Inspiring Vantage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Inspiring Vantage


Inspiring Vantage enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Inspiring Vantage Discussion

Taxi on Boros Humans (mostly!) Modern

1 week ago

@SavageGaul Thanks for the kind comments I'm actually fairly new to magic but how many of the Return to the Ranks would you recommend? I'm thinking around 2, more than that might get cloggy. I'm a little worried about running lightning Mauler because I'd be afraid wouldn't draw into enough one drops to pair him with on turn 3 to get the full benefit of the double haste.

I noticed the Inspiring Vantage was a four of in your deck do they work well for you? Would you recommend subbing anything in my land base for them?

I also have gotten recommendations for Ranger of Eos but most games for me are over around turn 3 so I'm unsure if it would be worth investing in since I rarely make it to late game.

I didn't know about Kor Firewalker until I saw it on your sideboard and I LOVE it. How many would you recommend running on a sideboard? It's sided for against burn I assume?

A few other cards I liked in your deck but not sure if they would fit in: Lightning Berserker (this seems like a straight up win condition with enough red), Thraben Inspector (I was considering Mentor of the Meek but I like this a lot) and Alesha, Who Smiles at Death (This just seems like a super troll card oh no you killed my 1/2 drop nah he's fine.)

I also liked your deck a lot since it was just a horde of creatures that your opponent can't really get rid of I might have to experiment with that.

MidnightTrain on Fury of the Angels

1 week ago

Prophetic Prism seems unnecessary when you're only running two colors and no artifact synergy. Just get yourself some Aether Hubs and Inspiring Vantages. If you want to be aggressive and play around with energy (For Harnessed Lightning), maybe add some Aethergeode Miners.

SavageGaul on Modern Boros Human Norin Sisters

1 week ago

Nice build!

It looks very strong and consistent on the whole. I love the 4x Lone Rider  Flip (one of the coolest cards ever). Is there a reason you stayed away from Serra Ascendant?

The spell spread looks good. Lightning Helix is never a bad card, but with how much life you'll be gaining elsewhere, you may benefit from cutting Helix in favor of more Paths and Bolts, just to keep the curve lower. I'd also consider something in the vein of Return to the Ranks in case a sweeper slips through your defenses, or you're in a long and grindy matchup.

Inspiring Vantage would improve the landbase big league. I almost advised Arid Mesa as well, but with only 18 lands you probably don't want to thin out your land draws at all.

Check out my brew Boros Bean Counters (Human Tribal) for a different take on R/W Norin Humans.

+1 and good luck to you.

landstalker10 on Spell slingin' soul sisters

1 week ago

Temple of Triumph , Inspiring Vantage are some cheap options but you will later need to upgrade them.

jawz on Indominable Combustion

2 weeks ago

I like a good Creativity list. It's interesting to see what kinds of creature packages different people like. I saw one that went for four Lightning Runners for the infinite combo out of nowhere. I tend to go for creature keyword abuse with Odric, Lunarch Marshal and one offs of things like Angel of Invention, Reality Smasher and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger (with of course the Needle Spires). I like your Thalia's Lancers and Gisela, the Broken Blade and Bruna, the Fading Light package too.

I think the Shock isn't really that creative. They're great in a conventional way of course. But I've tried out some weird things like Warping Wail and Spark of Creativity and I feel like they work (mostly) and are much more stylish. Although with Wail, you might be forced to replace a few Inspiring Vantage with something like Crumbling Vestige to deal with the mana demands.

emrakulinsmugglers on Ally Vehicles

2 weeks ago

if this deck isn't budget, you should change your vehicles, primarily to air based ones such as Skysovereign, Consul Flagship, Heart of Kiran, and Aethersphere Harvester. I would've advised you to remove speedway fanatic,but if you have these giant flying vehicles, then it would work well. Something you want is maybe cutting down on 1 chasm guide, for another Veteran Motorist, because although you lose one source of haste, you get a card that gets to scry two, which should still balance the accuracy of hitting a chasm guide, also a 4 mana rallier shouldn't be your finisher unless you somehow hadn't drawn many allies beforehand. You can also cut a gearshift ace for another veteran motorist, scrying is such good card advantage and also motorist is a good crewer being a 3/1.

Also, your lands. Again, if this isn't budget, use manlands, fastlands, etc. so basically Needle Spires and Inspiring Vantage. you can have 4 of both of them, cut your stone quarry, and a few basics. YOu have a nice deck going on, and nice deckbuilding! This seems like a nice budget deck (just noticed it was 7 dollars after recommending you expensive stuff).

you might want another Angelic Captain or even a Hero of Goma Fada, theyre such good finisher allies.

having some Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is nice (although expensive moneywise), as it is a potential endless stream of rally triggers.

Shadow12721 on my first deck lol

3 weeks ago

Also replace Stone Quarry with Inspiring Vantage.

lithium142 on Boros Battalion

4 weeks ago

A deck in this style needs the lowest possible mana costs to be effective. as it sits, you have too many cards in the deck with mana costs 4 and higher. it's ok to have some lategame finishers just in case you dont get through, but right now your early game is weak, and that needs to be your strongest point. also, you need removal. sticking to the theme of being aggressive, Lightning Helix is pretty good, and Lightning Bolt is the most played card in modern for a reason.

now for creatures. you could and should cut the following from the deck. they dont advance your plan, and are too expensive, anyway.

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder - he doesn't do anything good for your deck, only slows down your hand.

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight - she advances your gameplan, but realistically you wont be able to cast her until turn 10 or later, and you should be winning your games before then.

Heartless Hidetsugu - he's too slow. cutting an opponent's life total in half sounds cool, but by turn 5, that's probably only 4 or 5 damage at the most.

Malignus - same problem as Heartless Hidetsugu

Tajic, Blade of the Legion - this one is finicky. he's actually not bad, i just think we could do better.

last, i have straightup upgrades for Isamaru, Hound of Konda and Bomber Corps


I really like Boros Elite, Legion Loyalist, and Boros Charm in this strategy. they are super fast, and just make your deck a nightmare to deal with. Boros Reckoner is pretty solid too, and Firemane Avenger can clean up games very fast.

here's my recommendations:

Goblin Bushwhacker and Reckless Bushwhacker are insane in a deck like yours. with the ability to double your damage out of left field, I HIGHLY recommend these two cards as 4 of each. um, if you have the money, Goblin Guide. if not, i totally understand.

a personal favorite of mine is Keldon Marauders. they provide a lot of pressure, with the potential for 5 damage for 2 mana.

Mirran Crusader or Vexing Devil could be fun to play with, and if you really want to have more battalion in the deck, Frontline Medic can be a nightmare to deal with.

last, lose the Wind-Scarred Crags. this deck cannot afford to have lands entering tapped. you're better off running Plains and Mountains. although, Contested War Zone and Slayers' Stronghold could be fun to run one or two of. if you want multicolored lands, Inspiring Vantage is still pretty cheap, and im sure you know about Sacred Foundry.

Let me know i you have any questions =) I played this archetype for the better part of two years, so im happy to help you out

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