Stuffy Doll


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Stuffy Doll

Artifact Creature — Construct

As Stuffy Doll enters the battlefield, choose a player.

Stuffy Doll is indestructible.

Whenever damage is dealt to Stuffy Doll, it deals that much damage to the chosen player.

: Stuffy Doll deals 1 damage to itself.

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Stuffy Doll Discussion

keatsblue on Literal Everlasting Torment

8 hours ago

Okay, I decided on Necroskitter and Black Sun's Zenith for sure. I took out Stuffy Doll, even though I really love that card it just didn't fit after considering wither. :/

Joumba on Literal Everlasting Torment

20 hours ago

Nice deck sir, a interesting twist! +1 from me. I would suggest to cut out Stuffy Doll for it will die to wither before being of much use if Everlasting Torment is around. Maybe Necroskitter for a sweet and large board? Also Black Sun's Zenith for a mechanically related wipes ;). Having wither, Boros Reckoner can also make for good defence. Well, good luck and have fun!

ChrisKrow on Naya Food Chain

1 week ago

Enlightened Tutor,Academy Rector and other tutors should go in.

Aetherflux Reservoir too. You can just outright end the game when you are just casting spells infinitely, or just gain around a million life with Zacama and your infinite mana.

Just a joke,but Stuffy Doll may be up for consideration too. Here's why

1.Float infinite with zacama and sabertooth

2.Net infinite damage to doll, kill one opponent

3.Bounce doll to hand, recast to name someone else, then repeat until everyone's dead.

Again,it's just a thought.

cryptstalker on Fight Deck

1 week ago

So I saw this deck yesterday and it really hit a soft spot for my love of the card Visions of Brutality, I really like the deck that you have created and the concept you went with fighting. I believe fogs (like you have in your maybe board) would be a good way to defend against a pumped up creature if you went enchantment strategy - which is an alternate route you can focus on with enchantress types but then I would splash white as well. So I will make my suggestions within Golgari and pumps since that is the original creation.

By taking out Watcher in the Web for Ulvenwald Tracker then you would really help stress the fighting early in the game. I think Ulvenwald Tracker, Pounce, and Prey Upon are great fight options and you will see a few of those each game if we can get your deck producing the enchantment you want. Hornet Nest is absolutely awesome for generating your Deathtouch creatures on a big hit. I would run 4 of each of the Phyrexian greens instants Mutagenic Growth and Noxious Revival because you can recall your main enchantment you want to use and pump the other creatures or yours depending on what you need to do, but without eating into your early game Mana. Now I know you are currently running green with a splash for visions, so maybe a few more black support cards for making your deck smoother and use the black Mana to keep your opponent from messing with your combo. Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize would be great here.

This card lends to the idea that you can replace the opponents baddies with something less threatening, but still a target to fight with: Beast Within.

Also Deathtouch. What [xyr0s] said about the Basilisk Collar was very true, it is a must have. Maybe one or two of those and then a single Bow of Nylea would prove helpful.

I like the idea of Stuffy Doll in here, although I hate building around him because of his Mana cost.

So aside from researching some better modern land - I would check some of the mtgtop8 stuff and look at what land they use in Golgari for hints - try some of these cards out and remember that no card is perfect and you should be ready to pull something out when it does not provide enough utility. Promise yourself to change one thing about the deck each time with your maybe board. It is not permanent, but learn what each cards does and what it excels at. That is the only way you will know your deck inside and out.

This is a great idea and start to an interesting deck that can be played in the modern environment, it will just take a lot of time cutting and cleaning it up.

DrukenReaps on The Druken Enraged

2 weeks ago

Got some good games in last night. I really need more enrage since the most enragers I had at a time was 2. The deck is hilarious though. I got Druid's Call on Stuffy Doll and then used Domri Rade to fight a 9/9 and got 9 squirrels and did 9 damage to the chosen opponent. I couldn't stop laughing at that. Later Blasting Station came down for infinite....

I also want to change more activators into Earthquake effects. Preferable repeatable ones. So once Rivals of Ixalan hits I'll include most if not all the new enrage and try and cut the activate down to 10-ish cards. Having Marath, Will of the Wild and Mirari's Wake made activating enrage really easy so I should include other mana doublers too. Marath did some serious work.

Scion_of_Darkness on A.K.A. Baby Legs O'Houlihan

2 weeks ago

I had a build that had Stuffy Doll in it, but it felt a little slow. and I have Indestructible with Boros Charm. I may remove 1 Nemesis Mask for a Darksteel Plate.

TheRedGoat on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

2 weeks ago

Where to start with Zacama is any and all possible land ramp effects. Personally I'd run mostly the ones that net you more mana per tapping of the lands themselves, and then run land untapping cards.

Also Zacama is a win outright when you play Stuffy Doll. Otherwise you're basically running a "ramp into power" goodstuff deck that could play dinos and have enrage synergies, but I like the other idea better since I can run Panharmonicon and friends to just break MTG.

Seriously, I'll have a mock list up in like 10 min.

WarArchangel86 on Eternal Burns

2 weeks ago

A bit rough around the edges but it has some good synergies. Personally I'm not a huge fan of braid, is it really doing much to help your deck? Braid only allows you to make mana during your upkeep (after untap/before draw) so after you draw for turn the mana is gone. Its ok for instants and using abilities but wont help you cast sorceries or permanents.

Suggestions: Budget friendly advice :) 11 cards $12-14 total

Ramp - Myriad Landscape,Fire Diamond,Coldsteel Heart,Wayfarer's Bauble

  • With only 30 lands and a Sol Ring you need more ways to get early mana faster.

Wheel Effects - Dragon Mage,Reforge the Soul

  • Wheel effects are perfect for burn decks like this, use any time you are below 3-4 cards even if you have to give up an excellent card. Most likely your opponents are holding onto 1 they wished to keep as well removing that threat and supplying you with a fresh hand.

Utility - Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs,Stuffy Doll

  • Kazuul is Reds Propaganda card. They attack you, you get more creatures to block/swing back with. Stuffy doll is great to get around opponents who run shroud on themselves and as a indestructible blocker. Anytime the doll takes damage it bypasses shroud and hits them anyways (awesome with Blasphemous Act) .

Doublers - Heartless Hidetsugu,Fire Servant,Reverberate

  • Heartless can be dangerous to you, but especially your opponents. Halving everyone's life and then Neheb turns that damage into mana. Fire servant doubles each spells damage you play, Reverberate cheaply copies a spell

Personally I would consider any of these staples for Edh mono-red burn decks,

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