bases. They team up with The Command Zone and mention lots of things. They also believe in 10 mana ramp cards and 10 draw spells. I have began to run this philosophy and have found it to work...most times. After playing the deck I realize like "I didn't have enough card draw" or "I was sooo mana flooded" and then adjust accordingly. A deck is never 'complete', it is forever changing and evolving with you. However, remember that it is an extension of yourself so if it isn't working, don't feel bad changing it up. Don't feel bad abandoning it, only to return back to it

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