Sarkhan the Masterless

Sarkhan the Masterless

Legendary Planeswalker — Sarkhan

Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, each Dragon you control deals 1 damage to that creature.

+1: Until end of turn, each planeswalker you control becomes a 4/4 red Dragon creature and gains flying.

-3: Create a 4/4 red Dragon creature token with flying.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Sarkhan the Masterless Discussion

Coward_Token on Adventures in the Forgotten Realms …

3 weeks ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi: Can't confirm for sure, but I think you're right. Check out the reminder text on Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and this errata on Sarkhan the Masterless :

Once Sarkhan’s first loyalty ability has resolved, each planeswalker you control (including Sarkhan) is no longer a planeswalker for the rest of the turn. They don’t lose any loyalty counters or abilities, and you can still activate their loyalty abilities if you haven’t done so yet this turn. They don’t lose loyalty if they’re dealt damage while they’re not planeswalkers. (2019-05-03)

Niemandswasser on Ur-Dragon's Multiverse Onslaught | *PRIMER*

3 months ago

So nice to see the updates! I have a similar version to this deck. I have two questions: Bladewing the Risen , isn't he such good value (2 dragons + the pump) not to include?

And Sarkhan the Masterless feels a bit clunky in the deck, have you had much success with him?

In any case, this is such a fun primer to follow! 10/10

TriusMalarky on Prismatic Superfriends

3 months ago

You have a loooooooooot of wraths. 12, in fact, on top of 4 very playable counterspells.

Also, among your mentioned pet cards, I actually wouldn't cut any except maaaaaybe Humility. Jokulhaups is just far too good when you have a few walkers in play. I love them all.

So, my thoughts: You could cut 2 wraths. Honestly, you could cut 3 or 4. However, I like lots of interaction, so personally I'd end up cutting wraths and putting in stuff like Dovin's Veto or Disenchant or Pongify .

You can also cut some walkers. Some of the Walkers, like Golgari Queen and Collector of Tales are much, much better in 60-card multiples formats than in EDH.

I'd recommend cutting Golgari Queen, Collector of Tales, Blasphemous Act, Terminus, Dovin Baan, Ajani Steadfast, and possibly Grateful Apparition and Thrummingbird. I just think the last two are a bit slow.

I recommend finding space for Oath of Nissa(you already cut it, but it's so good here. 1 mana Ponder that fixes your mana basically perfectly? In a 5 color superfriends deck? So good. It does literally everything you want it to.). Sarkhan the Masterless is also amazing in superfriends. IMO he's good enough that any planeswalker-heavy deck should try and go into red just to run him, at least in 60-card formats where he reads 'win the game if you have 2 other planeswalkers in play'.

Your manabase is actually good, and I can forgive the Triomes as they're tutorable 3-color sources in a 5-color deck. They just make your mana so much better.

My only other thing would be your ramp, which is good, but you could use a bit more of it. If you have space, Arcane Signet is a must. And any other signet you can cram in. Trust me, they're worth it.

TriusMalarky on Grixis Superfriends

4 months ago

Your mana doesn't work for Counterspell . I'd include 4x Shivan Reef (cut 3 mountain 1 island). I'd also cut 3 swamp 1 island for 4 River of Tears . Obviously there's better lands, but I'm suggesting based on a low budget.

I'm assuming since you're playing casual, you can afford the taplands in Crumbling Necropolis . If your friends are running taplands as well, they're the absolute best thing in that slot.

Beyond that, Interplanar Beacon is . . . fine. I wouldn't run it in 3 color, honestly.

Also, Sarkhan the Masterless is the single best win con for a superfriends list. Actually, I used it alongside Elspeth, Sun's Champion in a deck as a one of to tutor with Fae of Wishes . I did have a few walkers, but that was mostly because it was a Oath of Nissa Narset, Parter of Veils deck.

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Grixis Superfriends

4 months ago

I have considered Liliana, Dreadhorde General and would have bought it except it was sold out, and I was not willing to pay $60 for the foil. I will definitely consider Sarkhan the Masterless though!

ShiltonCDXX on Grixis Superfriends

4 months ago

I used to run a superfriends deck and found Sarkhan the Masterless to be quite effective.

Liliana, Dreadhorde General can also help keep the board in check.

Mortarpod on The Dwarven Toolbox

4 months ago

I appreciate the rec, Gontilordofmtg!

I know a lot of people are also running the Clock of Omens combo in addition to the Cloudstone Curio combo in their Magda builds, but for the moment I'm trying to avoid any infinite combos. I've actually been having a lot of fun using her as a sort of toolbox commander.

As for Sarkhan the Masterless , I still have yet to play him in a game. My hope is that my dragons, changelings, and changeling tokens from Birthing Boughs will be enough to dissuade people from swinging in when my dwarves are already turned sideways. Plus I think he's pretty flavorful for the deck.

I'd be curious to know if there are any other dragons/artifacts you think would be good tutor targets to function as removal or protection from removal. I managed to dodge a Necrotic Hex via Worldgorger Dragon in my last game, and it was hilarious to see everyone's reactions.

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