Ghirapur Orrery

Ghirapur Orrery


Each player may play an additional land on each of his or her turns.

At the beginning of each player's upkeep, if that player has no cards in hand, that player draws three cards.

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Ghirapur Orrery Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on Faster Commander Games

1 week ago

Hey, great deck you've got here! Especially like the use of Hour of Devastation, such an underused card. One thing: Traveler's Amulet isn't ramp, sorry buddy. Nor is Armillary Sphere. A card has to put extra mana into PLAY for it to count as ramp--and unless you get your Ghirapur Orrery out those cards are actually more like card draw.

VampDemigod on Underrated EDH Cards

2 weeks ago

My pet card is Ghirapur Orrery

Mirenheart on Omnath, Locus of Creation EDH

3 weeks ago

I'd suggest Parcelbeast in place of one of your artifacts. Parcelbeast does count as draw, that sometimes also ramps, which fits in very nicely.

Also, mutating it onto Scute Swarm, and having Risen Reef on the field can vomit all the lands in your deck onto the field one at a time, and put the rest of it into your hand, if you get lucky enough on the first few procs of risen reef to get lands. And since it's just looking at the top card of your deck, you don't actually deck out (that turn). While not always practical to do, unless you either have mass haste, Hedron Crab, and/or Ruin Crab, which all give you a win, it's very funny to just go "oops, 3000 scute swarms"

Omnath, Locus of the Roil fits in perfectly with this deck, and works as draw, Deadeye Navigator lets you blink your commander over and over, which lets you draw several cards a turn potentially, and since omnath with count as a new creature coming into the field again, you can get all three of his triggers again.

Valakut Exploration is also a surprisingly good card. It effectively draws you cards for playing lands, and does damage to all your opponents for all the cards you didnt play.

Rites of Flourishing can also just straight up replace Ghirapur Orrery if you're looking for that effect, giving you (and everyone else) more consistent card draw, as well as lands per turn.

VampDemigod on None

1 month ago

Hi! I’m VampDemigod, aka Vamp or N!

I would like to apologize in advance for the essay that I am about to write.

I love playing Standard and EDH. I generally play Standard on Arena and EDH in paper because (somewhat ironically), “Budget” Standard decks cost twice as much in paper as budget commander decks. In non-Covid times, I play limited, both at my LGS and with my extended playgroup (I have 2-4 close friends who I play EDH with, depending on what format they’re into, and 15 friends, including the EDH players, who enjoy draft. Most of us met at school or at an LGS).

My favorite deck is kind of a 3-parter. I really love both the Dimir rogues deck in Zendikar Rising limited and the Boros cycling deck in Standard (yeah it’s not top tier, so what?). In EDH, I really love my deck Umori has more friends than me! I do not own it in paper sadly (yet!), but I DO make $50 budget commander brews, which I recently started refining (or sometimes just brainstorming) on T/O. I generally rotate between decks every month or two, selling one for store credit to buy the next (if I didn’t have $50 disposable onhand), but I’ve stopped my rotation since COVID hit, because the playgroup has only had 1 game since then.

My favorite color? This is a hard one. It’s like picking a favorite child! (says the parent of exactly 0) Seriously though, my favorite color changes A LOT. So here’s what I like from each color instead. I love white for the challenge. Whenever I want to have a challenge brewing or playing an EDH deck, I choose white. It has some amazing cards, and some very unique ones, but it’s still the weakest color. I love the challenge of building a white deck. Blue, I love when I want to be MEAN. If someone in my playgroup has pissed me off, I take their fun. Seriously though, it’s a powerful color, but I just love the ability to Negate a cyclonic rift when a big spender tried to push me around at the LGS. The shock on their face when they realize that I have counterspells in my deck, and that their money meant nothing is priceless. Black, I play when I want to try to live dangerously. There’s nothing like playing a Triskaidekaphobia and watching someone forget about it. Even if that someone is me, that’s worth it. Black makes everything more fun, with so many unique cards (in a different way than how white’s cards are unique). I love red for being red. Nothing feels better sometimes than throwing a giant spell out there that hits everyone’s dome (including mine). I’ve ended at least two games by killing everyone at the table, including myself, when an opponent has lethal on the stack against me. Also, Brothers Yamazaki is truly a unique commander, and building my deck based around them was (and still is because I haven’t finished it yet) so much fun. Green I love for jank. And more jank. Green’s my favorite color to pull obscure cards from.

Guilds? I do actually have several answers. Izzet, Dimir, Rakdos, and sometimes Boros are my favorite color pairs. Nothing against green, I just prefer to play it on its own.

Shards and Wedges are very difficult for me. I honestly have no preferences. I like them based on the commanders or combos I can build around, but I don’t identify with any. This may partially be due to the fact that I didn’t play during Khans.

Card that best represents me, huh? Well, idk if this is my best representation, but I really love Ghirapur Orrery. I’ve just loved it ever since I first saw it. It goes in every commander deck I brew, with very few exceptions. I even had a copy of the art on my wall for awhile until I realized that I shouldn’t do that, since I hadn’t asked the artist. There’s a part of my that wants an Orrerys secret lair, which would literally be the only secret lair I’d probably ever buy, and I’d only be buying it for the art of that card. Moving on from my obsession....

Hobbies outside of MTG? Listening to podcasts, playing RPGs, videogames, biking, giving positive Reddit comments, and petting dogs (and very occasionally cats). I am also a furry, but the only part of the fandom I ascribe to is dressing up as an anthropomorphic animal and giving people hugs (when it’s safe to of course), while dressed up. I do not deny that there are people who take being a furry farther than that, but I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. I can completely see why people do not like that side of the fandom, and I do not understand why some people like what they like, I’m not going to yuck their yum, it’s just not for me.

Before I move on, I want to reiterate that the only part of being a furry I participate in is dressing up like a brightly colored wolf and brightening people’s days with a soft hug, if they want one. Oh and art. YES PG ART. I like pretty pictures. #1 reason I started playing magic.

Sorry about that, I needed to protect myself against the internet with disclaimers. Back to our previously scheduled MTG talk.

Life outside of T/O? I eat, I breathe, I sometimes sleep. I play MTG sometimes. Ok a lot. Other than that, see hobbies. Oh and discord. I discord. I guess I’ll mention, I do have a romantic partner? Idk if that’s something anyone cares about, but I guess it’s always good to put that up as a disclaimer when on the internet? Idk. Anyway, my partner basically does the same stuff as me, but with less MTG and more GTA.

Username? Ooh this is a fun story! I was googling Percy Jackson books and mistyped camp demigod while using quotes to narrow my search. Nothing was there and I started snagging things. To my knowledge, my only competition is whoever snagged the gmail account. And myself because I forgot the password to one of my social media accounts, which was linked to a deleted gmail account, so I had to redo it. Awkward.

How did I get into magic. Pretty pictures and cool monsters. More seriously, I had already started hating the amount of money one had to spend to be good in Pokémon, and the sheer amount of cheating I encountered in Yugioh. So I went to MTG, reasoning that 1: it was owned by WotC and I already loved D&D, and 2: there had to be a reason it had (at that time) survived 20 years. It took me awhile, but with a friend’s help, I got in, and never looked back.

I love magic for so many reasons. It’s just got everything. Strategy. Obscure jank. Variance. A lack of tolerance for cheating. A variety of formats. Podcasts for days. And, of course, Tapped Out.

My only comment on metagames: Power creep is fun but also a mistake. Also, please stop making sideboard cards have to be maindecked WotC!

Cards or strategies that overcentralize the metagame? looks at how prevalent ramp is as a Standard strategy why yes. (Can’t wait for Monday. Plz ban cards. This Standard is already not fun).

How do I deal with a new deck on the large scale? Find something that doesn’t care about it, like beating ramp with turbo mill. Small scale, like at my LGS, I just toss a few hate cards in my sideboard. New players? Ooh, my store has a great initiation ritual. If they’re a decent person, we’ll all run decks themed around a color, and have a 5-player ffa match, complete with politics. We go slow, explaining the rules as we go. We then let them switch with someone whose deck they think they’d enjoy. They can ask the player outside of the game for assistance. Here’s the initiation bit. We have signals that we use during both games to show what we have in hand (generally, like kill spells, counterspells, X-drop creature, etc. We use this during the first game, to display as much as possible to the new player, and during the second game, the out player will magically have amazing advice without leaving the newbie’s side. We inevitably lose (or throw), after a few games of this (after the second game, the newbie can switch again, and so on).

I mentioned that we do that for decent folks. If someone comes swaggering in, acting like they’re all that, ordering employees around, sneering at people, we’ll challenge them to a 4-player tourney, 4th place buys 2 packs for the 1st, 3rd gets 1 for second. They can choose the format, but have to have their own deck, witch they inevitably do. We break out decks but one of us “doesn’t have a deck on them”. This is the best part. A few years ago, the owner created some ~$20 half-decent intro decks for different formats. They’ve kept them up to date. The owner leans over the counter and offers to let the person who’s “missing a deck” use the intro deck. Inevitably, the stuck up prick gets 3rd or 4th, usually getting beaten by the intro deck. It’s great watching them be salty.

How do I deckbuild? Well, when I see something that looks fun, I toss it into a decklist. I then find cards that work well around this core, remove cards that I don’t think contribute to the strategy, etc. if I’m on a budget, I’ll first look for higher-price cards that look like they’ll be a big help in the deck, then select a few. I then check for budget versions and “downgrade” them. I then search tapped out for low cost cards based along the themes I’ll need.

I’ve always thought Scallywallwest makes quite fun decks. I’ve also found that most people who post Standard decks have some cool brews.

As a long-term D&D player, I can’t wait for the D&D-themed set!

So yeah, that’s me! I love making friends, so feel free to chat with me!

VampDemigod on TappedOut Video!

1 month ago


1: I would like Ghirapur Orrery as my background please.

2: “I do quite enjoy the site, there are a few features that I feel should be added, but it makes up for that by having a great community, intuitive card search, multiplayer draft sim, and an absolutely amazing staff, who listen to the site’s users!” If that’s too long or short, I can edit it. I may be able to record it, but due to a complex schedule, I wouldn’t count on it.

3: “I started off using the site as a way to store decklists and track my collection, and I very quickly was introduced to a lot of new cards! After a brief hiatus from the site, I returned in July of 2020, and I’ve been quite active on the site ever since.” See above for notes about audio and length.

“I’m quite proud of my $50 budget EDH builds, which introduces me to hundreds of amazing cards! However, my favorite deck has to be Umori has more friends than me! It has dozens of planeswalkers, and is actually less janky than expected. I also brew Standard decks.”

If you want to have links for where people can be found, you can link to/mention my T/O pfp, my twitter account (vampdemigod), my YouTube (vampdemigod gaming), and/or my discord (VampDemigod#1540). However, only do that if that’s what YOU wanted to do. I really don’t care about my social status, so I’m perfectly fine with not getting any plugs, this is far more coverage than I ever expected, and I just dropped in the plugs in case you wanted them.

Thank you so much for doing this. You are an amazing person/crocodile.

Anything else you need?

VampDemigod on Queen Marchesa - The One True Love

1 month ago

Fun “Group Hug” card I put in almost all my decks: Ghirapur Orrery. It would fit well here.

IQuarent on Murph's Dakkon Blackblade | Extra Turns #06

1 month ago

Ghirapur Orrery might be good in this deck.

Schafkurai on Jeskai Landfall

1 month ago

Love it! I'm tired of green landfall decks and was also thinking about all the other color combinations. There's a bunch of cool one's coming with Zendikar rising and a few more that you could consider would be the white creatures (Emeria Angel, Emeria Shepherd, Admonition Angel), the red pingers (Spitfire Lagac, Tunneling Geopede), good ramp/utility creatures (Knight of the White Orchid, Weathered Wayfarer). Useful artifacts include Ghirapur Orrery and Thaumatic Compass  Flip and some more lands that I find useful would be Ghost Town, all the "fetches" (Terramorphic Expanse, Fabled Passage, Evolving Wilds, Arid Mesa etc), the bouncelands e.g. Boros Garrison, Terrain Generator.

keep up the good work!

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