Highland Lake


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Uncommon
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Highland Lake


Highland Lake enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Highland Lake Discussion

x12721 on NABANging Your Brains Out

1 week ago

Spirebluff Canal is strictly better than Highland Lake.

Legoarf on Animar Morph

1 week ago

Alright so initial thoughts: needs more ramp, needs more card draw and needs more interaction.

Ramp: You are in green so there is a lot of really good and cheep ramp you should add. You have the three two mana rampent growths which are good, but you should have at least 10 pieces of ramp in your deck, generally I like the higher mana ones that get two lands. The two mana ones are better in faster playgroups, but with how slow our games usually are, card efficiency and advantage is more important in my opinion. Cards I suggest: Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation, Kodama's Reach. You might also consider running all the signets though you may not need them. Also a note on mana, I'd say you should still run at least 36 lands, 34 is a bit low. For budget reasons you can probably cut the scry lands too. Look at: Kazandu Refuge, Highland Lake, Simic Guildgate, Timber Gorge, Woodland Stream. You also need to add some Mountains to your deck, at least 4 I'd say. You can also try to reduce the number of tap lands but yeah.

Card draw: One note first, make sure you add Ancestral Statue. Honestly your card draw isn't to to bad. I'd include Fierce Empath to for tutors, Skullclamp is always great card draw too. Secret Plans is cheap and goes with your deck. Trail of Mystery is also a good card, remember you can unmorph inside of combat too. Salt Road Ambushers is also a morph card that goes really well with other morph creatures. Remember megamorph is the same thing as morph, except when it flips it gets an extra +1/+1 counter. Whisperwood Elemental is crazy good card advantage too. Ixidor, Reality Sculptor is really crazy good when you can turn expensive un-morph creatures face up for only 3 mana too. Master of the Veil is also really good to rebuy some of the unmorph effects.

Interaction: This is one you could use some more work on. Most of your interaction will come from creatures but you still need to have some. For artifact and enchantment destruction you should be running a few of these: Acidic Slime, Nantuko Vigilante And a few ways to interact with creatures: Thousand Winds And maybe some spell removal: Beast Within, Primal Command, Shatterstorm.

Cards I dont think are pulling their weight: Recurring Insight is bad imo, if you want Fact or Fiction is better I'd say. Ashcloud Phoenix really slow and probably not going to recur. Broodhatch Nantuko interesting if you block a big creature and unmoroh it but even then I dont think its that good. Dawntreader Elk unless you are returning it from the graveyard I like other ramp more. Desolation Twin only good when you are ahead and even then questionable. Fathom Seer good card, but may not always have two islands, or just needs to be a consideration when you are ramping. Protean Hulk really good for combos and sometimes ok for value. In your deck of high cmc creatures though not as good. Unless he's a combo piece I'd say you can cut him. Thelonite Hermit dont think its worth it. Thought Harvester good if you are comboing it with Ancestral Statue or the like for a game winning combo, so probably fine, doesn't do much if you are not comboing though. Tishana, Voice of Thunder probably only good if you are already winning, may be fine but also cuttable for budget reasons. Flash really doesnt need to be here. Swan Song is a great card but can also probably be cut.

On other notes, your curve is looking pretty good, and overall it looks like a good deck. You can move a few cards around for budget reasons, but really your almost as low as you can go. Cards you can probably cut for budget reasons: Solemn Simulacrum, Voidmage Prodigy, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Rootbound Crag, Protean Hulk, Cinder Glade, and Swan Song. Other than that it gets iffy I'd say. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Wido92 on U/R Drake Control

1 month ago

Aguss, you should add 2x Cancel and 2x Essence Scatter. I would take out Pull from Tomorrow, Negate & Insult / Injury for them.

The rest is fine I guess... maybe you could add 4x Highland Lake and take out 2x Island 2x Mountain

multimedia on Blue/Red Aggro Pirates

1 month ago

Hey, risingaction thanks, glad I could help. A consultation fee? Haha, that would be nice, but it's not needed. Good advice from experienced players is part of the foundation the TappedOut community is built on. I enjoy helping and making this community better. Really good questions, I'll try to answer each one below.

razelfark, thanks you described the reason really well, you're exactly right the reason I left Lookout's Dispersal out of the main deck in the example list is because it's a slow card, not aggressive enough for game 1. Invigorated Rampage replaced it for one reason it's more aggressive can do more damage faster. Relying more on Stormtamer to protect a Pirate rather than a counterspell. Stormtamer can do more to advance the overall aggro game plan since it's a Pirate.

The reason I also left Dispersal out of the example sideboard list is there's not enough room for it because Negate and Essence Scatter I feel are better, but this could be very wrong, that's where playtesting helps. Negate and Scatter are always only two mana to cast where as Dispersal requires that you have a Pirate in play to be two mana. Game 2 and 3 expect more removal to be boarded in by your opponent. It might be hard to consistently keep a Pirate in play to make Dispersal a two mana counter.

Another card I didn't touch on is Chart a Course. When your attacking and have evasive creatures especially flying who can potentially attack each turn then Chart is very good. It could replace Curious Obsession as it gives you more card advantage faster; not requiring that you enchant a creature and also attack with it. Obsession can be more long lasting card advantage, but is much more risky needing the Pirate enchanted to stay alive.

Aggro should take advantage of game 1 and be as aggressive as possible because this gives you the best chance of winning game 1. Winning game 1 is good for any deck, but much more so for aggro because expect game 2 and 3 to be much harder than game 1. Expect your opponent for game 2 and 3 to board in more creature removal, more narrow answers to cards you play, lifelink creatures, four and five drop creatures that are hard for you to answer or board wipes. All these make it much harder for you to win.

Your game plan should always to be aggressive because that's what aggro does, but Game 1 is very exploratory. You learn what your opponent is playing and can adapt for game 2 and 3 sometimes this does in fact mean you should dial down on the aggression and instead play a more interactive game with your opponent and him/her creatures or spells. Sometimes you simply can't beat a card such as Glorybringer or Heart of Kiran you need an answer for it, you must cut something main deck and board in for example Essence Scatter or Abrade.

If your opponent is playing a God then you want an answer for it Essence Scatter or Kari Zev's Expertise don't count on just Warkite even though it's attack ability can make a God worthless for the turn have additional answers to it. Expertise is not a permanent answer doesn't kill the God, but it lets you steal it for a turn, attack with it while also potentially playing a card for free from your hand such as Rampage. An attack with their own God can be quite devastating for your opponent.

The sideboard example list is theorycraft because I don't know what the meta is like where you play, what types of matchups you'll encounter. It's an overall board accounting for the three big archetypes in Standard: Aggro, Midrange and Control. In the simplest terms for Aggro matchups Abrade gives you additional creature removal and Fiery Cannonade can potentially kill all your opponent's creatures while not hurting yours.

In Midrange matchups your opponent is going big with creatures playing four and five drops you want to match this with answers to these creatures Essence Scatter, Kari Zev's Expertise and Walking Ballista is an option due to it's interaction with Warkite.

For Control matchups you want to be aggressive as you can, but sometimes this is hard to do because of all the removal your opponent will have. Negate can help even though it's not an aggressive card it can help to keep your creatures alive.

Metallic Mimic is a fine tribal card, I play it in my Standard Elf deck, Radiant Elves (RIX), but the only reason I play it is because there's not other playable two drop choices and I'm using a counters strategy. Completely different strategy than Pirates here. Simply put there's better two drop Pirate choices than Mimic.

Mimic also has the problem of being the best when you play it first, turn two. Playing it first then gives all other Pirates a counter when they ETB which is good. This is ideal, the problem is Mimic is quite bad when you play it last, then it's a 2/1 that doesn't do anything else. Unfortunately, consistently your much more likely to play Mimic last than first.

When in doubt always go to the opponent's face with burn. In a broad sense overall with Aggro your better off focusing on your game and ignoring the opponent especially game 1. Interaction with what the opponent is doing is minimal, care more about your creatures, attacking and doing damage don't worry about anything else.

Let your opponent hit you back and as long as you are doing more damage to your opponent then your opponent is doing to you, you have the upper hand because you have burn. If you waste burn on your opponent's creatures then you partly lose this upper hand. Remember you have 20 life, you don't die until you have 0 life.

This is overall advice, but of course certain game situations change things. There are certain early game creatures you want to kill because if you don't then they will take over the game or block the battlefield from you attacking. With these creatures you need to waste your first burn spell to kill them. Some examples are Winding Constrictor, Gifted Aetherborn, Servant of the Conduit, Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and Walking Ballista.

Warkite's attack ability does conflict because it very temping to use a burn spell to kill any creature, but remember you don't have to kill the creature you make a 0/1. Making the creature for that attack a non factor in combat is good enough. If it blocks one of your Pirates then this is good for you; If it doesn't block then it's also good for you.

Real exceptions are if you're facing down huge creatures like Gods, Glorybringer, Rekindling Phoenix, Dinos, etc creatures who are going to hurt you much more when they attack than you hurt your opponent. In these situations take advantage of Warkite's ability to remove all abilities from the creature it makes a 0/1 and kill the creature with burn. Including draw, Obsession or Chart also gives you some leeway with using burn because you'll draw more.

A majority of the good Pirates have evasion: flying, menace or unblockable. With evasion your much more likely to hit an opponent making using burn on opponent rather than him/her creatures a better plan. Rampage is additional evasion, trample, for Pirates it helps with getting in damage fast, really ignoring blockers.

When playing an Aggro archetype you want all lands in the manabase to be able to ETB untapped the first three turns of the game. These are the most important turns, you can't afford to have a land ETB tapped thus not letting you play a Pirate for the turn. Other archetypes such as Midrange and Control are different to a degree, these types of decks care more about what color mana you have then if the land ETB tapped or not.

With 11x possible one drop Pirates, you want the best chance to be able to play one of these turn one, Evolving Wilds doesn't help to do this. Wilds can help to thin the deck of lands to give you a better chance of not drawing lands, but the amount of thinning it does doesn't outweigh the negative that the land you fetch with it will ETB tapped for the turn.

You need lands in a game of Magic and unfortunately that means that you could get flooded or land screwed, but these are situations that every player encounters, that's Magic and not much you can do about it.

In the example list the main deck mana curve ends at 3 drops. Having a low mana curve allows you to not have to play as many lands. In the example list is 22x, experiment with dropping this number to 20x. However, being able to cast two or more spells in a single turn gives you an advantage, but you need lands to be able to use this advantage. With draw also means you want more lands because if you're drawing cards the advantage this gives you is being able to play more cards per turn then your opponent. This can be huge because of how low the mana curve is.

In the example list I've cut all ETB tapped lands in favor of Unclaimed Territory and more copies of Spirebluff Canal. If you can get 2x more Spirebluff I recommend playing them they're the best lands for this deck because they can ETB untapped turn one to turn three and make either red or blue mana. The same can be said for Territory if you name Pirate. Having 8x dual lands that can ETB untapped and make either red or blue mana turn one to turn three is very important because one drop Pirates are either red and blue.

I finished the rest of the manabase in the example list with Basic lands because there isn't another Izzet dual land in Standard that can ETB untapped. The only other Izzet dual is Highland Lake, but if you're playing Lake you might as just play Wilds. Aether Hub is another dual land that ETB untapped it's very good, but to play it you need additional energy sources which is not the direction you want to go with aggro and Pirates.

Agusdakilla on U/R Drake Control

2 months ago

Do you think I should remove all the Negates and Revolutionary Rebuffs? I'd do it in a heartbeat if Disallow was a bit cheaper; maybe put in a few Cancels?I looked at Bloodwater Entity as an alternative threat for the deck, but it didn't really seem to fit. Normally I don't really cast that many spells on my turn, just the creatures and the Dynavolt Tower. In my opinion it would fit better in a more aggresive tap-out prowess kind of deck.I don't really think the Highland Lakes are very necessary, but I may look into including a few. I also looked at the cyclelands, and they seemed kind of a better option.

Thanks for your help! Hope I'm not exhausting you with all my questions!

Thebiggalactus on U/R Drake Control

2 months ago

from the looks of it, you are gonna do a semi burn/energy theme too. Personally I think you should put the Negate and Revolutionary Rebuff into the sideboard. Then I would add enough Lightning Strike and Harnessed Lightning to make them a 4 of. Those are counterspells for very specific situations and are dead cards most of the time. I would add 4 Highland Lake because they're inexpensive and come in rivals of Ixalan packs now too. Instead of Cryptic Serpent I think that Bloodwater Entity is a better choice because it brings back a burn spell or a draw spell that can be used to pump it up.

Mice_Overseer on Grixis Controlled Torment

2 months ago

Grixis AND Primal Amulet  Flip?! This is definitely a deck I'm rooting for, and I wish you the best of luck with it. That said, one thing that jumps out at me is the low amount of instant speed spot removal; you might want to find some room for some Abrades in case they're running Heart of Kiran or Aethersphere Harvester as you currently don't have a reliable way to deal with them before they run away with the game.

Sadly, I think you're right about the manabase. You probably want more than 23 lands when your deck's this top-heavy, and running Cinder Barrens, Highland Lake and Submerged Boneyard is obviously not ideal (I understand this is probably a budget/availability thing, though). It also needs to be pointed out that you only have 4 lands total that let Drowned Catacomb and Dragonskull Summit enter untapped; at that point they might as well not have that ability. Lastly, you aren't running any basics at all: if you use Field of Ruin's ability, you will be putting your opponent up one land on you. Combined with the fact you've only got 23 lands yourself, this makes it extremely risky to use if they manage to flip a Legion's Landing  Flip or something early, as you may end up locking yourself out of the game.

Keep us posted with how this goes!

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