Cultivator of Blades


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Cultivator of Blades

Creature — Elf Artificer

Fabricate 2 (When this creature enters the battlefield, put two +1/+1 counters on it or create two 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens.)

Whenever Cultivator of Blades attacks, you may have other attacking creatures get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is Cultivator of Blades's power.

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Cultivator of Blades Discussion

Dorotheus on Bant Refurbished

1 week ago

djnewellmit yea maybe. Cultivator of Blades has some of the same issues that Angel of Invention has but is wallet friendly for now because of the spike. But Verdurous Gearhulk is probably straight up better than either honestly since I can Refurbish it and God-Pharaoh's Gift it while retaining most if not all of the value. Cultivator still isn't bad.

djnewellmit on Bant Refurbished

1 week ago

I like the idea of a Bant GPG build. Would you consider Cultivator of Blades in the place of the Verdurous Gearhulk? I guess the gearhulk makes for a better hard-cast option, but the Cultivator is nasty if it gets eternalized: a 6/6 with haste that gives all your other attacking creatures +6/+6 until end of turn.

GopherKing on +1ing the Field

2 weeks ago

Okay, you asked me for advice, so here goes. Hope it's not too harsh. ;D

I'm just gonna start with creatures for now.

Advocate of the Beast seems super out of place, you don't have a single beast in the deck, so unless I'm missing something...

Same thing for Arcum Dagsson. You don't have a single artifact creature in the deck, and your only way to make them is Cultivator of Blades. If you can't reliably activate him he's just a really inefficient 2/2. Also, I assume you were going to use him to find Gonti's Aether Heart, but honestly, I don't think you have enough artifact/energy support to make that worthwhile either. If you cut Gonti's heart, you might as well also cut your other energy cards.

Hermit Druid is only good if your a heavy graveyard deck or are using him to combo, so I'd cut him.

Simic Guildmage is neat utility, but it's painfully inefficient. 2 mana to move a single counter. No thank you. But that's just me.

Also you have two Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix.

Some very very good creatures I would suggest instead:

Whirler Rogue: 3 exp + unblockable? Oh yeah. Also is a rogue for Notorious Throng.

Mindless Automaton, Cold-Eyed Selkie and Etched Oracle are great for drawing cards.

Triskelion and Walking Ballista are great for winning games when combat is inconvenient.

Deranged Hermit: 5 mana for 5 exp is a good rate.

Shrieking Drake is an MVP. Any unspent blue mana? Convert it into experience at a 1:1 ratio.

multimedia on Budget Ixalan Elves

1 month ago

Hey, any interesting interaction I've used with Cultivator of Blades is reanimating it with God-Pharaoh's Gift. The drawback of Blades is it doesn't do anything the turn it's played because it needs to attack to pump an army of other attackers. Gift takes away this drawback because when Blades is reanimated it gets haste as well as being a 6/6 with a counter. Giving all other attacking creatures that turn +6/+6 can be game winning especially with a Herald also in play. A reanimated Blades is a 4/4, but it also gets it's fabricate 2 ability since a creature reanimated with Gift also gets any ETB abilities it has.

Consider including a small Gift package of 4x Chart A Course and 2x Gift? You could replace Opt with Chart, cut Glimmer of Genius and 1x Rashmi for 2x Gift. Gift has a mana cost of seven, but this is fine because both Servant, Rishkar and other creatures with counters on them can make mana.

Ghosty on 100% competitive pirates(in me heart at least)

1 month ago

How exactly are you gonna move Cultivator of Blades and Samut, Voice of Dissent to graveyard? I see only several options:

3x Shipwreck Looter – only once during ETB trigger
3x Siren Lookout – only once during ETB trigger
1x Pull from Tomorrow – the only more or less consistent way IMHO
2x Chart A Course – consistent one but conditional

Are you planning to bring more options or you only treat this combo as backup wincon?

ROUROU on 100% competitive pirates(in me heart at least)

1 month ago

Sigh* no one reads my decks... darklinglion398 & VoidTephlon ok, since you are the only guys around, I might as well explain it in a comment too xD. This deck is mono blue. The main win con, is the huge chunks of damage , my flyers do.

But as we all know, mtg is a game of luck. So, I have MAXIMISED my draw engine and at the same time I dig through my deck. As soon as a Cultivator of Blades or a Samut, Voice of Dissent get in my hands, or in the top of library, I ship them asap to the graveyard.

In other words, I am not casting them. What I do, is wait and cast an Hour of Eternity, EXILING BOTH the cultivator and Samut.

By exiling them both, I create 2 4/4 tokens, that are copy of the creatures, that have HASTE CAUSE OF SAMUT. Cultivator enters as a 4/4 and brings in 2 1/1 tokens. They all attack. Cultivator gives them all +4/+4 . So, in a round, we can swing for 2x 5/5 tokens, one 4/4 cultivator and an 8/8 double strike Samut. This means 30 damage in a single round out of nowhere... XD

I would appreciate it if you upvoted, so that more people can see the combo xD again, thank you for your time and for stopping by .

darklinglion398 on 100% competitive pirates(in me heart at least)

1 month ago

Also I would personally try to cut out your green cards as it will put some heavy strain on your mana base especially with the double green cost on Cultivator of Blades and the fact that you are only running 3 sources capable of producing green.

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