Big Angel Tribal


Big Powerful Ladies With Even Bigger Swords

Slowly build a board presence, gain control over the battlefield and start pounding away at the enemy (or, enemies). These ladies are also fantastic defenders - considering their massive size and threatening disposition - so use them to attack decisively, or hold back when needed. This deck is resilient, a blast to pilot, and picks up speed well for having an extensive high end to its curve.

Each Angel is in here because they each serve a unique purpose. Need to deny that really disgusting black deck the ability to sacrifice, or just tell Korvold no? Angel of Jubilation does the job. Low on life? Lyra Dawnbringer. You need a Settle the Wreckage? Nah, man. Settle the Wreckage that costs three more on a body? That's more like it. Angel of the Dire Hour.

Since most of these beaters are also quite an investment to cast, here's a bunch of cards devoted to making sure they land and stick.

Not much more explaining needed here. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Lots of this fun stuff. Hate your creatures dying? Me too! Want to get them back? Here's how!

Who else needs to have fun, amiright? Just kidding, everyone should. But you most of all. Please use responsibly:

Gotta go fast. Opens up a wonderful avenue for mind games and tricks, and frees up new lines of play. Blue mana? Never heard of ‘em.


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