Reins of Power


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Reins of Power


Untap all creatures you control and all creatures target opponent controls. You and that opponent each gain control of all creatures the other controls until end of turn. Those creatures gain haste until end of turn.

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Reins of Power Discussion

onehitterquiter on Quick...Kill The Hippo!!

1 month ago

Group hug is great until one or more persons at the table is playing competitively :/ I've found that decks like these mostly enable the scummiest of combo players.

Also, this may sound strange but being overfed cards, mana, and free drops is actually not a great feeling. Instead of the deck playing like it was designed, it instead is like playing planechase, except everyone is stuck on a plane that says "the game is now yugioh".

Maybe have some sort of wincon so you can say "I'm doing all this for a reason, I swear!" Perhaps Reins of Power?

precociousapprentice on Sente: The Politics and Metaphor of Stones

1 month ago

More testing and some ideas for new cards to trial.

Reins of Power -> Orim's Chant: Lower casting cost Fog that can sort of double as a not-Time Walk. After the feeling I got from my most recent games, I may continue the theme of making other people's turns not matter, giving me a not-Time Walk. Also, this fits onto Isochron Scepter. We will see if the Fog effect is more potent than getting all opponents with Silence, but that is another consideration.

Sun Titan -> Shimmer Myr: The Titan can be a bomb, but the surprise flash of the Myr followed by either Sen Triplets or Paradox Engine can be at least as solid of a play, and another early beater could enhance that aggression that I was able to bring with the small creatures and Unsummon effects.

Snapcaster Mage -> Windfall: Snappy has been somewhat underwhelming. With how well Jace's Archivist played, I thought I would try Windfall. I see this picking me up some lands from opponents, maybe get rid of a problem permanent or two after I have Unsummoned them, and making those Unsummon effects less likely to be card disadvantage, since a card in their hand turns into an extra card in my hand.

This is turning into an interesting experiment. I am going with what the cards and results of play give me, and it seems to be taking me in directions I was not expecting. Definitely having fun with this commander.

RC-3141 on Jokes in time

2 months ago

You could play Reins of Power as well to keep people on their toes and swap creatures for a turn.

Bxbx on "Did you just attack me?" spot removal tribal

3 months ago


your deck-idea is great! +1

I once thought about a similar deck, but it was more goofy. It tried to incentivize the opponents to attack each other and then cast pump spells and cards like Berserk or Blood Frenzy on the attacking creatures - ideally on their commander. Your deck somehow reminded me of that idea. I think, I'll have to start working on that again.

Some suggestions:

The following cards were in the deck I mentioned before and could be nice in yours as well:

That's all for now. Let me know what you think

Dezibell on Defensive UB Zombie Mill

3 months ago

I changed a few things about the deck. Mainly I removed a lot of 1offs to streamline the draw. I had 3 different 3-4 mana zombies that buff all other zombies with +1/+1 and different effects, which are now all death barons etc.

I thought about adding the discard effects, but I feel bad adding Liliana Vess when I exile every creature card from their graveyard via Undead Alchemist. Waste Not is a really cool card, but I don't think I have enough removal instants to make running multiple copies worth it. Instead I found Reins of Power and added that in.

NV_1980 on I'll hold on to that for you!

4 months ago

Hi Sheld,

Again, thanks for the input!

Though this deck does contain counter spells, I wasn't planning on using more than 3-4. These are mostly meant to make the deck slightly more versatile, especially during the early stages of a game. That's why the counter spells in it don't have a CMC above 3. I like all the cards you mention on this front though (Mystic Confluence, Commit / Memory and Wild Ricochet). Rest assured I'm using some of them in other decks (some of which still need to be posted).

I'm using one wheel effect in this deck; Windfall. I included it because I wanted something to complement the sparse battery of counterspells this deck containts. Also, it's a nice, cheap form of disruption I can use early game. Adding more of these effects, ... I dunno. I feel that to get more out of them, I would need to add more cards that would damage players for drawing cards and preferably also for discarding cards. I have a Grixis deck with Nekusar, the Mindrazer as a commander (this deck still needs to be posted), which already does precisely that.

Though Ral Zarek is pretty darn awesome and I happen to own one, I'm not sure I should add him. His primary power does come in handy combined with the creatures that have an activated ability, but other than that he doesn't fit the theme all too well. I'll think him over some more.

When comparing Sanctum and Electromancer, I'd say Sanctum has more abilities (scrying as well) and is harder to remove, whereas Electromancer has a cheaper CMC. As the deck already has plenty of draw and scrying stuff AND it's hard to get started as a blue-red deck (without Mizzix) to begin with, I'd rather have the cheaper Mancer.

Djinn of Infinite Deceits, now there's a card I completely overlooked! I'm definitely going to add him. He'll probably be replacing Erratic Portal; I've not needed it all that often anyway, I got more use out of Cloudstone Curio.

Cultural Exchange could fulfill a similar role as the Djinn, but as a one-off effect and on a larger scale. It would be brilliant if one could cast Reins of Power or Blatant Thievery first and follow it up with this card to take control of a second opponent's creatures. You'd even get your own creatures back by the end of your turn. However, these are the only two situations I'd deem this card to be worth its CMC. If I'd be generating more tokens somehow I would add this card, but since I'm not doing that ...

Guttersnipe has been great. Usually I play three opponents. That means that whenever Snipe is on the field, each instance/sorcery I cast will cause 6 damage (2 per opponent). That doesn't seem like much but it does begin to stack up after a while. As this deck contains 26 such spells AND I can cast Snipe during the early game, I consider it to be too valuable to replace.

Tappedoutman on Teferi, and his chill policy

6 months ago

If there are many aggros like Prossh and Marath you could try to play Clone Legion, Reins of Power, Expropriate, all cards which could help you to steal the opponents strength and using that against theirself.

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