Increasing Ambition

Increasing Ambition


Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. If Increasing Ambition was cast from a graveyard, instead search your library for two cards and put those cards into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Flashback 7B (You may cast this spell from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Increasing Ambition Discussion

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Accidental infinite combo.

3 days ago

So I was playing yesterday, and my friend Kate is playing her Savra, Queen of the Golgari build. She's got Phyrexian Altar on the battlefield, as well as Sidisi, Undead Vizier and a Mitotic Slime. I hear her say, "Huh," under her breath, then she sacrifices both creatures to the altar for 2 mana. She then sacs both of Slime's tokens for 2 more mana. Then she sacs two of the resulting 4 tokens, bringing her up to 6 mana, which she uses to cast Ever After. It returns Sidisi and the Slime, Sidisi sacrifices another token to tutor up Ever After. She can now repeat the process, netting one 1/1 slime every time. She can also sac those 1/1's for any color mana.

But wait! There's more.

With this infinite mana, she can use Sidisi to tutor up Rune-Scarred Demon instead of Ever After, then cast the demon to get Ever After and continue the cycle, only now she can resurrect the demon and Sidisi at the same time (for as long as she has infinite 1/1's to sac for mana) to tutor any/every card she has in the deck and play it. In this case, she just cast Savra, then got Woodfall Primus and killed every thing we owned. While also gaining infinite life and making us sac all our creatures.

And it turns out, this combo is actually fairly resilient- exile Sidisi or Rune-scarred demon, and Increasing Ambition can still find Woodfall Primus and Ever After. Exile both tutor creatures? Just use Eternal Witness and any tutor spell. Woodfall Primus is gone? She'll just get Nezumi Graverobber and resurrect all your creatures to fight for her. Got rid of Ever After? Victimize works too, but only with EWit, and only gets everything out of her graveyard. And of course, killing any of these creatures doesn't stop the combo- they have to be exiled, or shuffled away.

The only irreplaceable parts are Phyrexian Altar and Mitotic Slime. Does anyone know any possible alternatives to put in?

Deruvid on Teysa and you guys helped me build it

1 week ago

I much prefer Attrition over Stronghold Assassin, but you want to be running a strong token subtheme to maximize that. "Orzhov Law and Order" is a pretty broad theme but according to the suggestions, lifegain appears to be a strong theme so far. To that end, I suggest the following mana ramp options:

Cabal Coffers, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Nirkana Revenant, Crypt Ghast, Doubling Cube, and Caged Sun

Then use drain spells like Debt to the Deathless, Bond of Agony, Death Grasp, Profane Command and Exsanguinate for big life swings. Beacon of Immortality and False Cure is a fun combo, especially when put together by Increasing Ambition.

Other Black-White goodstuff would be Ashen Rider and Unburial Rites.

Optimator on Laird's Rakdos Boggart Avalanche

1 week ago

Dark Petition, Ill-Gotten Gains, Increasing Ambition, too.

As far as the mana ramping, I swear I had a few ideas for it. All I can remember right now is Goblin Offensive. Drain Life is perfect for this deck, I think! Just the black flavor I was looking to add.

Just remembered one: Profane Command. I thought that would be a good utility card and a fun splash of black flavor. Rakdos's Return too, although I think that would be easily dropped to make room. Great for a black/red control deck.


3 weeks ago

I'm totally cool with a deck beyond 60. Theoretically, it dilutes the other draw ratios to allow another card ratio. It's got a strategy to it.

With control decks I don't mind playing competitively with 61 or 63 cards. 65 is pushing it, but depends on the deck and this deck does have Increasing Ambition soo, a bunch of Singleton cards is cool; gives options.

Like it!

PookandPie on Who is playing Tamiyo's Journal

1 month ago

I'm with TheDevicer on this. Every color has access to better card draw and/or tutoring effects.

Unless your playgroup is extremely slow, waiting around 3 turns for a tutor is terrible and you may as well run Planar Portal or Ring of Three Wishes (which I also feel are just way too slow, but whatever, that's my playgroup). If you're sacrificing the clues and not waiting for the tutor, then you most likely would've preferred that card be Mind's Eye, since you would have drawn twice as many cards for the mana spent.

If you're in , you've got Rhystic Study, Consecrated Sphinx, Fabricate, Transmute Artifact, Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor, Merchant Scroll, Reshape, various transmute cards like Ethereal Usher, etc., for specific tutors and draw, with plenty more draw spells to choose from (so many I kind of don't want to go into them all).

If in , you have Harmonize, Worldly Tutor, Green Sun's Zenith, Chord of Calling, Birthing Pod, Natural Order, Sylvan Tutor, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Sylvan Library, Regal Force, Soul of the Harvest/Primordial Sage, Tooth and Nail, Genesis Wave, Greater Good, Crop Rotation, Traverse the Ulvenwald and lots more for draw and specific tutors.

gets Mentor of the Meek, Open the Armory, Stoneforge Mystic, Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, Plea for Guidance, Three Dreams, Stonehewer Giant, Steelshaper's Gift, Land Tax and Scroll Rack, Weathered Wayfarer (get that Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or Kor Haven, lol), Academy Rector, the white enchantress effects like Kor Spiritdancer or Mesa Enchantress, if you're trying to Voltron, and probably a couple of ones I'm mising, too.

gets Phyrexian Arena, Necropotence, Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Intent, Grim Tutor, Imperial Seal, Diabolic Tutor, Diabolic Revelation, Dark Petition, Increasing Ambition, the various transmute cards like Brainspoil, Dark Prophecy, Bloodgift Demon, Rune-Scarred Demon, Ad Nauseam, Doomsday (requires a specific build, but whatever, you win if you make the pile properly), Graveborn Muse or Corpse Augur, Grim Haruspex and Harvester of Souls, and a lot more.

? Gamble, Wheel of Fortune and friends like Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fate, etc.. Okay, so maybe red is a little anemic when it comes to draw spells (or maybe I'm forgetting a bunch, but whatever), but hey, the ones they have are absolutely amazing. If you're bad and are afraid of throwing away blank cards in your hand, use Library of Leng to get around that.

Multicolor gets interesting/powerful stuff like Prime Speaker Zegana, Drogskol Reaver, Ephara, God of the Polis, Eladamri's Call, Notion Thief, Sire of Stagnation, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Spiteful Visions, Deathreap Ritual, etc..

Colorless? Memory Jar, Mind's Eye, Ring of Three Wishes, Planar Portal, Skullclamp, Sensei's Divining Top (combine with Rings of Brighthearth for 3: Draw 1 card. You'd think it's worse than Tamiyo's Journal, except you can do this more than once if you wanted to, and if you add Basalt Monolith, which is already a good card, you get to draw your entire library if no one stops you), Howling Mine, Mask of Memory, Font of Mythos, Sword of Fire and Ice, Slate of Ancestry, and probably a couple I'm forgetting here, too.

This isn't even including the sheer number of cantrips most of these colors get. Before I would think of popping Tamiyo's Journal into any deck, I'd need to be a mono red control deck that runs no creatures, and, well, that's a pretty remarkable niche. A strong case could be made for a fair number of the above over Tamiyo's Journal, in most aspects.

Guftders on The Tens of EDH 6: ...

1 month ago

While you do state Ethereal Usher as a tutor, you've neglected to mention the better Transmute options, namely Muddle the Mixture, Perplex and Clutch of the Undercity. Also missed out Increasing Ambition.

Of course, each of the three transmute options also fit into other categories as well, such as counterspells (which is what makes them better than usher). Also Misdirection is functionally similar to Force of Will.

Also, in , we have Jarad's Orders.

CosmicMind on Sword and Board

1 month ago

How about Increasing Ambition instead of Diabolic Tutor

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