River's Rebuke

River's Rebuke


Return all nonland permanents target player controls to their owner's hand.

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Set Rarity
Game Night 2019 (GN2) Rare
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Historic Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Casual Legal
Frontier Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

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River's Rebuke Discussion

Magic_Faqs on Elfzuri, claw of counters

5 days ago

I would remove Narset, Parter of Veils. Her static ability may come in handy, but her loyalty ability doesn't work with your deck since only 33% of the deck is noncreature, nonland. Instead, try running Guardian Project so you can get some more card draw.

I would remove Deconstruct and replace it with Beast Within. A free artifact removal spell sounds nice, but you lack serious removal spells. Beast Within offers flexibility and is fairly inexpensive. Unravel the Aether is another solid option that can remove indestructible artifacts/enchantments.

Next, take out Pelt Collector. It will take awhile for him to get big enough to become a serious threat, and even when he does it will be easy to kill him. Even a Fatal Push would kill him. Try replacing him with Evolving Wilds. This will raise your land count and also help with deck thinning.

You should consider removing Folio of Fancies. This really just helps all players and doesn't necessarily further your own agenda. Yes, it will give you card draw but it also helps give your opponents more opportunities to mess with your board. And with so much removal in the format, creature=based strategies can be fragile at times. Everyone is running board wipes. I'd substitute it with River's Rebuke. It's not a Cyclonic Rift, but can help still remove problem boards. Ensnare is a sweet option that you can play on someone's end step so you can swing in with beefed up elves.

Replace Planewide Celebration with Reap. The proliferation is nice, but you want at least some ways to get back key pieces from the graveyard. Reap can potentially be a whiff, but black is a popular color in Magic so it's possibly to get back a lot of cards with this cheap spells.

Finally, I would recommend removing Ezuri's Archers, Quest for Renewal, Personal Tutor and Hypnotic Sprite. The archers is an okay turn 1 play, but won't stack up to some flying threats. Quest for Renewal is an okay card, but in this deck it's kinda useless. You don't have instant speed ways to take advantage of the mana you are cashing in on other than Folio of Fancies. You run very few sorcery spells that really won't impact the game, so Personal Tutor is pretty underwhelming. Hypnotic Sprite is nice since it offers some flexibility as a counterspell, but the counter side is only good in the early game. If you're in the late game and someone plays a Damnation, you will want a Counterspell more than a Hypnotic Sprite. I would recommend replacing these with x3 Forests and Counterspell.

Hope this helps.

fireball0093 on What was your favorite play …

1 month ago

I was playing my Muldrotha, the Gravetide deck the other week, and late game it came down to me and one other friend duking it out. I had a lockdown going with Izoni, Thousand-Eyed by sacrificing Eternal Witness, then playing Witness to keep bringing back River's Rebuke to hand. I also had Tamiyo, Collector of Tales to return any counterspells I may have needed. Just kept swinging my board every time, then Seedborn Muse let me have a defense on his turn.

MurderForBrunch on Muldrotha "Super Budget" The Gravetide

1 month ago

Hi! One card that might work is Codex Shredder. The reason I'm suggesting it might not be as obvious as it seems. The milling part is fine, sure, not super relevant but it's something. The important part is it's second ability, the Shredder can act as a regrowth effect that you can recur from the graveyard with Muldrotha! Most of the deck you can cast from the graveyard, sure, but regrowing a Villainous Wealth or a River's Rebuke can be huge! Also what I've done sometimes is regrowing a specific card in response to a Bojuka Bog trigger or something like that, which is useful! :D

Tzefick on How would you give white …

1 month ago

Vash13 I appreciate your opinion. However like Optimator mentions, granting white card advantage through card draw or another way is not deconstructing the color pie. Moreso every other color has access to direct card draw or a very similar mechanic, so what's the reason to keep white out of it?

It also sounds rich to say "keep the color pie intact" while there are so many dips from each color into another color's design space. Blue's thing was that they couldn't interact very well with the board, as in lacking hard removal and board wipes. Then a load of them gets printed with Inundate, Cyclonic Rift, River's Rebuke to deal with large boards - which I think is fine for the Commander format and something mono blue needed (with a possible exception of Cyclonic Rift that simply covers too much). As for hard removal there's still Reality Shift and Curse of the Swine that even covers white's standard removal counter and replaces them with some meaningless tokens or Imprisoned in the Moon as one of the better Commander removal options. And there is many similar cases for the other colors.

Keep in mind that this thread is mainly aimed at Commander so it's not necessarily Standard you need to consider, but of course the suggestions have to keep at least Legacy and Vintage in mind. If we find a suitable and flavorful way to grant white card advantage that doesn't break constructed in any sense, then it could even be introduced in a Standard legal set. And there's only so much design space for WotC to explore within the given confines of that color's current design space. Adding new mechanics could be a way to keep the game moving and fresh.

I deleted a rather lengthy segment to keep with my own condition to keep discussion on whether or not to give White card advantage to a minimum and focus on suggesting ways to grant white card advantage that is flavorful and could be considered within their color pie.

If you don't believe white should get card draw, perhaps you can find an alternative route to grant white more card advantage? Like Gidgetimer said before card draw is not the only way to get access to more cards/resources.

Kinkyramirez on Red/Blue Artifact Deck

2 months ago

My biggest tip for you would be to find your "Win Condition". You have a split right now between random artifacts and cards that care about artifacts/ artifact creatures with no clear singular way to win. You should hone in on what your favorite thing to do when you play this deck, or magic in general, is. Do you like making a bunch of thopters and swinging in for damage? Do you like casting a bunch of artifacts that do useful things? Secondly, you have a few artifacts that don't do anything to help you win Tower of Eons is an example. It takes 12 mana to gain 10 life, and in red and blue you can do a lot more for 12 mana! Tamiyo's Journal takes 5 mana and 3 turns to find a card for you, you have access to way better stuff! Trinket Mage Trophy Mage Gamble there are a ton of options that are more efficient ways to find something specific, and what specific thing should you be looking for? Your win condition! The card that is going to help you win, help set up your win, or keep your opponent from winning. Thirdly, playing blue, you have access to a lot of efficient card draw and counter spells! After taking out what you don't need in your deck, you should add more card draw and more "Answers". "Answers" are cards that help you deal, or "Answer" anything your opponent plays. Counter spells can handle most stuff, put you need to keep mana open on his turn and they don't do anything once he actually has something on the field. I suggest having 10 or more "answers" and this can include things like Blink of an Eye or River's Rebuke or Flood of Tears that bounce things or Rolling Earthquake or Vandalblast that can straight up destroy things. Try to balance things that can remove single target and things that handle the whole board, and some counter spells! When adding card draw, try to get bang for your buck. Opt is a 1 for 1, it doesn't fill your hand or really help you draw more cards than your opponent. Card draw is a big rabbit hole, but both blue and red have decent options, especially when combined. I suggest Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain as an easy include, and possibly a new commander, depending on what you choose for you win condition.

Welcome to magic and good luck! It sounds like you play 1 vs 1 games, so build your deck with that in mind! After they reopen, I suggest you and your bf head to your local game store because commander is way more fun with 4 players in my opinion!

Tzefick on How would you give white …

2 months ago

I've been absent from the topic for a while, I find it best to let the thoughts at the time of writing settle down and then revisit with a fresh mind.

Gidgetimer First of all I don't agree about white's lack of card draw in the Commander format is a content creator conjured issue. Content creators are just a very broad place I can refer to as a common platform where people share their beliefs. And I wanted to not only resort to the anecdotal experiences of me and my play group. Although for reference, most players in my play group agrees that white is the weakest singular color in Commander and one of those reasons is lack of card draw.

It may be a slight miscommunication but the thread could easily be about card advantage and not specifically card draw. I've made several of the suggestions in the OP not be direct card draw but rather an ability to access more card resources (like through the graveyard). So feel free to post ideas about mechanics that enables card advantage but not strictly through card draw.

This got rather lengthy Show

This kinda sums up my point:

Overall I don't see white always coming out of a board wipe having equalized the card access/advantage. And even if that was true it reads like white is always behind up until the point that they equalize. That doesn't seem like a good position to be in.

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