Phyrexian Unlife

Phyrexian Unlife


You don't lose the game for having 0 or less life.

As long as your life total is 0 or less, all damage is dealt to you as though its source had infect. (Damage is dealt in the form of poison counters.)

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal

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Phyrexian Unlife Discussion

Peoni on Tuvasa’s Enchanted Whore House

1 week ago

You could've filled this deck with Flying Men and Storm Crows and I wouldn't have cared. It's so nice to see someone running nice lands that don't enter tapped. You saved me so much nitpicking and then feeling like a prick after.

In all seriousness though this is a nice list. If you included Greater Auramancy to couple with your Privileged Position and then tossed Solemnity and Phyrexian Unlife into the mix, killing you off would be a real head scratcher for your opponents.

Good deck. Your lands make me happy. Probably consider Utopia Sprawl. Hope this helps. :^)

ghostmode on What advice would you give …

1 week ago

Know your playgroup. If someone shows up with a Legacy deck to a group who normally plays Standard, people are going to end up being annoyed after they try to give the game a fair chance. The power level available in these formats is just so different.

Often times, I think what happens is that people start playing kitchen table, using any cards they have. That's technically the most powerful format though so someone finds a card that seems like it outright wins the game and brings it along in their deck to surprise everyone. They play their Phyrexian Unlife and you're just like "wtf mate." This strikes people as ridiculous at first, but it pushes them to learn how to respond to that card or come up with their own unbeatable strategy. Often times, I think this is the way that a playgroup starts to learn the game. People may start bringing standard and modern decks and becoming more organized about it.

Responding to that Unlife is a tough lesson, because it really decides where you're going to go with the game. Many people might think, "Well I'm going to improve my strategy" because they don't want to have to base their deck on someone else's. An experienced player, however, would probably have answers to that card built into their synergistic deck and sideboard. Someone else might be super keen on finding that answer and brings it the next time to ultimately annoy the heck out of the Unlife player who is playing into hate every game. This might prompt the discussion of sideboarding and if its appropriate to pack mainboarded hate every casual game.

I used to play a modern manaless dredge deck, and I wanted the draw first turn or else I lost a full turn for no reason. Unfortunately, my group knew the sleeves for that deck, so that was a tough situation. They would have an super advantage if in the first of three games they always knew to take the draw. I can deal with that, but also you could consider a "gentleman's" honest first pick of the play on their part if they'll agree they'd probably have taken it without knowledge, but I rarely had to do this cause I could often try to get them to take the play before revealing my deck that day anyway XD

Wabbajacke on heartless

2 weeks ago

I guess Heartless Summoning is used to get Myr Retriever for free and to trigger his ability. Get one of the Altar of the Brood in youre Hand you Entomb.

In my Playtest i only used Viscera Seer to sacrifice Geralf's Messenger or Myr Retriever until i get Vampiric Tutor/Phyrexian Unlife/Solemnity to get the Cards i want.

If you manage to get 2 Heartless Summoning and Solemnity out, Geralf's Messenger ability would trigger infinity duo to getting -2/-2 for Heartless Summoning and no Counter from Undying cause of Solemnity.

I think something like Attrition, Hidden Stockpile or Vampiric Rites would be a better Option then Viscera Seer, giving you atleast some board clear or card draw.

Sorry for my bad english...

Oloro_Magic on [Primer] - Ad Nauseam Combo [[Procellam Legit]]

2 weeks ago


It really depends on the situation though I will say that I believe the card comes in against me regardless. Basically, if I am relying on mana created via Pentad Prism or Phyrexian Unlife then yes, an early Wear / Tear can be really effective and slow me down to the point where you can put on enough pressure to beat me. Keep in mind though you have to have the clock to back up your removal or else I can always rebuild.

With this said there are scenarios where Wear / Tear will not feel very good against the deck. Notably against Lotus Bloom if I have Angel's Grace and Ad Nauseam. When the Lotus Bloom comes off of suspend it is correct to attempt to blow it up (generally at upkeep), but if I have the combo the Wear / Tear really is just a way to force me to go for it then and there. Now if you have a counter to back up the Wear / Tear then this line has the potential to be very good and I have to play more conservative, but more often than not its ineffectual and acts more like a check on whether I have it. If I don't, again you need to back up the clock before I get to the mana I need.

All in all though to provide a quick answer, yes Wear / Tear is solid against Ad Nauseam but does come with its drawbacks and can look silly sometimes depending on the situation.



zapyourtumor on Angel's Spoils

1 month ago

Maybe I'm being stupid, but where's the wincon? I don't see any Lightning Storm or Thassa's Oracle to win the game after you've drawn your entire deck.

Also, I see how Solemnity combos with Phyrexian Unlife, but why run all the storage lands? Doesn't it basically turn them into wastes?

SurpriZe on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

Thanks for the answer, Abzkaban.

I was just curious about the reason precociousapprentice kept Sun Droplet and left Delaying Shield out, considering that Phyrexian Unlife is still in the mainboard. Seems a little counter-intuitive to me.

Abzkaban on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago


Generally Delaying Shield is better especially if you also run Solemnity and/or Phyrexian Unlife.

Unlife on Cards that hold a special …

1 month ago

Realmwright was the first foil I ever opened (I love shiny cards), and I loved the effect, when I was starting out it was in a lot of decks.

Phyrexian Unlife before I found out about modern and power levels, I thought the card was such a cool idea (it helped that I was introduced to infect early on and have throughly enjoyed the mechanic ever since) and the artwork on the card was amazing

Borborygmos Enraged he's the commander I've had the longest, and his deck has come a long way from himself and 99 basic forests and mountains when I first started out. Plus its a lot of fun to throw lands at people

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