Highland Lake


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Uncommon
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Highland Lake


Highland Lake enters the battlefield tapped.

: Gain or .

Highland Lake Discussion

jam2828 on Saheeli Big Spells

1 week ago

2/6/2019: Went over this list in a disciplined way and realized I had no graveyard hate and only creature-targeted board wipes. Replaced Highland Lake (still have 51 total mana sources) and The Antiquities War with Tormod's Crypt and Nevinyrral's Disk . What do you think?

CaptainBanana42 on Niv-Mizzet, Parun

3 weeks ago

Hi, I only run 11 creatures in my Niv Mizzet, Parun deck but I run more spells to protect myself like Evacuation , Cyclonic Rift or Mystic Confluence . I think it depends on your playgroup meta how many creatures you want in this deck.

I would also recommend to get rid of Swiftwater Cliffs , Izzet Guildgate and Highland Lake . Tap lands will only slow you down and basics are probably as good in a two color deck.

Randomsome1 on Brudiclad

1 month ago

Cards Missing From Initial Build

Goblin Welder Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Thopter Engineer Thopter Squadron Blade of Selves Coldsteel Heart Commander's Sphere Retrofitter Foundry Vedalken Orrery Treasure Map  Flip Fire Diamond Sky Diamond Thirst for Knowledge Gamble


More Removal/Wipes Blasphemous Act - Staple Release the Gremlins - Gives more tokens Rapid Hybridization, Pongify - Staples and can give yourself a 3/3 token Meteor Golem - High CMC, but can destroy Enchantments which is a huge weakness of the deck.

Master Transmuter - Cheats out your big artifacts, but kind expensive.

Curse of Opulence - A weird staple for this deck, but I think you can figure out why.

Pirate's Pillage/Pirate's Prize - Draw and tokens, maybe


Think about how fast you can make tokens. Does it make Purphoros, God of the Forge worth it?

Check through what effects require set up and make sure you don't have too many compared to stand alone cards. Even though Krark-Clan Ironworks does ramp, I wouldn't count it as ramp because it requires set up. Same goes for Storm the Vault  Flip (But you have 36 actual lands which is totally fine)

Your curving out around 4, so 2 drop ramp spells are much more important than the other higher ramp spells. Iron Myr, Fire Diamond, Sky Diamond, Silver Myr, Coldsteel Heart fit the best imo.

Gamble, Mystical Tutor, Fabricate, maybe Hoarding Dragon (?) - Combos in decks are strong and fun, but really hard to pull of without a descent amount of tutors and/or redundancy. Ignoring combos, each tutor can search out a key cards.

Final Fortune - Speaking of combos. Great combo with Isochron Scepter and Sundial of the Infinite, but you should either cut this or add more tutors to make getting it a bit more consistent.

Dramatic Reversal - I don't think you have enough mana rock/dorks to get to infinite mana, and without that it's kind of a waste of a card.

These combos in general don't really synergize with the goal of the deck (infinite mana more than infinite turns) like an infinite token combo would. I think there is a combo with Scrap Trawler and Hangarback Walker that I vaguely remember that you might want to try to find.

Darksteel Colossus/Blightsteel Colossus are super strong, but don't really fit. If you can find more targets for Mimic Vat and Prototype Portal then maybe, but those 4 cards stick out.

Cuts (IMO)

Everflowing Chalice - I always go colored mana over colorless if it costs the same, even if artifacts don't need it. It has potential to ramp you a bit more late game, but you usually don't need the ramp at that point.

Inspired Sphinx - 6 mana for a draw 3, maybe 4, and a hefty costed mana sink doesn't seem worth it to me.

Mycosynth Lattice - I might be missing something, but it seems a little narrow sited. It works a little with Darksteel Forge and Combos well with Hellkite Tyrant, but if the deck makes a bunch of tokens you don't need it to win with the Hellkite.

Panharmonicon - Same as Mycosynth Lattice. I might be missing something but there isn't a lot of ETBs to abuse this. I'm only counting 1 card that works: Thopter Spy Network


Cut Phyrexia's Core -Negligible effect unless you have a consistent way to abuse LTB triggers.

Caldera Lake - There are far better lands.

Swiftwater Cliffs - Its fine if you want to stay budget.

Reliquary Tower - I don't see a way for you to draw a bunch of cards and overflow your hand, so this isn't really needed.

Add City of Brass Reflecting Pool Mana Confluence - All staples in multicolored decks. Spire of Industry too for artifact decks, but is super cheap.

Izzet Guildgate and Highland Lake - Better, and cheaper, than Caldera Lake if you want to stay budget

Scalding Tarn - Obvious include if you want to spend the money.

Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse - Color fixing

Myriad Landscape is a 2 land fetch and taps for mana.

Overall, good base. It has potential to go from 0 - 100 and kill everyone out of nowhere.

Baxdar on [EDH] Kenrith bois go on a copy quest

1 month ago

First off, I assume you're somewhat on a budget for your land base? Personally I don't like the tap lands like Izzet Guildgate or Highland Lake. Cascade Bluffs, Swiftwater Cliffs, and Wandering Fumarole would be much better choices. You could also consider cycle lands like the Deserts from Amonkhet.

Aside from that you've got a lot of the spells matter token generators, but neglected Murmuring Mystic. I'd swap The Locust God for this since you're not particularly running a card draw theme.

There aren't a lot of cards that I'm super down on, but Arcane Denial is pretty bad. Same with Baral, Chief of Compliance. Counterspells aren't the best in commander, and you don't have enough for Baral to be worthwhile

Some other scattered thoughts:

Expansion / Explosion is imo way better than Invoke the Firemind

Mystic Retrieval and Mission Briefing are both more useful than Volcanic Vision

Viral Drake isn't that synergistic and could probably make room for something else

I'm a huge fan of Izzet Locket and Commander's Sphere as mana rocks.

Wild Ricochet and Mirari fit in your theme

Fabricate would be a good include to make your chain veil more consistent.

There's definitely more I could say, but this is enough of a text wall as it is.

chubba on Brudiclad, Token Engineer

3 months ago

looks good. plus 1 from me

one thing ive been trying to get better at doing myself is taking out any lands that enter tapped with no upside. so less of a chance of hitting it early. i would suggest just switching Swiftwater Cliffs,Highland Lake & Izzet Guildgate to some basics.

multimedia on Budget Izzet 8 Drake[playtested]

3 months ago

Hey, looks like you're getting plenty of help.

Do you want this deck to be a Control deck or a Drake deck? If you're playing your deck like a Control deck then consider more lands? 22 lands is not enough lands to make your land drop each turn which is important for Control decks. When playing Chemister's Insight you want to consistently be able to make your fourth land drop turn four every game. With only 22 lands this won't happen and as a result you'll get too far behind in games.

Goblin Electromancer can help to reduce the cost of your spells which means you don't need as many lands, but you can't count on having Electromancer every game. In games where you don't have Electromancer than you'll need to rely on your lands to cast cards and that can be problematic with only 22 lands. Consider 26 lands?

The current manabase looks like a manabase for a Drake deck. If you're playing your deck as a Drake deck then the 22 amount of lands is fine, but consider adding more low mana cost cards and Enigma Drake. My advice is to go the Drake route because the burn strategy can be more effective when you have more creatures who can benefit from the burn in your graveyard and do additional damage to your opponent with more Drakes. You can also keep the manabase as it is now which is better for the budget.

Consider Enigma Drake for more Drake goodness? With the Drakes (Enigma and Crackling) you want more low mana cost instant and sorceries because you can cast these cards much easier as a result get more spells into your graveyard faster which pumps the Drakes. Consider Chart a Course and Tormenting Voice? These draw spells can also put an instant or sorcery from your hand into your graveyard while at the same time drawing two cards and then putting another instant and sorcery into your graveyard. These draw spells are good with Radical Idea.

The manabase here is not competitive when you begin to move away from budget and start to acquire Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls then can get closer to being competitive. Eventually you'll want 4x Vents and 4x Falls. Arclight Phoenix is another nonbudget addition that will make a Drake deck competitive. The Phoenix is excellent with low mana cost instant and sorceries especially Chart and Voice which can put it into your graveyard and draw more fuel to cast to reanimate Phoenix. Eventually you'll also want 4x Phoenix.

As a budget Control deck consider adding 4x Highland Lake? Cutting 2x Disappearance, 1x Idea and 1x Banefire?

As a budget Drake deck which is recommended consider these changes? Adding 4x Enigma Drake, 4x Tormenting Voice, 3x Chart a Course, 3x more Radical Idea. Cutting 4x Insight, 2x Banefire, 2x Coil (move to sideboard), 2x Firemind's Research (move to sideboard), 2x Expansion / Explosion, 1x Strike and 1x Ionize?

Example of a budget Drake deck:

  • 4x Electromancer
  • 4x Enigma
  • 3x Crackling
  • 1x Niv
  • 4x Voice
  • 3x Chart
  • 4x Shock
  • 3x Strike
  • 4x Idea
  • 3x Opt
  • 3x Ionize

  • 22x Lands

lagotripha on Izzet Wizards Aggro (Budget)

4 months ago

Aight- I'ma walk through a few options and cards. Your list looks good, but there are some cute and inexpensive wizard synergies that can make this kind of list run better- I hope it helps.

Usually more spell pierce/Negate or similar outperform Wizard's Retort. The turns you want it, you're mostly hitting instants or sorceries at instant speed to protect your damage. Similarly, Izzet Boilerworks is good because it effectively increases the number of lands in your hand- which is great with Magmatic Insight, but the cost of a land being tapped in a tempo deck cannot be understated. I'd play islands in preference, but Highland Lake is the more pressing change- I'd consider a shift to Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse and a couple more islands.

Why? They let you shuffle your deck. Which lets you play Thunderous Wrath/Sage of Epityr.

It plays nice with Opt and helps you find the lands you need, and set up your draws- on a budget manabase that counts for a lot, and when you can shuffle away those cards you get a lot of consistancy. Consistancy in a deck isn't expensive to set up, and with a lot of high-cost decks outplaying themselves with high variance cards it will get you wins. Make your opponents work to beat your average hand.

Think Twice triggers prowess twice, and is instant-speed carddraw. I much prefer it to insight, because instant speed holding up counters is very relevant against most decks.

Ghitu Lavarunner is surprisingly relevant in most matchups if you want more 1 drops, and with Soul-Scar Mage rotating, you'll probably be able to trade for a set fairly cheaply.

Finally, plan your sideboard alongside your deck. Those 15 cards are super relevant, and planning them to work well with your maindeck is what sets apart a mediocre budget list from a great one. What hate you mainboard and what you keep sideboard can free up 3-4 slots in the average list, and sometimes a lot more.

w33m4n on

6 months ago

By the way, why Highland Lake over Sulfur Falls

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Highland Lake occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Izzet: 0.36%

Jeskai: 0.14%

Grixis: 0.07%

Temur: 0.05%


All decks: 0.01%


All decks: 0.08%

Izzet: 0.77%

Grixis: 0.28%