Plunge into Darkness


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Plunge into Darkness


Choose one - Sacrifice any number of creatures, then you gain 3 life for each sacrificed creature; or pay X life, then look at the top X cards of your library, put one of those cards into your hand, and remove the rest from the game.

Entwine (Black) (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.)

Plunge into Darkness Discussion

Spirits on Kaalia, Mirror Breaker EDH

3 weeks ago

Hi weezel,

Update from this weekends cEDH tournament.

Won all rounds, but probably should have lost to a Kess, Dissident Mage in round 2, had a Glen Elendra Archmage resolved. I managed to Toxic Deluge it but then they Thoughtseize my Grim Tutor so was waiting for a tutor to pull a Swords to Plowshares . Then they tapped out on casting a Pact of Negation on my Bloodgift Demon (At the time, I only had Reflecting Pool (luckily they had played a Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth which enabled it to be ) and they were trying to mitigate my draw. (Note: I kept a 0 land hand in that round because I had Mana Crypt , Arcane Signet , and Dark Ritual in hand. Soon as they had no , successfully resolved my combo (again), they had already Force of Will cast on me earlier.

Anyways, never used the Worldgorger Dragon at all, drew the Bogardan Hellkite in the last round, never played him. Each round got there the same way, Buried Alive + Reanimate . The last round I resolved a Razaketh, the Foulblooded , sac'd Kaalia of the Vast realized I didn't have enough , so had to wait a turn, then cast Kaalia of the Vast again, resolved an Avacyn, Angel of Hope , sac'd Kaalia of the Vast to pull a for Goblin Bombardment (post-combat) sacrifice all the Restoration Angel after casting Buried Alive + Reanimate .

Post the tournament, realized Demonic Consultation was too much of a dead draw, going to replace it with Plunge into Darkness , saw it played a couple times was not horrible, worst case just pulls a tutor usually.

Also worked that evening on replacing Worldgorger Dragon and Bogardan Hellkite but came up with nothing. I primary win-con all rounds, never went to Leonin Relic-Warder which is far safer secondary than Worldgorger Dragon . Still thinking a Doomsday is a better way to go, could do Doomsday + Night's Whisper and build a stack:

Night's Whisper

Faithless Looting

Leonin Relic-Warder (discard with Faithless Looting )

Animate Dead

Goblin Bombardment

That's CMC7 though .

Also was thinking maybe Silence or more of an interaction package, Red Elemental Blast + Pyroblast (probably the right ones). Also went down a though process on T1 enabling like Simian Spirit Guide .

What I really need is another Buried Alive best I can think of is Final Parting >> Leonin Relic-Warder + Animate Dead (to hand), but then still need a Goblin Bombardment . So the combo would be Final Parting + Goblin Bombardment or Animate Dead . So would be CMC9. Better than Doomsday CMC7 (stack) + = CMC10, and doesn't require a same turn enabler like Street Wraith . Still not right though. Hmm.


cPute on Noble King

1 month ago

Thank you. I need to get rid of few combos and put there some other cards (a few tutors, I am thinking about Plunge into Darkness ). Vizier of Remedies seems fine, I think I'll add it.

Cinestra on Golden Control

3 months ago

Valaj Hello Valaj, thanks for the question!

So while Timetwister is a great card in the cEDH format, it is by no means absolutely necessary in this deck. This deck moreso uses timetwister for value more than anything and it just happens to have nice synergy with Notion Thief and Narset. Rather than try to suggest an in-line replacements that would just be strictly inferior, I suggest that you try to fill the spot with the next best card you'd want in your deck. I've put a lot of cards in my maybeboard that I think are worth trying out, and so any of them would work perfectly depending on what you need!

Personally, I cannot afford Timetwister on my paper list either. So I play with Muddle the Mixture in my paper list instead atm! But I'm looking to put in Plunge into Darkness very soon too so you could also give that a try!

CyborgAeon on RazaBridge Reanimator

3 months ago

A singular line to win via buried alive + any reanimation spell was exactly what this deck was missing. So many other decks already exist that perform a similar function, though now with Yawgmoth & k'rrik there are many more competitors for the strongest black deck.

Rot Hulk is super sweet: the fact that he recurs 3 targets alone, then undying let's him repeat it? Amazing.

It's likely due to my playstyle (getting lili down as early as possible) that I looked unfavourably upon Pimp. I run a frog list and use him to great effect there. You make quite a compelling arguement for running him, though I feel like it's a tough sell.

Smart that you review it as the deck wants immediate wins, to outpace the interaction. It seems that lili almost inherently wants to gear towards a slow roller.

Have you considered Plunge into Darkness ? I've had a lot of decent success with it recently.

Gidgetimer on Vilis, Broker of Blood and ...

3 months ago

Vilis has a triggered ability. The ability can trigger at any time, but it waits until the next time a player would receive priority and then is put on the stack and must resolve. Plunge into Darkness has you pay life during the resolution of the spell. Once a spell or ability begins resolving no one gets priority until after it has completely resolved.

You pay 10 life, look at 10 cards, put one in your hand, and exile the rest. Then the Vilis trigger goes on the stack. Assuming no responses to the trigger you will then draw the cards.

Temporal_Inept on Vilis, Broker of Blood and ...

3 months ago

If Vilis, Broker of Blood in on the battlefield and I cast Plunge into Darkness for 10 life do I draw 10 cards first, then look at the top 10 cards or vice versa?

lagotripha on Dimir Midrange (Primer)

3 months ago

The big battle is managing bitterblossom/bob life loss, however blue has tools to deal with this through card filtering. I'd look at topdeck control options- Condescend Treasure Map  Flip and Counterbalance are decent, and with a lot of relevant spells in the 1/2 mana cost slot you should have a lot of hits. Counterspells, counterbalance and bitterblossom was really good for a time.

Other interesting cards - Incubation / Incongruity for consistant creatures Ancient Stirrings style

Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip offers card advantage and then stablization in the danger zone.

Faerie Seer / Spellstutter Sprite /ninjitsu offers tools- not just for tempo/disruption, but also to tuck confidant back into hand.

Devour Flesh old school edict effect which can gain life in a pinch. Very situational

Font of Agonies interesting but impractical

Gonti's Machinations Black lightning helix/rift bolt hybrid. Often too slow, may work here.

Plunge into Darkness a weird nieche pick that sometimes saw play in ad nausiem. The lifegain mode is surprisingly strong in bitterblossom lists, and the 'oh crud I need an answer' is decent against combo.

Shadowfeed I saw this in someones sideboard instead of surgical- it tested surprisingly ok, and in a deck which needs life total manipulation is a contender.

SideBae on Tasigur EDH

3 months ago


Sometimes the list fluctuates -- in the current build I use, I have Notion Thief in. I just didn't think (forgot to) update the deck list, and I'm not sure what I put it in for. That being said, it is a good card.

Plunge into Darkness is a card I think needs to stay in the list. As mentioned in the description, my general goal is to remove my library from the game, then make Nexus of Fate the only card in my deck. Unfortunately, I've found that frequently I am doing the milling manually, some ten or so cards a turn. Plunge into Darkness lets my mass-exile twenty-odd cards for two mana, and, if I'm lucky, grab Nexus of Fate to take another turn.

The Murderous Cut is certainly on the chopping block, and Narset's Reversal certainly seems worth a try.

Thanks man!

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Plunge into Darkness occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%