Cast Necrologia only during your end step.

As an additional cost to cast Necrologia, pay X life.

Draw X cards.

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Necrologia Discussion

Santiago1011 on Liesa, Mother of Monsters and Masochism [PRIMER]

5 months ago

jmozer33 I'll put Hushbringer on the maybe board, though I'm not sure what I would take out. I'll make the change for Mind Stone. Mana Crypt is too expensive and it's can also feel super bad to play against, so I don't want to draw too much aggro since I'm already abusing opponents. As for Vampiric Tutor, yeah the price is decently high but I also try not to run too many tutors over straight card draw because I like having some variance and I'd probably just end up tutoring for Bolas's Citadel every game (is it bad that I like Citadel over Necropotence?)

Necrologia I have heard of, and I feel like it's a worse Necropotence while also being really expensive and restrictive to cast.

jmozer33 on Liesa, Mother of Monsters and Masochism [PRIMER]

5 months ago

Cool and thanks for the response. I have a similar build in mind but with a few more hatebears. The card has never made a list of mine, but what do you think of Necrologia as a draw spell? I also think you should play Hushbringer because you only have two creatures with ETBs and honestly I think Solemn could be replaced with Mind Stone to lower the curve. The only reason I may not play Hushbringer is because the Soul Sisters are so powerful at gaining life, but you answered my initial question that they may just be unnecessary. I have so other thoughts like Mana Crypt or Vampiric Tutor but they may just be a budget thing.

Goblin_Guide on Reborn Genesis Cascade

6 months ago

If you're trying to cascade in Hypergenesis, you should probably have more bursts of card draw than just Niv; maybe stuff like Necrologia, Blue Sun's Zenith, Necropotence, etc.

Reliquarian on inalla CEDH budget

9 months ago

Nice list! I like a lot of your inclusions, especially the fish. One suggestion I can make would be Necrologia. It's basically a one time Necropotence, but it's an instant instead of an enchantment so it might synergize with some of your wizards. It's also currently around a dollar so it definitely fits the budget category.

casual_competitive on Sidisi EDH

9 months ago

my all time favorite card is in this deck Underrealm Lich, ill tell you how you can break him. since hes replacing an affect we can take advantage of this, for example if you had Sylvan Library you can draw the 2 additional cards each turn and keep them without paying life; meaning every turn youll be digging down 9 cards and choosing 3 of those cards to put into your hand. its also very easy to draw your whole deck especially since you cand deck yourself with Underrealm Lich on the field, with the lich out you can cast Necrologia for like 20 life (youll have to do math to get the exact amount) and draw your whole deck, choose the cards you want to keep (normally a bunch of counters with your wincon) and win the game pretty easily.

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