“I choose death...I can destroy your kingdom, Bane, by murdering your subjects, and I can starve your kingdom, Myrkul, by staying my hand.” — Bhaal

Bhaal, the God of Murder, only lived to hunt and kill, the presence of the living instilling in him an overpowering desire for death and destruction. He was at all times a cruel, violent and hateful being, though his behavior could vary from cold and calculating ruthlessness to a savage thirst for blood.

This Deck is designed as an attempt to sate the blood lust of such a destructive being. The Priests of Bhaal frequently hold sacrifices to the God of Murder, whom then curses the world with his own blood lust.

Recursion is the name of the game in this deck. Creatures with Persist can be used twice, or even more if you get Grumgully, Mikeaus, Rhythm of the Wild or Master Chef out.

There is a lot that can happen with this deck. In theory, you could easily gain tons of life, drain opponents of a lot of life, draw tons of cards and get loads of mana...and have the sacrifices your priests need continually coming back to do what needs to be done and get murdered.

But really, we all have a little of the Lord of Murder in us, we all want to see the world burn, and this deck can supply it. You can goad as many creatures as you want so long as you have sacrifice fodder, you have means to prevent life gain for opponents so everyone dies...Just the way Bhaal wants things to be.

Most of the removal is spot removal due to the simple fact that if the opposing creatures are dead, you can't Goad them.


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So I've managed to get a hold of several cards. I have updated the "Maybe" list for the ones I left to acquire, but I trying to get those soon.

Played the deck more, and so far it plays real well. I get plenty of mana/land ramp, and with multiple ways to make the -1/-1 counter from persist disappear, I can hit recursion pretty rapidly, with or without Bhaal on the table to goad.

Evolutionary Leap is proving to be tremdously handy. Once I get the recursion engine started, I can dig up several creatures to my hand trying to get a game ender. This has won me a couple of games. Zulaport Cutthroat and Agent of the Iron Throne are working great as game enders as well. not only does it get creatures, it's also a sac outlet. Made great use of that for goading the most powerful creatures on the table repeatedly, just to keep them off my back and harassing the others instead.

So far I'm really liking the way this deck plays.


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