Whispering Madness


Each player discards his or her hand, then draws cards equal to the greatest number of cards a player discarded in this way.

Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may cast a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)

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Whispering Madness Discussion

Karns_Pyromancer on Grixis Resource Deprivation.

2 weeks ago

I'd have to say Gwen. She's the most disruptive of the three that hit hands & you can always run Jeleva in the deck.

Don't forget to add things like Waste Not, Liliana's Caress, Megrim or wheel effects like Dark Deal, Wheel of Fate, & Whispering Madness

zsurapine on Mirko Vosk, Herr des Tanzes

2 weeks ago

lucal13 Thanks for your comment! I've been torn about Necromaster Dragon and Szadek, Lord of Secrets for a while. I agree that their cost is too high... I took them out and added in Whispering Madness! I actually had it in an earlier version of this deck, but I hadn't really used it much. I'll give it another shot though.


lucal13 on Mirko Vosk, Herr des Tanzes

2 weeks ago

I run a very similar version to your Mirko deck and I might have a few suggestions as to what cards to remove.

First off it depends if you are playing multiplayer or 1v1. If your are playing multiplayer I would remove the "target player" spells such as Dream Twist, Tome Scour, Coerced Confession and Memory Sluice If you are playing 1v1 I would still remove a few of them because they are not overly powerful.

In general, I think Bitter Ordeal is sort of out of place here as you run both Leyline of the Void and Planar Void. Also, Bitter Ordeal requires permanents to be put into the graveyard, which means they need to have come from the battlefield. It is quite good however if you are running boardwipes.

I have played with Necromaster Dragon before and I felt like it was too much to pay for it's effects. I have also found that by the time I get Szadek, Lord of Secrets out the game is pretty much already over or I want to cast other spells.

Some more advice that I might give you is that I have found wheels such as Windfall and Whispering Madness to be quite effective especially with Library of Leng

I hope it all helped! Glad to help a fellow Mirko player.

Here is my deck if you need anything else to go off of. :)

Sorry, but they have to go, YES ALL OF THEM!

Commander / EDH lucal13


Vasseer on Dralnu Suicide Control

3 weeks ago

I've played a lot of dralnu and you have waay too many ways to protect him. Honestly in my last list didn't run any of the equipment like lightning greaves and stuff because they're just useless without dralnu and extra copies are redundant, it's usually just better to either counter the burn or just kill dralnu in response. Niv-Mizzet shouldn't really be an issue for dralnu since they ping him one point at a time so you can just sac him if you don't have anything you don't care about. I mean I guess if you're meta is just mono red decks it's reasonable to have that much protection but otherwise it's just a waste of space. I would cut all of them except pemmin's aura and maybe swiftfoot boots since the rest can put you in a bad place against a boseiju'd blasphemous act (except magebane armor, but that card is way too expensive).

Time warps are the nuts with dralnu, Time Stretch lets you take 4 extra turns Time Warp becomes time stretch etc. They're absolutely disgusting. And highly recommended. (some people will just scoop when you say take 8 extra turns).

The deck seems really light on actual card advantage generating spells; there are only 5 or so and even those ones only get you up a card or two. Windfall, Whispering Madness, Fact or Fiction, Epiphany at the Drownyard and Treasure Cruise are all very solid cards.

Wydwyn is not really interchangable with dralnu at all, she favours tempo-control decks that usually kill with hatred or something, she's still weak to a lot of the same match ups as dralnu and if the plan when playing her is just to find dralnu asap, then isn't it just better to play dralnu as the commander.

I actually don't know how you win, for real, you have an entire section dedicated to it but all the win cons seem to suck, Ashiok does nothing and why are you milling your opponents and yet still playing Lab Man for a natural deck out? Lab Man himself is actually just terribly unplayable, you're playing a Gray Ogre, Gray Ogre is a bad card, you won't win with this because A) You have so little self-mill and card draw that you'd run out of answers before your opponents ran out of threats especially in a multiplayer game since you only have 4 board wipes and no way to lock people down. B) Because you run beacon of unrest and C) because it's a Gray Ogre probably the easiest thing to remove in magic. Jace is ok but planeswalkers are generally pretty inconsistent at ultimating. Stealing your opponents creatures is not really a win-con especially given that you aren't stealing more than 2-3 a game. Talrand - now I might be underestimating how many spells you play in a game but a deck with an average cmc of 3, 35 spells and only 8 counterspells isn't going to get a lot of value out of Talrand. Ulamog dies astoundingly easily and yet is the closest thing to a win con this deck has.

How to make dralnu a true beast: Locks, not infinite combos so much because at that point he's just a bad Oona, Queen of the Fae but things like Knowledge Pool + Arcane Laboratory are what make him nuts (you can flash stuff back but nobody can cast spells from hand). Playing Animate Dead without Kederekt Leviathan in UB seems almost always incorrect. As I said Time Walk effects are insane. Mindlock Orb + Maralen of the Mornsong can be good but requires a little more set up. Zur's Weirding is sweet though, I totally forgot about that card last time I built dralnu.

More tutors would probably be good, they tutor twice so ya. Entomb is a bit expensive but is actually just the most powerful card in dralnu, like absolutely busted. 1 mana instant Demonic Tutor but better because you can bin Kederekt Leviathan.

Dimir Cluestone just costs too much mana to be good, in 2 colours you shouldn't need the fixing and so Mind Stone works much better.

Riptide Laboratory can bounce dralnu and is really all the protection he needs.

Ponder > Preordain

DonaldFuck on Doubling Yidris

3 weeks ago

Yes you can do crazy things if you have waste not out. I did some crazy things when i first bought it too. Whispering Madness with waste not equals great fun. I remember after those wheel effects i resurrected all of my opponent creatures with Ghastly Conscription, so imagine the tokens i had on the battlefield. Maybe now i will add 3-4 wheels. Since i dont run tutors i thought the possibility to have a wheel and a waste not is very low. You can have all the wheels you want, but there is only one waste not.

lordkrosa on Doubling Yidris

3 weeks ago

I highly agree. As for the wheeling effects, I only have 4 cards that produce that effect. In almost every game I have played, the wheeling ends up being very benefitial (especially if your playing multiple people). I had a game where Vulturous Zombie was out, and I played Whispering Madness on Vulturous Zombie (4 players including me). The zombie ended up getting 17 +1/+1 counters, and Waste Not gave me an additional 7 2/2 zombies for the creatures that were discarded. I used the black mana produced by Waste Not to equip Sword of Feast and Famine to Vulturous Zombie. When I swung, I took one opponent out, and then used my new set of mana to cascade for the win (I also swung with Yidris). Not to mention Whispering Madness popped again during combat and produced a bunch more nastiness via Waste Not.

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