Hurl Through Hell

Hurl Through Hell


Exile target creature. Until the end of your next turn, you may cast that card and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour to cast that spell.

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Hurl Through Hell Discussion

Chaospyke on Hurl through hell commander

1 month ago

I am not sure Gidgetimer is correct because of cards like Banishing Light . Using Banishing Light on a commander, if the banishing light is removed and the player sent their commander to the command zone , it will still be returned to battlefield.

Hurl Through Hell reads the same way, as it doesn't say 'exiled' it just says 'that card'. I will also point out though, that if you cast your opponent's commander from the command zone, they may choose not to let it enter the battlefield, as it is changing zones and they can just put it back into the command zone. Practically, I think the most you can hope for is upping the commander tax, which you also have to pay.

And going to the command zone is a replacement effect, such that the exiled commander would never touch the exile zone. (an update to the rules, makes it so that effects that would trigger if goes into exile do trigger, but the game never sees the card in exile)

proterran98 on Hurl through hell commander

2 months ago

I Hurl Through Hell someone’s commander. If my opponent decides to place it In their command zone (can they?) can I play the commander? If yes, what happens if they played it first?

Cornonjacob07 on Never Break the Chain (Chainer, Nightmare Adept)

2 months ago


After further testing and time to parse through the upcoming Forgotten Realms regular and commander cards, I think you're right about the "discard hand, draw 3" model. While it sometimes works, it takes far too much commitment and loss of control to rely heavily on. I will keep Ox of Agonas as I still think its Escape mode is pretty great, but Anje's Ravager and any others are out. I'm also putting Stinkweed Imp back into the deck because being able to process 5 cards without spending mana, just a draw, is powerful.

I think for now, I should tighten my sources of card advantage. Though it adds a bit more consistency to have more smaller looting cards like Thrill of Possibility or the aforementioned Anje's Ravager , I could just be using those slots for more powerful cards that actually impact the board or are otherwise useful while consolidating the draw power to the heavy hitters like Magus of the Wheel , Vilis, Broker of Blood , or Disciple of Bolas for example. Specific tools and answers will be handled by the tutors I was adding anyway and the general system will be greased with odd cards like Squee, Goblin Nabob and Phyrexian Reclamation .

Everything else needs to be playtested rather than theorized about, but I think it's safe to say this is a core part of the deck that I should reconsider and upgrade. I'd also like to put forward the new Warlock Class as a possible replacement or partner to Archfiend of Despair and the possibility of Heartless Hidetsugu .

I'm also interested in the new Hurl Through Hell , Fevered Suspicion , and Orcus, Prince of Undeath . The former two I'm more optimistic about, and am willing to sacrifice a little reliability for their potential and because they look like a lot of fun, but I suspect Orcus will be one of those cards that look a lot better on paper than in practice.

As always, thanks for your suggestions and consultations. I hope Shenanigans and Hellkite Tyrant have been working for you as they have for me.