Inspiring Vantage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Inspiring Vantage


Inspiring Vantage enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Inspiring Vantage Discussion

lagotripha on Mayael's Big Nayan bois

17 hours ago

Most important thing in modern? manabase. You can't afford mana screw the first three turns unless you have a very weird deck. For budget lists I tend to stick to monocolour- I have some neat mono-black lists that kick butt. Knotvine mystic, as much as I love it, will not survive the turn it is played, and as much as I love Meglonoth and Godsire you will never be able to cast them against any deck playing removal (read, every deck bar some extreme aggro strats).Card advantage and board presence are big things in modern, and broadly speaking you have three strategies- aggro, which runs a lot of 1-drops and just kills turn three/four. Look at Goblin Bushwhacker/Reckless Bushwhacker, Loam Lion, Kird Ape and co if you want to try this. Cards like Vines of Vastwood to protect your creatures. For midrange, you want removal spells like Path to Exile, Condemn and so forth for the first few turns, alongside some acceleration into cards that trade two or three for one, to take out an opponent in those middle turns of the game. Some strategies include Troll Ascetic, Thrun, the Last Troll, Witchstalker or planeswalkers, or a more focussed strategy like Avalanche Riders type land destruction or Demigod of Revenge reanimation. Control decks basically just run removal, card draw and a couple things which eventually win. Its pretty rare to see one of these in naya colours.

Haste is a wonderful ability for your larger cards, and cards with it only rarely break the bank- a Stormbreath Dragon will soon dodge almost all relevant removal in the format, often closing out the game. Cards like Fatal Push, Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, Abrupt Decay are all there to watch out for.

For mana cards the important thing is those first three turns. that means that lands that come in tapped are a major disadvantage. While on a budget, cards like Battlefield Forge, Inspiring Vantage, and so forth that are cheap, are untapped, but unfortunately don't pump Wild Nacatl and co.Biggest peice of advice? cut it to two colours or to monocolour if you're working on a budget, as lands and mana consistancy is where budget decks struggle, focus on three or four cheap, efficient cards that you want to cast every game and just build your deck to do that. Mayael's Aria/Greater Gargadon for example, and build the rest as manadorks and removal to achieve that. Lightning Helix/Condemn as removal/lifegain, for example.Good luck, have fun brewing, and test your decks before you buy.

samuelmood11 on Creature-less Vehicles

4 days ago

Quick question. Why the two Spirebluff Canals when you could set them aside for an extra two Inspiring Vantage? It'd better fix your mana colors, along with making the deck a few dollars cheaper.

HairyManBack on G/W Humans (BFZ- Aether Revolt)

1 week ago

Thought about Naya? Seen Kari Zev, Skyship Raider Would be an excellent addition here. Maybe more so cuz Copter's banned and some ongoing value would be great. The mana would be demanding. Thought of it because of Inspiring Vantage and even Needle Spires.

Of course, I'm sure Stasis Snare would have to go. Harnessed Lightning or more Declarations?

Renegade Rallier SB? I'm seeing control being more difficult now for humans.

Anyways I'd stick with G/W and pop in Gideon or even Nissa and adjust the curve a bit.

MenacingBunny on Dwarf Pilots

1 week ago

Are you looking for this to be budget? If it isn't I'd replace Stone Quarry's with more Inspiring Vantage's or Needle Spires.

Jwillette72 on God Machines

2 weeks ago

I don't know what others would say, but I would probably add another Aether Hub and replace the 2xWind-Scarred Crag with 2xInspiring Vantage. Also is it worth the Sandstone Bridge coming in tapped just for the +1/+1 and vigilance. Wouldn't it be better to use that plains mana somewhere else and rather use a single red mana on Assault Strobe, Lightning Bolt, Forked Bolt or even Shard Volley. I'll look at more later. Hope that helps!

1337_Nerd on Devotion to Red

2 weeks ago

More expensive, but instead of using Battlefield Forge, you could use Inspiring Vantage or Clifftop Retreat.

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