Library of Leng


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Common
Fifth Edition (5ED) Uncommon
Fourth Edition (4ED) Uncommon
Revised Edition (3ED) Uncommon
Unlimited Edition (2ED) Uncommon
Collector's Edition (CED) Uncommon
International Collector's Edition (CEI) Uncommon
Limited Edition Beta (LEB) Uncommon
Limited Edition Alpha (LEA) Uncommon

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Library of Leng


You have no maximum hand size.

If an effect causes you to discard a card, discard it, but you may put it on top of your library instead of into your graveyard.

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Library of Leng Discussion

Bchong on Breya

20 hours ago

you don't have all of the 1 blue draw spells...Brainstorm, Ponder

and you have dead cards

Wurmcoil Engine is this just a scary card?, Soul of New Phyrexia just run a counterspell or something, Library of Leng just run some recursion, Dispeller's Capsule and Executioner's Capsule just run regular removalIron Maiden am I missing something cause it doesn't seem like you are playing staxs. Cranial Plating Its commander why are you swinging at people?

Anguished Unmaking --->FragmentizeVindicate---> this removal will depend on your play group. but generally having more artifact/enchantment removal is more important or just play Spell PierceEthersworn Adjudicator-->anything else this is way too slow and costs way too much mana for a combo deck to realistically play. Remember you are just trying to cum onto the board the GTFO not sit there.Rhystic Study--->Mystic Remora you can keep bothBeacon of Unrest---> Any other kind of recursion this is too hard to cast

chadsansing on The Locust wheel

2 days ago

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep is very cool! Have you considered Mikokoro, Center of the Sea instead of Geier Reach Sanitarium?

I dig Dragonshift and Library of Leng a lot, as well.

I've been working on a list using The Locust God. I've moved away from some of my wheel effects like Mindmoil and creatures with triggered wheels to get away from the randomness of what opponents and I discard and draw. I've also found that winning out of nowhere or rebuilding the board doesn't take too long, so I've dropped a lot of counter magic and protection in favor of more draw and direct damage based off of the number of cards or creatures I have. Dogpile, Invoke the Firemind, and Roar of the Crowd have been pretty good.

What do you think of that approach? You can see the list here: Revenge of the Nibblers.

cdkime on Pain is Cerebral (Nekusar HOD updated)

4 days ago

Couple suggestions:

One of the problems with Nekusar is playing wheel effects when you have a fist-full of great cards. You want the damage caused by the wheel, but the cost of discarding your hand is too steep. Library of Leng fixes this problem. You can "discard" cards you want to save, only to instantly draw them again.

Sigil of Sleep alongside a wheel effect is particularly effective against creature-based decks.

I think you should move Dark Deal to the mainboard. Wheels are the crux of any Nekusar deck, and the more the merrier.

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind goes pseudo-infinite with Curiosity and Helm of the Ghastlord.

Hive Mind is particularly powerful alongside wheel effects.

Ruble on Kydevic, Alchemist of Kruphix

1 week ago

@Despite_Myself - thanks for the suggestion. Tishana had been on my list of cards to try out after she was spoiled for Ixalan, and I tested both your suggestion, and running her in place of Spring / Mind, a card that I like a lot but I've found to be an underperformer in this deck. I tested for about 10 or so games, and played Tishana in about 7-8 of them.

Ultimately, I found her to be somewhat hit-and-miss. When drawn and played into an already strong position, she was great, but when I was behind, she was very underwhelming. For the sake of analysis, I'll break it down based on each of her abilities.

Her power/tougness setting clause is fine. It's rare that we don't have a large hand when playing this deck, so she's often a big face-beater (albeit one with no evasion) or a large wall, depending on what we need at the time. In the times that our engine has shut down, for whatever reason - aggressive discard, or boardwipes, or whatever - She's very weak, and paying 7 mana for a 1/1, even with cantrip attached, never feels good.

The 'no max hand size' clause is never a bad thing, and it gives us added redunancy in that area, helping us keep our hand in our hand! However, she is not only the most costly of these abilities, but also the most vulnerable, being a creature with no built-in protection. For contrast, Reliquary Tower is a land, which costs nothing to play and generates mana for us. Thought Vessel and Library of Leng are cheap artifacts that give extra benefits. Venser's Journal is relatively costly, but provides free lifegain every upkeep as a benefit. Kruphix, God of Horizons, when Devotion is not online, is an enchantment, which is typically the most difficult card type to remove, and him having Indestructible makes him even trickier to deal with. Even as a creature, he can only be removed by exile effects, -X/-X or bounce.

The main point of contention is her final ability.She ideally wants to be played into a board that is already heavily populated with creatures to get the most cards possible, and this is not a deck that goes very wide on its creatures. At the most I drew five cards off of Tishana, and that's including herself, and at worst she only drew me one - having to play her after a boardwipe to protect myself from the table.

All that said and done, I feel there is a space for her in the deck, just not in place of Tireless Tracker or even Spring / Mind. Based on all this, I felt a better comparison, and swap, for her would be Overbeing of Myth.

First off, Tishana is easier to cast - needing only UG and 5 generic, as opposed to five hybrid in only green or blue. Overbeing's mana cost wouldn't be an issue if we were only in green and blue, but with also running red in the deck, Overbeing is too much of a strain on the manabase.

Second, Overbeing of Myth's card draw ability, while self-contained and not reliant on my board state, is a little slow, especially for a creature with no self-protection. It does work well in tandem with other cards in the deck - Sylvan Library springs to mind, but if the card doesn't make it to my next upkeep, for whatever reason, then that five mana has been paid for nothing; the card-drawing ability, plus the size Overbeing can get to, paints a target on it for spot-removal, and it often happens that a boardwipe happens before my next upkeep. Tishana is better here because the card draw benefit is immediate, helping me run through my deck that little bit faster and getting at least some return for my mana investment, even if it isn't always what I would want; plus, if Tishana is bounced or otherwise returned to my hand somehow,I get to use that ability again.

Third, Tishana has that 'no max hand size' clause, where Overbeing of Myth doesn't. This is pretty much gravy; Tishana is already the better card to run when you consider the less prohibitive mana cost and the immediate impact of her card draw ability. As such, this is the swap I've made going forward.

Thanks again for your input!

cdkime on Embracing the Madness: A Nekusar Primer

1 week ago

One of the problems I've had when playing wheels, and which you allude to in your first post, is having a fist-full of useful cards, but your wheel effects would force you to discard. Library of Leng fixes this problem. You can "discard" the cards you want to the top of your library, dump the cards that are worthless to you, thereby engineering a better hand.

Helm of the Ghastlord gives you a number of advantages. Like Curiosity, it allows you to draw obscene amounts of cards, and combos with Niv-Mizzet. However, more importantly, it forces your opponents to discard every card they draw. This card can win you the game--you play a wheel effect, they discard their hand, yet are unable to ever draw to replace.

Sigil of Sleep can be helpful against creature-based decks.

Phyresis makes a good finisher, but is a bit gimmicky--you can easily kill the entire board (particularly if Tefari's puzzle box finishes players on their upkeep), but it also gives your opponents a "free" set of card draws if removed before dealing lethal infect damage (unless others are playing infect).

Personally, I would recommend cutting cards that damage yourself, such as Phyrexian Tyranny and Spiteful Visions. In my experience, the speed at which they kill other players does not justify how easy they make you to kill.

LoreandMore on Firemind Comp

1 week ago

I dig the concept and love Arcanis the Omnipotent. You might think about Howling Mine, Sphinx of the Final Word, and Library of Leng for discard shenanigans.

passascats on Prime Speaker Zegana

2 weeks ago

Looks like a good start. It's not clear to me what your primary win/cons are, but drawing cards and playing good stuff is always fun (Simic is may Fave).
I would put in some more stuff to maximize your hand size. Venser's Journal, Thought Vessel, Praetor's Counsel, and maybe even Library of Leng.A couple more bounce/flicker effects might be useful. Nephalia Smuggler and Ghostly Flicker are my favorites, but I also use Crystal Shard to bounce my stuff or threats from others.
If you're planning on going in for commander damage some protection for your commander might help too.

Things I would look at cutting: Skullclamp, Foe-Razer Regent, Spitting Image, and Curse of the Swine (I love this card but it always ends up less effective than I think it is my hand).

Good Luck!

cdkime on Nekusar - One Damage at a Time

2 weeks ago

Personally, I do not like Spiteful Visions with Nekusar. While it provides significant damage to your opponents, you are also hitting yourself. Not a great situation if you are throwing wheel effects around.

I have also found Font of Mythos, Howling Mine, and the like to be more trouble than they are worth. The additional damage they provide per turn is insignificant, and, at least in my opinion, not worth the boon the other player receives. You need several cards with Nekusar-like effects before they become worthwhile; and sometimes keeping all those creatures on the field can be challenging. I would recommend replacing with more wheel effects (such as the Dark Deal you cut, or Winds of Change).

There are a couple enchantments which work well with Nekusar:

Helm of the Ghastlord - Whenever they draw a card, you get a card, which is always nice. But, more importantly, whenever they draw a card (and thus take damage), they are also forced to discard a card. This negates any boon Nekusar's card draw gives, and, if you play a wheel effect, their hand disappears for the rest of the game.

Sigil of Sleep - Whenever they draw a card, you bounce one of their creatures.

Curiosity - Whenever they draw a card, you get a card. As above, this is pretty nifty.

Phyresis - If you hate your friends, this card is great. You can easily and swiftly kill all your opponents when this is in play.

Some other cards to consider:

One of the problems with Wheels is you sometimes have a fist full of good cards, and do not want to discard them. Library of Leng fixes this problem. You can now discard the junk, while placing what you want back on top of your library, only to be instantly redrawn.

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind goes well with the crazy amounts of card draw you generate, and even goes infinite with Curiosity or Helm of the Ghastlord.

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