Demanding Dragon


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Demanding Dragon

Creature — Dragon


When Demanding Dragon enters the battlefield, it deals 5 damage to target opponent unless that player sacrifices a creature.

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Demanding Dragon Discussion

Zarathoustra on R/B Dragons

3 weeks ago

Demanding Dragon could be nice, Dragon's Hoard as well... I suggest you remove the assassins and the rats and add 3 Lightning Bolt instead.

Why Ob Nixilis Reignited ?

ghostfire86 on Kaalia, Beyond Heaven and Hell

3 weeks ago

Final conclusion, Demanding Dragon is not worth it.

Added Ruination for more Land D and Rune-Scarred Demon is back to tutor.

I’m really hoping that the new Ravnica set will bolster a new high powered Angel, Demon, or Dragon.

multimedia on Quickly into the abyss... (rot-proof)

3 weeks ago

Hey, interesting strategy, unique and creative.

Consider Knight of Grace, Isareth the Awakener and Cast Down or Seal Away? Grace is two drop budget Knight who's great with Ajani's reanimation and gets a pump from a lot of black cards here. Grace doesn't have an ETB ability, but oh well its just a good card because it has first strike and hexproof from black. Bulger can find Grace.

Isareth is another strong creature for a reanimation strategy. She has a lot of potential post rotation because she has deathtouch. More times then not you'll get to attack with her and then reanimate a two drop for two mana or reanimate Bulger for three or Demon for four. The reanimated creatures by Isareth are then exiled if they ever leave the battlefield, but this is fine because you still got value from them. Cast Down or Seal Away is two drop creature removal to deal with creatures that Strike can't kill such as Steel Leaf Champion, Demanding Dragon, etc.

Suncleanser is more of a sideboard card when you know if your opponent will have a creature with a counter on it or if your opponent will get counters in the matchup. Post rotation you don't have to worry about energy or Winding Constrictor. If you can't use a mode when Suncleanser ETB then he's not doing much because a 1/4 two drop is lackluster.

Boros Guilds of Ravnica mechanic is mentor and it deals with +1/+1 counters. Boros is an aggressive guild having Suncleanser two drop 4 toughness creature who can remove a counter from one of your opponent's creatures would be good in this situation.

Bloodletter is a very good M19 draft limited card, but in Standard it doesn't do enough for three mana. You have to reanimate Bloodletter a ton of times to get enough value only making your opponent lose 1 life each time. There's not enough reanimation here to do this with Bloodletter.

Radiating Lightning is another sideboard card, it's only worth four mana compared to other four drop removal spells here (Contempt and Binding) when you can kill your opponent's 1 toughness creatures. In a token matchup for instance Lightning is a good card, but this is too situational, better in the sideboard than main deck.

Consider adding 4x Grace, 2x Isareth, 2x Down or Seal with more in the sideboard? Consider cutting 4x Suncleanser, 2x Bloodletter and 2x Lightning. Both Suncleanser and Lighting in some amount can go in the sideboard.

Good luck with your deck.

fettywapmtg on Just a Fling

3 weeks ago

I love Gimmicky decks like the next guy, but you can't get tunnel vision here. There's obviously potential in this kind of deck, but you gotta touch this up a bit before you can consider it a legitimate competitive contender.

Unless you can provide any potential upside to Bloodrage Brawler's discard effect, drop it immediately. Card disadvantage on an otherwise vanilla creature in range of Lightning Strike, Cast Down, Seal Away ect. is not mainboard, or even sideboard material for that matter.

That being said, Gigantosaurus, especially with your current landbase (24 no non-forest mana producing lands), should absolutely be in this deck. It's on curve with Sarkhan's Unsealing even. Demanding Dragon is worth mentioning, but it doesn't blow up your opponent's entire field when it enters the battlefield, which is the whole reason to run Sarkhan's Unsealing (especially 4 copies!).

Traxos, Scourge of Kroog indeed brings the hype, but you just don't nearly have enough historic triggers to splash him in here. Amulet of Safekeeping, and a couple of legendary creatures/planeswalkers/sagas and maybe consider 2 in the sideboard. I personally don't see much room for him to thrive here, and Traxos reeeally only works well, or it doesn't.

So, aside from a touch of spot removal (even just a couple of copies of Banefire) and Gigantosaurus, I'd suggest considering Pelakka Wurm, Aggressive Mammoth in here, even a copy or two in the sideboard. All of those cards will win, or at least get you back into some games in a few key match-ups.

Thanks for heeding my advice, nerd.

QuilavaUchiha on Ultimate Dragon Deck!!

3 weeks ago

Demanding Dragon came out not too long ago, and it's good value for 5 mana. I don't quite know what should be replaced, but it's fun board control

multimedia on Standard Mono-Green Stompy (October)

4 weeks ago

Hey, 4x Llanowar, 4x Thorn Lieutenant, 4x Champion, 4x Vine Mare, 3-4x Ghalta. That's a strong post rotation core as well as curve for Mono Green Stompy. Vivien will be good because of her possible repeatable -3 removal for Dragons and Angels, Seal Away, Ixalan's Binding, The Eldest Reborn, Dragon's Hoard, etc. Her +1 is card advantage for control and midrange matchups. Glorybringer rotating makes Vivien a much better option.

Rabid Bite has potential post rotation with Champion and Vine. Both have 5 power and Bite is not a fight spell. Only your creature does damage to your opponent's creature, your opponent's creature doesn't do damage back. Champion or Vine with Bite can kill Lyra Dawnbringer or Demanding Dragon or opponent's Champion or any other creature with 5 or less toughness. Deathgorge with Bite can kill Rekindling Phoenix, then attack with Deathgorge and exile Phoenix. I expect Phoenix to be a heavily played card post rotation and Deathgorge is a good answer for it.

My hope is in Guilds of Ravnica Wizards dials it way down with powerful red cards with haste. Red and haste have dominated far too long in Standard, it's time for other archetypes to shine. Without having to worry about so much haste gives green more playable removal options.

Post rotation you'll most likely want to splash black for sideboard Duress to help against Planeswalkers (Teferi, Vraska, Karn), control with Settle the Wreckage and Cleansing Nova. The Eldest Reborn is another strong sideboard card to splash with black. The black splash will however be determined if it's a viable option because of new Golgari dual land we get in Guilds of Ravnica since Golgari is a guild in the set. If the Golgari dual is Overgrown Tomb or a new dual land that ETB untapped then that's great for a splash, but if the dual land ETB tapped then that's not worth a splash.

OberstHati on WizzardUR

4 weeks ago

Guttersnipe has no etb ability, so no synergy with naban, only with the instants, arcane Adaption would be cool with Demanding Dragon, for example. But i cant do that, cmc 5 is too risky with 19 Lands...have to think about the goblin though, makes pace...

Harowyn on Mono-red Dragon ramp

1 month ago

Hi SoulsSlayerKnight! First thanks for your feedback, really appreciated that you went into details. I've checked out your deck and I'm really amazed that you manage to build a solid deck around all those badass tricolor dragons! Oh and I apologies in advance for my english but I'll do my best! :D

To be honest for Lathliss, Dragon Queen I'm quite new to Magic and didn't knew that two legendary creatures can't be onto the battlefield at once like Planeswalkers... So thanks for that and yeah I'll surely consider to cut one (even if I was so happy to pull a third one in few boosters hahaha). Then yeah you're right Demanding Dragon seems extremely powerful in my games, I'll try to add one or two more of them but don't you think that a fourth Verix Bladewing would fit better for his versatility as long as it helps to get an early dragon and it's still amazing in late game when kicked?

About the Dismissive Pyromancer, I placed them as sideboard but in my head it's more a maybeboard. I was thinking about replace the Kargan Dragonrider by them since the dragonriders doesn't add a lot to ramping.

For the Sarkhan's Dragonfire I think you may be right since tormenting voices and dragon's hoards would already do the job so when I'll get all my deck I'll try it out to be sure that I don't need it.

I'll try some changes following your advices but sadly I won't get the cards to complete the deck before mid september so it's still theory. Anyway, really appreciate the aid and you are welcome if you have any other tips and suggestions. Thanks a lot!

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