Archangel Avacyn

Legendary Creature — Angel


Flying, vigilance

When Archangel Avacyn enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

When a non-Angel creature you control dies, transform Archangel Avacyn at the beginning of the next upkeep.

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Custom Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Casual Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal
Unformat Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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Archangel Avacyn Discussion

rjife on Mono White Vigilance

1 month ago

If you have the budget, I think Archangel Avacyn  Flip is a must run.

Gingervitis on Avacyn's Angelic Justice

2 months ago

Love the description and I love Archangel Avacyn  Flip as a card!

Also, I have noticed that there aren't too many ways of triggering Avacyn's flip effect. I do see that there is Selfless Spirit and you could do something with the tokens gained from Hanweir Garrison, but other than that I don't really see many non-Angel creatures dying.

There are a lot of self sacrifice cards that are red or white that can help you get that flip effect off, such as Generator Servant or Benevolent Bodyguard to name a few.

If you really don't care about getting Avacyn's effect off, then ignore this comment.

Heres my Voltron deck that does somewhat the same thing as this deck except it has more of a focus on equipping Avacyn and wrecking everything. Avacyn, the Commander

Cool deck!

1empyrean on Avacyn's Angelic Justice

4 months ago

Well, the angels theme is never going to be the fastest, though Kaalia of the Vast would be a better, if expensive, commander for the theme. If you really want to embrace the theme, that's who I recommend using, but Its understandable if you don't want to switch.

I like Archangel Avacyn  Flip, but she isn't really an angel tribal commander, given how her flip ability triggers. Maybe try building around the ability as opposed to a theme if you want to keep her as commander.

LunoStarlyght on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

4 months ago

"To find the place where true evil lies, mind not below and look to the skies!"

Led by Archangel Avacyn  Flip, the angels are out to see the Multiverse burn! Sadly these angels are missing a good win condition other than damage and implore those of you to assist! If you succeed, you will greatly be favored by the holy light of the angels and receive their gratitude for assisting in their cause!

The Angels' True Nature

Commander / EDH LunoStarlyght


Nemesis on Cube additions

5 months ago

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on None

5 months ago

While I am sure I haven't played the game as long as many of you i still have some favorite cards. I started playing at sleep away camp when a friend gave me a deck full of 1/1s and boy did i love that deck, it brought me into the color white. The first commander game I ever saw as also at that camp, and One of the commanders was Sigarda, Host of Herons and after i saw it i knew angels were my absolute favorite tribe. For the rest of that camp i tried to get was many angels as i could, and i only got one. it was a foil Angel of Deliverance and that was my new favorite card and cemented angels as my favorite. When i got home i spent countless hours on amazon looking at all the different angels i could get. Avacyn quickly became my favorite character and that led to innistrad becoming my favorite plane, so to answer the original question, Archangel Avacyn  Flip is my favorite card because it shows many parts of who i am as a magic player.

KingOfWhales on Aurelia's Assault

6 months ago

I would specifically- take out: Herald of Faith (Not very good. Body is barely ok, 2 life is not that much) Puresteel Paladin (You don't have enough equipment for it to be good) Tajic, Blade of the Legion (It doesn't have any evasion, and a conditional 7/7 is not good) Defy Death (This effect is not good enough for 5 mana. There is a 4 mana version but it's still not very good) Sephara, Sky's Blade (While you do have a lot of fliers, you don't have enough to get the reduced cost frequently)

A lot of your Planeswalkers don't really contribute to your plan of attacking a ton, I would drop some of them.

Mentor is not a very good keyword for commander, a single +1/+1 counter on each attack is not very good, I would recommend taking out the creatures

You do have too many board wipes. You specifically don't want the board to be wiped because you rely on creatures a ton. There might be some synergy with all of your ways to give indestructible.

To help you build the deck, I would organize it with custom tags. Sort all of your cards into one of the following categories:

() Lands

() Removal

() Draw/Card advantage (Etali goes in this, for example)

() Ramp

() Goodstuff (general good cards, like Archangel Avacyn  Flip and Akroma, Angel of Fury. These cards are good, but do not contribute to the general deck theme or synergise with multiple attack steps)

() Synergy (cards that do things when you attack. I would only file cards that give you a permanent advantage when they attack, like Firemane Avenger Sun Titan or Hero of Bladehold, but not Odric, Lunarch Marshal)

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