Plunge into Darkness


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Plunge into Darkness


Choose one - Sacrifice any number of creatures, then you gain 3 life for each sacrificed creature; or pay X life, then look at the top X cards of your library, put one of those cards into your hand, and remove the rest from the game.

Entwine (Black) (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)

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Plunge into Darkness Discussion

rgwenceslao on Paradox Scepter Thrasios

4 weeks ago

Hello AlwaysSleepy & ShaperSavant,

I've been playing Lilbrudder's PST version with Thrasios and Vial Smasher and I have to say that I have been enjoying it for the past 3 months now. I used to think that Thrasios Tymna is an automatic Flash Hulk build so I decided to get Vial Smasher and go sans white to play cards like Pyro, REB, Gamble, Wheel of Fortune, Manamorphose and Fire Covenant. I never liked the Flash Hulk piles and just like what you said in the previous comments, it has more moving parts and less redundancies. I like the idea that you play less or even no dead cards.

So after seeing your list, I believe that this is perfect for me. I could run Tymna now, no Flash Hulk lines, stick with PST and more ramp. I'm starting to replace my Lilbrudder list on paper to my own version of your deck list.

Some help questions:

  1. Plunge into Darkness: I haven't really played this before and I just want to ask, what do you usually try to find using this card? Can you consider Intuition to be a less risky card given that you can only get one (1) card from Plunge too and you don't exile the two other cards from Intuition? You can grab Noxious, Regrowth and Paradox/Isochron/Dramatic.

  2. Your thoughts on Into the Roil replacing a less powerful countermagic? Being sans red means we dont get access to By Force, Rolling Earthquake, Vandalblast and other removals. I mean, we can't counter everything right? Do you think an additional bounce effect is needed? It also serves as another draw spell when trying to goldfish.

  3. Your thoughts on Unsubstantiate? Again another bounce card specifically for creatures and spells. This can be good with creature heavy decks and it can also retaliate against Abrupt Decays or any uncounterable spells like when Boseiju or Cavern is used.

Lastly, I super like it that you guys religiously respond to comments in this list. Super thanks!

Apocate on It Came From Beyond

3 months ago

Tasigur is fine, he's just not as big a body as Gurmag Angler. There's no specific reason against it, he's undoubted value, but given the nature of our graveyard there are frequently going to be things in it we don't need or want to stay there (so we can cast the Ruinator) and it gives the opponent a bit too much control, feel free to try it out, but I'm not certain of it's value.

The no group: Commandeer is definitely too much jank, the Corpse Connoisseur is a touch expensive and unnecessary even unearthing him, and I think you know why Mass Polymorph doesn't go in the deck. lol

The maybe group: Corpseweft is beautiful jank, worth a try, but it may be too jank. The deck is already running about as many creatures and as few lands as I could reasonably get it, and it's frequently not guaranteed to be able to cast the Ruinator turn 3 so I don't think going down lands, control, or creatures for it is a good idea. Crypt Incursion is too mana expensive as graveyard hate for the opponent, too indiscriminate for self graveyard hate, and really only relevant in a few matchups for life gain. However it might work out in the sideboard. Forbidden Alchemy really good, but I think it's too mana expensive, I'd rather run Opt, Nagging Thoughts or Plunge into Darkness... Which I might look into. All of these are viable for a more budget build of the deck for certain, along with Halimar Depths and Mortuary Mire.

The Yes group: Extirpate/Surgical Extraction are obvious includes that I totally missed maindeck and might fit in somehow, maybe going down the Fatal Push and the Nihil Spellbomb for a pair of either. Logic Knot if you're building this deck and you're smart, that card goes over Ulamog's Nullifier in the sideboard. I'm not smart, so I'm going to do some soul serching.

HobbyMan5000 on

3 months ago

Plunge into Darkness and Killing Wave are good for sacrifice your creatures and triggering abilities like like Blood Artist, Zulaport Cutthroat, Dark Prophecy, Grave Pact, Tattered Mummy and Nether Traitor.

SamsWrath on Grenzo ft. DJ Doomsday | Competitive Primer

4 months ago

I have a few questions,

1) Why not use Luxury Suite over City of Brass? Luxury Suite has no life loss when tapped, comes into play untapped (amusing MP game--who plays Grenzo/Doomsday 1v1?) and gives either B or R.

2) What is the major advantage to using Jeweled Amulet instead of another 0 CMC artifact like Mox Amber? At best, Jeweled Amulet can be used every other turn and only offers replacement/filter/storage of a single mana. Mox Amber can be used as soon as Grenzo, Dungeon Warden is in play.

3) If using Plunge into Darkness as a quasi tutor, why not substitute it for Cruel Tutor? Cruel Tutor is sorcery speed so that is a small disadvantage and it has the drawback of placing the card on the top of the library but, that can be played around with Chromatic Sphere, Chromatic Star, Sensei's Divining Top, Scroll Rack and Necropotence.

4) What are you thoughts on Shadowblood Egg and Grim Monolith?

enpc on Paradox Scepter Thrasios

4 months ago

For Plunge into Darkness, what value of X are you normally paying? I understand that it's situational, however is it typically in the 0-5 range? the 5-10 range?

Megalomania on Paradox Scepter Thrasios

4 months ago

Awesome primer! The exclusion of Lab Maniac and Walking Ballista as well as the inclusion of cards like Plunge into Darkness makes so much sense. Do you think Plunge is worth including in Breakfast Hulk lists?

lagotripha on GRAVE BLASTER (Sultai Reanimator)

4 months ago

I reccomend taking a look at sac outlets in the side. Gravecrawler recursion with a Mind Slash cripples control and combo if you can resolve it. Duress on a stick is not to be underestimated. Similarly, spells like Plunge into Darkness or utility lands like Grim Backwoods are worth a look.

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