The God-Pharoah has Returned...and has found you Unworthy.

Nicol Bolas-themed Grixis Control with a combo finish.

This is rapidly becoming my new favorite deck to play.

Previously this deck featured the original Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas as the Commander. I've had a soft spot for discard since I was a kid and saw Chains of Mephistopheles, and as a returned Magic player I've found myself gravitating toward control builds. Nicol Bolas, with his schemes and machinations and discard ability, was an obvious choice.

With the release of Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip, we've gotten a significant improvement in teh quality of the Commander. OG Bolas has an amazing ability, but his base mana cost and upkeep cost are prohibitive. I found myself rarely wanting to actually cast the Commander. Now, Nicol Bolas comes out virtually every game. A 4/4 flier for 4 makes a decent blocker and can pressure life totals with evasion. His ETB ability, however, is raw card advantage in Commander. Effectively it's a 3-for-1...and we can make it even better.

Geth's Grimoire and Waste Not are amazing accelerants in this deck (the runner-up place goes to Notion Thief). Unless I'm digging for an answer, one of these is my first tutor target, and if possible I'd like to have one out before Bolas hits the board. These turn virtually every discard effect in the deck into card draw. Combined with a wheel like Wheel of Fortune, I can often be drawing 20+ cards in a single turn. Syphon Mind is already great in multiplayer, but turning it into "each opponent discards a card; you draw 6 cards" is amazing. This is the very definition of "card advantage."

Discard is already a strong form of proactive control on its own. We have to trade some of the better discard effects available (Thoughtseize, Duress, etc) that would let us see hands and choose what's discarded in favor of either very impactful/flavorful effects like Wit's End, or effects that hit multiple opponents so that we can scale in multiplayer. Still, attacking card advantage is good even when we can't specifically remove the threats of our choice. The disruption offered by stripping cards from hands is amazing.

The main plan of this deck is to keep control of the board to prevent anyone else from winning or knocking us out, and then pull off one of our win conditions:

1) Doomsday. There are a number of possible piles here, but we have a super-mana-efficient Gush pile as the best option. Potentially, with enough mana, we could use Doomsday to power out one of the other win conditions as well.

2) Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal, usually into an arbitrarily large Torment of Hailfire. The flavor here is pretty obvious.

3) Omniscience into Obliterate or Sunder. Once this world has served its purpose and Lord Bolas no longer has a use for it, we can use our near-omnipotence to annihilate everything and crush those who remain. This works particularly well with the Bolas planeswalkers, or after we've flipped the Commander.

Our goal is to use discard and triggered draw effects to put huge portions of the deck into our hands to draw into either enough tutors or pieces of a win condition to close out the game.

In the meantime, we just do Nicol Bolas things. Making opponents discard their cards, reanimating discarded creatures with The Scarab God or Animate Dead or the flipped Commander or The Eldest Reborn. Stealing permanents with walker abilities.


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