Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare

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For each attacking creature, its owner puts it on the top or bottom of his or her library.

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AEtherspouts Discussion

UpperDeckerTaco on Protean Chromium, Elder Dragon

2 hours ago

No Mesa Enchantress or Doomwake Giant? Seem like reasonable options. Also, Idyllic Tutor seems like a good option for additional tutors.

Heartless Summoning seems a little bad here with Chromium. If you ever pitch a card to give it Hexproof and Chromium isn't suited up, it just dies to Heartless Summoning. It also kills your Snapcaster Mage when it enters.

As Foretold also seems like a decent enchantment. Along with Ghostly Prison and Propaganda since you are not running any board wipes, you need some sort of protection. A board wipe that you can use that doesn't affect your board is Settle the Wreckage or AEtherspouts.

cyclinggamer on Locust God

4 days ago

Played this deck last night, actually won a game. Had a stock deck player make the table discard our hands and draw cards, feeding The Locust God card draw trigger.

Played a few instants and sorceries where I killed off one player, kept and AEtherspouts in hand for the killing blow from the other player. He swung all in, and I nerfed the attack, ready to swing at him next turn. He scooped.

'Course, updated to dump the Hijack type spells in favor of more draw, since draw from the stock player made me overwhelming for that game.

Fun times.

cyclinggamer on Locust God

4 days ago

Played this deck last night, actually won a game. Had a stock deck player make the table discard our hands and draw cards, feeding The Locust God card draw trigger.

Played a few instants and sorceries where I killed off one player, kept and AEtherspouts in hand for the killing blow from the other player. He swung all in, and I nerfed the attack, ready to swing at him next turn. He scooped.

Fun times.

NoSoyYucateco on Mizzix, Guttersnipe's Muse

5 days ago

I am a big fan of Guttersnipe's new baby sister, Firebrand Archer. I am not sure where to make a cut (maybe Reality Spasm or AEtherspouts?), but she is a great storm piece.

jolli20 on Wizardy draw with some fish

1 week ago

Let's get you some wincons, and fix that landbase.

First: Landbase. Basic stuff, manarocks, and better land cards, and a touch of fetchlands to get us rocking and rolling. Then, guess what, you're playing green. Congrats, you get the luxury of a vast array of tasty morsels called ramp spells, so we'll take advantage of that.

-3x Island, +Simic Growth Chamber, +Yavimaya Coast, +Bant Panorama

-2 Forest, +Myriad Landscape, +Command Tower

-Beneath the Sands + Traverse the Outlands (great way to filter land out of the deck if you get a big hand size power/toughness creature)

-Zndrsplt's Judgment +Thran Dynamo

-Blink of an Eye + Gilded Lotus

-Evacuation +Simic Signet

-Displace +Cultivate

-Mystic Confluence, + Kodama's Reach

-Time of Ice, + Nissa's Pilgrimage

-Entrancing Melody + Explosive Vegetation

Next, let's look at capitalizing on your commander's strengths: Card draw. We'll add in card draw, and some hand size manipulation to help manage it, along with some ways to make use of all that mana you gain and cards you draw.

-Watertrap Weaver, + Minds Aglow

-Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter + Mind Spring

-Academy Journeymage + Braingeyser

-Academy Elite + Pull from Tomorrow

-True-Name Nemesis + Venser's Journal

-Genesis Hydra + Thought Vessel

- Storm Sculptor + Tishana, Voice of Thunder

-Riddleform +Spellbook

-Divination +Harmonize

-Fleet Swallower +Awakening

Now for some wincons:

-Devastation Tide +Goblin Cannon (with your upcoming infinite mana/card draw combos, draw into this, then ping everyone for infinite damage and win, the ability stacks as many times as you pay the mana for it, before sacrificing itself).

-Saheeli's Artistry +Empyrial Plate (slap that on your commander, give it flying with caller of gales, free commander damage kill)

-Grunn, the Lonely King, + Laboratory Maniac

-Index + Time Warp

-Broken Bond, + Beacon of Tomorrows

-Opt +Psychosis Crawler

-Jace's Ingenuity +Sturmgeist

-Spelltwine. - River's Rebuke

+Isochron Scepter, +Dramatic Reversal (infinite mana combo with some mana rocks)

-Fumble +Illusionist's Bracers

-Ghostly Flicker +Aphetto Alchemist (equip bracers to alphetto, tap to untap it and target manarock or kydele for aother infinite mana combo, once you have infinite combos going, you can take multiple turns, draw out your whole deck with psychosis or lab maniac or tishana, or empyrial plate, etc)

Other infinite combos you can look for are Sword of the Paruns or Umbral Mantle equipped to kydele if she's drawn enough cards. The possibilities are vast, just a matter of finding yourself a bit of room for those cards, which shouldn't be too hard. However I'm also aware of budgets, I know I've suggested a LOT of changes, many that you might need to purchase, and while the individual cards aren't too pricey, collectively it's a lot once you look at all the changes. But if you're personally looking to take your deck to the next level, I'll add some more blingy suggestions at the end of this comment.

Last couple of swaps to make:

-Overwhelming Denial +Counterspell (cheaper, better counterspell)

-AEtherspouts +Swan Song

The bling: Staff of Domination (more kydele comboing)

Patron Wizard

Seedborn Muse

Minamo, School at Water's Edge

Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Cyclonic Rift


Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Tooth and Nail

other cards to consider would be a touch more cantrips and counterspells? Depends on local meta, how often you need to stop people from preventing your comboing off: Pact of Negation Muddle the Mixtures Brainstorm Mystical Tutor

Barookie on Nicol Bolas, the Card Ravager

3 weeks ago

felletje Thanks for the suggestions, I agree that replacing Talrand, Sky Summoner with The Locust God is probably better for the deck seeing as I don't need to cast spells to make small blockers, it just happens as I draw and if I have Nicol Bolas transformed into the Arisen, I could get three locusts a turn for free. I have also replaced AEtherize with AEtherspouts seeing as it can slow someone down a lot if they decide to put the stuff back on top of their library, and help me stall the game better too.

The reasoning for me using the other creatures in this deck is that a card like Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs can completely shut down creature decks without flying and make a very large amount of tokens as a result of people attacking me. Neheb, the Eternal is here to help pool up mana for something like transforming my commander earlier on when there is an opportunity to do so as well as helping pay for some of the more expensive cards in my deck. Erebos, God of the Dead is in this deck to shut down any lifegain my opponents could have as well as give me a cheap card advantage over my opponents, the more options I have to respond with, the better I will do.

I've seen most of the creatures you have suggested but I just feel that some of them are too situational, or just, in my eyes, don't really help with what I'm trying to accomplish with this deck.

Thank you for the suggestions.

felletje on Nicol Bolas, the Card Ravager

3 weeks ago

Hi. I have seen your list and I dont think it will work quite just yet. Let me explain.

  • You are playing a lot of blink stuff. While that is good, only bolas gets a little bit of value off of it. And since you're already playing so few creatures that can also benefit from blinking, it is not worth it.

  • Cards like unsummon and AEtherize can be replaced with AEtherspouts and Pongify. These are strict upgrades.

  • You play some creature cards that are simply not working together with what the deck wants to do. Talrand, neheb, kazuul, erebos, fog bank are all cards that need to compliment some strategy. Making 3/3 centaurs, 2/2 drakes or a couple of mana just doesnt feel like they have jobs that your deck wants fulfilled. I'd rather see cards like Deathbringer Regent, Hostage Taker, Dragonlord Silumgar who can actively do something about the board. Cards like Deepglow Skate can let you go off if bolas is in his planeswalker form. The Locust God can net you far more tokens then talrand can, and is practically unremovable.

I hope this helps! HF building

xEleven on Great Bad Choices with Tetsuko Umezawa

1 month ago

MadMadison nope. Just an example ;p (I play it in my Jodah decl). I was looking through some cards and found some good ideas. See if any of these work? Maybe take out some clunky cards for it. BTW not checking to see if you already have these cards. If they are here, then they should be pretty good. 1. Commandeer? --> You have a bunch of draw power, so put it to good use! 2. AEtherspouts? --> Not too sure about this one. I'll test it a bit more and see. 3. Cryptic Command? --> Almost always a good card, especially in mono blue! 4. Cephalid Constable --> More Disruption. I stand by this card and think it's extremely valuable. 5. Latchkey Faerie --> Depends on if you are planning to go tribal heavy or not. 6. Master of Waves --> I think those 2/1s are gonna poke in for a lot of damage. 7. Nimble Obstructionist --> I think the cycle ability is great, but a 3/1 unblockable is also valuable. 8. Phyrexian Revoker --> Good card in general. Also unblockable. Disrupts tempo. 9. Rootwater Thief --> Helps disrupt certain cards in their combo. 10. Surrakar Spellblade --> Amazing for card draw. Also unblockable. 11. Thing in the Ice  Flip --> Good card in general. I think you should use him as one of your finishers in case your board gets blown up. 12. General Comments: - I think you are too creature heavy. I think you can include soft counter spells. For example, Spell Pierce, Spell Snare, and Negate. I think you need less counter spells for creatures (speaking of, use Counterspell and Mana Drain), because the big damage will be coming from spells like Damnation, Wrath of God, Anger of the Gods, etc. I think counter spells will be useful to save your board state. And if a mass removal does resolve, a Thing in the Ice  Flip would be great. Some examples are... - Cyclonic Rift is also great creature disruption with high versatility. - Forbid might be good if you need to dump some cards that u drew. - Stifle is also nice if a creature entered the battlefield and triggered mass removal, like Avacyn, the Purifier.

Another miscellaneous cards could be.. - Mask of Memory --> great card draw!

What you should cut... - Wild-Field Scarecrow - Temporal Adept - Shapesharer and Shape Stealer - Consider Siren of the Fanged Coast even though it did me wonders in that one match. - Courtly Provocateur

That's all I've got for now. Please remember these are just my suggestions. If you implement all of these, it becomes my deck and not yours. So remember, keep what you can justify, and leave what you can't. Incorporate what you see potential in, leave or test the rest. Good luck!

P.S.: I will be back to look at it some more. This deck really intrigues me!

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