Stuffy Doll

Stuffy Doll

Artifact Creature — Construct

As Stuffy Doll enters the battlefield, choose a player.

Stuffy Doll is indestructible.

Whenever damage is dealt to Stuffy Doll, it deals that much damage to the chosen player.

: Stuffy Doll deals 1 damage to itself.

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Stuffy Doll Discussion

kaosweaver on List of all infinite combos 2.0

3 days ago

Infinite life

Choose yourself with stuffy. When stuffy takes any damage, you take that damage, which then is given to stuffy, repeat forever, Soul link gives you life every time stuffy deals or takes damage.

gdm1989 on "Instant Tribal" - Toshiro Umezawa - EDH PRIMER

1 week ago

I would add deathtouch creatures or more painful choice cards to protect you if players decide to kill you first Wall of Souls, Stuffy Doll, Virtus the Veiled. It's a little expensive but still budget range Choice of Damnations can be a one sided nuke and a toshiro trigger

multimedia on rakdos, the showstopper/ chaos

1 week ago

Hey, nice start on a budget. Chaos can be a tricky theme to build.

The avg. CMC of your deck is very high at 4.3 with only Sol Ring as reliable ramp and only having 35 lands. This 4.3 number means you will consistently not be casting a card until earliest turn four, more like turn five. Not doing anything for the first four turns or more is not fun in Commander because you risk basically not having any board presence at all before turn five. My advice is add some ramp in place of a few high CMC cards (5 CMC or higher). Doing this will reduce the avg. CMC and ramp will make it easier to cast spells especially Showstopper.

Some cards for ramp to consider adding:

For the cards to consider cutting you want to make a choice of what are the best cards you want at the high end of the mana curve? Having lots of both high CMC Chaos cards and big creatures is too many high CMC cards. Showstopper is the six drop creature you want to cast. Cards to consider cutting to add more ramp:

Reanimation is a good secondary strategy when playing so many high CMC creatures. Reanimation needs enablers to get creatures into graveyard which is good with Patriarch's Bidding and Demons. Consider expanding on reanimation? Another reason to add enablers for reanimation is Anger. A haste enabler to give your high CMC creatures haste, attacking with them the turn you play them especially Showshopper.

Some card changes to consider:

Budget lands to consider adding to replace some basic lands: Graven Cairns, Ash Barrens, Grixis Panorama, Jund Panorama, Foreboding Ruins, Tainted Peak, Evolving Wilds.

Good luck with your deck.

-Orvos- on I Brought a Sword to a Magic Fight

3 weeks ago

mikeb388 granted burn decks are pretty tough, but that is the exact reason I have the Pariah's Shield + Stuffy Doll combo. Even if it only buys me a couple of turns thats usually all I need. Most burn decks run on a low amount of creatures too, which means fewer blockers to get past.

Sword of War and Peace and Sword of Fire and Ice are also there to prevent cards like Soul-Scar Mage or other UWR cards that deal with indestructible creatures.

What does your boros burn deck run? I have been curious to see how this deck would run against RW burn.

-Orvos- on I Brought a Sword to a Magic Fight

1 month ago

@Daveslab2022 hey! You commented on my other deck too! Thanks for the help! To explain Stuffy Doll...

It's another indestructible card first off, so it will survive World Slayer. It's ability is slow but effective especially if its the only thing left on the field.

It is also a great blocker. You get to chose which player will take all damage that Stuffy Doll takes when it enters the battlefield. So it will deter that person (in multiplayer especially) from attacking me.

Nemesis Mask + Stuffy Doll plus whatever else I have attacking means massive damage and all of my swords triggering.

Stuffy Doll + Pariah's Shield basically allows me to enter godmode.

All of these pieces to this puzzle are fished out by all the draw or Expedition Map into Inventors' Fair.

It's really not the main win condition anymore but its a really good card to fall back on and use as a blocker.

Daveslab2022 on I Brought a Sword to a Magic Fight

1 month ago

Deck seems super sweet. I can’t figure out why Stuffy Doll is included. Could you explain?

golgarigirl on Neyith

1 month ago

Based on my first impression of the deck list:

I am not sure about things like Gargos, Vicious Watcher and Apex Altisaur in the deck...Gargos wants spells that target him and you play 7. Altisaur wants to be delt damage, and if you're wasting your fight triggers on that, it feels kind of bad (especially since you're not playing many). That goes double for Stuffy Doll.

I would shy away from Sakura-Tribe Elder in a deck that can force a fight on an ETB. Sylvan Ranger and Wood Elves are good replacements. That's something to consider for a lot of your creatures.

You're not gonna like this, but your hardcore focus on 'can't be countered' effects is a bit much. They're super narrow and not as helpful as you think. Most blue decks even play other colors that those cards will do nothing against, or even play relatively few counterspells in total. That slot is then wasted against a.) all your other opponents and b.) 90% of the blue deck. If you really want that style of effect, instead of Gaea's Herald and Destiny Spinner (who don't save your big non-creature spells from counters), I would run the much more versatile Veil of Summer and Red Elemental Blast/ Pyroblast instead.

Finally, I'm not seeing much to force combat. Effects like Nemesis Mask so you actually get value out of all the keywords you're putting on your things. Also Invasion Plans.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Your Deck Tickles

1 month ago

This deck really needs Stuffy Doll. Also, considering your wincon is an 8-drop, 20 lands and no ramp isn't enough.

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