Highland Lake


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Common
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Uncommon

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Highland Lake


Highland Lake enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Highland Lake Discussion

Carpet_Bottom on Izzet To Beat Bro

6 days ago


Hahaha I didn't even think of the flavor that Cathartic Reunion brings with the scenario; Absolutely beautiful indeed! I'm having a hard time fitting it in though, replace Chart A Course?

Solid call on sideboarding Spell Pierce. I'm thinking Abrade and Hungry Flames are good exchanges, especially if he ends up running a creature light strategy.

Lands will be fixed, currently a place holding. Highland Lake will make it in definitely. I was on the fence with Harnessed Lightning and Aether Hub because of the budget aspect to the build and not playing Glimmer of Genius, but I convinced myself to pick up copies for another deck so I'll probably exchange them into this build.

Thank you kindly, it is very much appreciated!

October 17, 2017 9:55 p.m.

Killa556 on Prowess 2.0

1 week ago

For Curious Homunculus  Flip if your going for the cheaper spells route, you could change him out for Baral, Chief of Compliance. This way you will be able to play your instants and sorceries for cheaper without the worry of tapping your creatures. This will give you're Negate a larger effect as well. (On this topic Counterspell covers more ground than Negate does.)

I would change this deck from being Standard legal to Modern.

Lastly you have only 7 lands that enter the battlefield untapped. That slows down the deck a lot. I would recommend changing out your Moonring Islands entirely for regular Islands. Also I would replace the Highland Lakes for 2 more Islands and Mountains

CynicalCzech on Is it dragons!?!?!?

1 week ago

As a huge fan of the Izzet Guild, I really love the idea of this. I'd possibly consider adding some dual lands, such as Spirebluff Canal and Highland Lake. Also, a few copies of Spell Pierce deserve to be in the mainboard, imho.

alveshenrique on Izzet To Beat Bro

1 week ago

On a family reunion, beating your brother to the ground while playing Cathartic Reunion. This would be beautiful haha.

Anyway, I would sugest Spell Pierce might be a good card to sideboard, since it's a cheap way to protect your creatures from removal early game. Censor is also very good to keep your brother from doing his stuff while you beat him down (and it's also a cantrip that can be cycled if you are in the late game and he can pay the 1 mana from the counter. The cycle also synergises wuth the drake, pumping it up).

To make some room, I think Hungry Flames could be a weak link, since it has a high cost for what it does. Maybe moving Abrade to a sideboard? I prefer to mainboard Harnessed Lightning and play Aether Hub to help the mana fixing. Playing a dual land, even Highland Lake (which is cheap) could be a good call too.

Good luck with your brother!

Variux on

2 weeks ago

Riddleform works very well in decks like these. It's almost always a 3/3 flier on every turn.

Instead of Highland Lake, play Ramunap Ruins. You can sacrifice them for some extra damage. You also don't really need to play the full 24 lands in this deck either, as I've been playing U/R Riddleform / Prowess with 20-22 lands and it works well.

Shock tends to work better than Magma Spray because you go straight to your opponent's face and activate prowess every turn as well as burn them a little bit.

Dive Down is a new addition and can help protect your creatures, running so few and losing one really hurts the game plan.

Crash Through is a great cantrip in red and works well to activate trample as well. You may want to look in to Consuming Fervor as well because this doubles up with prowess. Instead of it being a +3/+3, it's a +4/+4 with prowess and your creature will have activated prowess for a few extra turns in essence.

I would recommend removing Hieroglyphic Illumination. Search for Azcanta is a recent addition that may be good in a deck like this, although it's kind of expensive.

Of course, your deck is fine as is as well! I have played the U/R Riddleform / Prowess deck for quite awhile in Hour of Devastation standard and had a decent amount of success with it. The loss of Stormchaser Mage really sucked, and I was hoping for some new prowess creatures with Ixalan, but unfortunately we only got Deeproot Champion which is really off color. A temur prowess deck could be interesting, with green spells such as Blossoming Defense, Attune with Aether, and Crash the Ramparts.

The_Riddlebox on [Ixalan] UR Control

2 weeks ago


I am not a huge fan of Bloodwater Entity. That card seems much better in temp/blitz decks that are more aggressive and proactive with their spells. Decks that run cantrips, or things like Unsummon and Brute Strength. In a reactive deck like this it's not a big threat and the fact that it puts the card at the top of my library instead of in my hand is too slow imo.

Commit / Memory is a card I like, and right now is in the maybe-board. I really should sneak it in the deck, maybe 1 copy in the main and another or two into the SB. Not sure I want to run a full play-set though. I want to see how often I see Carnage Tyrant or even how often I lose to it, before I decide to use a playset or cut stuff from the deck right now.


Glad to see another UR player :)

Chandra is....alright. Usually, the best scenario with her is to blow up something the turn she comes down, and then you start using her +1 and wittle your opponent down as you dig through your deck. I have been going back and forth between having her in the main and the side. Prior to rotation, when UR saw some decent play for a bit Chandra was being played in either SB and MB (guess either personal preference or meta call) and it seemed like she worked fine. I can't say I am exactly impressed by her, but she can work fine enough at times.

Honestly forgot that Highland Lake was printed in Amonkhet. I don't think I need more dual lands at the moment, the few games I have played so far I haven't felt like I had issues fixing my mana to be honest. I really don't like the thought of lands coming into played tapped as well. What I do need to do is rework the ration of Mountains and Islands. Good to know there is another dual land if I need it though, completely forgot about it hehe.

Also, good catch on Vizier of Many Faces. I might have to try it out as a possible answer Carnage Tyrant.

Opt is something I had originally thought about when revising the deck, but I ended up cutting out. It is a good card in a tempo deck where you have to be as mana efficient as possible, but in a reactive deck like this where I can leave mana open and am looking at the long game to cast big things like Torrential Gearhulk I have space for better draw spells. I would consider Hieroglyphic Illumination before I consider Opt.


I considered primal amulet a lot, but I don't think It would work in this deck, as you mention it would be much better in a more burn oriented deck. It might be a very solid UR alternative to be honest, as Dynavolt Tower can still be present a decent win-con I would think. I was actually thinking of making two different UR decks: this and a burn version. I think if Fevered Visions was still legal in Standard I would probably have went the burn route.


Thank you all for the suggestions! Will need to play a few more games and see more of the meta before I make any changes as of yet, but all of your suggestions have been noted!

Kiivuhl on The American Approach

3 weeks ago

4-5 islands and 2-3 plains instead of Highland Lake and + 2 lands minimum (for possible untapped after 3rd turn). Control need 25-28 lands. And I recommend to cut censors and fill Harnesses and supremes. Censor is bad in control.

Technomagus on The Prints & The Paper: Pauper-Legal "Non-Commons"

1 month ago

The cycle of uncommon ETBT lands from OGW and SOI have all been downshifted to Common as of Amonkhet. Meandering River, Submerged Boneyard, Cinder Barrens, Timber Gorge, Tranquil Expanse, Forsaken Sanctuary, Highland Lake, Foul Orchard, Stone Quarry, and Woodland Stream.

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