Tragic Arrogance


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare

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Tragic Arrogance


For each player, you choose from among the permanents that player controls an artifact, a creature, an enchantment, and a planeswalker. Then each player sacrifices all other nonland permanents he or she controls.

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Tragic Arrogance Discussion

Slymaster9 on Alesha 4.5

3 weeks ago

I made a whole list of additions from the 4.0 version:

Remorseful Cleric a Core 2019 include that finally gives us a useful Graveyard hate tool for our toolbox

Fulminator Mage I got a foil as a present, it is a very good include.

Imperial Recruiter's reprint finally made it semi-affordable. It has long been the most wanted reprint for the deck. Tutoring for almost any creature you want, repeatably. Very very very good.

Faithless Looting. A straight upgrade over the Cathartic Reunion I was running before. A perfect turn 1 play, fixing your hand and putting stuff in the bin so you can start recurring right away. (Toss away an Anger with a mountain on board?)

Read the Bones, a replacement for Phyrexian Arena. I realized this deck prefers "Scry 2, Draw 2" now, over long term card draw later. The deck needs speed

Damping Sphere is a meta call, but very playable in this deck. You rarely ever play more than one spell anyway, and I have very few lands that make more than one mana.

Tragic Arrogance and Cataclysm, I decided to make my deck a lot meaner. I don't care if my stuff dies or is sacrificed. As long as I keep Alesha, a Mana rock that produces and/or and a land that produced and/or , I will recover a lot faster than my opponents.

I also made some small additions to the manabase. Most notably Phyrexian Tower a real gem in this deck, beginning of combat sac a creature, then immediately bring it back with Alesha. Great card. It's not on the reserved list, so I expect it will be a lot more popular if/when it gets a reprint.

Chill_Casual on Tajic - Boros, Voltron, Soldier Tribal

3 weeks ago

perhaps a Mind's Eye over Vanquisher's Banner and a Kindred Boon to hand out to key soldiers. Tragic Arrogance is like a Cataclysmic Gearhulk, but you get to pick what your opponents are losing. the Odric, Lunarch Marshal is handy for passing out buffs, and Odric, Master Tactician is great for combat manipulation. Mirror Entity is a great soldier that provides a great base stat change. Ranger of Eos is also a soldier and fetches some handy 1 costs, like your Legion Loyalist and Soltari Foot Soldier. Overall, cool deck. +1

Lhurgyof on Yennett: Top Decking Hero

4 weeks ago

After giving it a look-see I can find some fun cards to include. Particularly, Tragic Arrogance seems like a good removal card to top deck.

Ocelot44 on Kalemne is the Best RW Voltron General.

1 month ago


I used Tenza, Godo's Maul in here for a long time when I first built the deck, and it's a lovely card! I don't really need it anymore because I've got enough swords, but it's a fantastic card for a budget build of a deck like this!

I abhor mass land destruction cards like Armageddon and Cataclysm, at least in decks that don't instantly win when you cast them. For instance, my Marchesa, the Black Rose deck runs Obliterate, Jokulhaups, and Bearer of the Heavens to great success because I'll be the only one left with any permanents, and they're all creatures! In every other deck though, MLD cards are just "win more" cards, and by that I mean that they are only good in a winning position. Blowing up everyone's lands won't help if I don't have a winning board state, so I tend to avoid running them and run cards that turn games around in my favor. Also, things like Cataclysm and Tragic Arrogance tend to be VERY bad for this deck because it's so artifact heavy

SynergyBuild on W/U Control

1 month ago

+1! Do you think Tragic Arrogance could fit? I have found it much more powerful because you choose for everyone.

Randomsome1 on Tragic Arrogance missing a choice.

2 months ago

Can you still cast Tragic Arrogance if someone doesn't control one of the card types (Creature, Artifact, Enchantment) because it doesn't target, or is it uncastable like Decimate?

PedroLufiego on Odd Strategies

2 months ago

Grande guerrero, altos jogador. Bota ai Winds of Rath ou Tragic Arrogance

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