Increasing Ambition

Increasing Ambition



Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. If Increasing Ambition was cast from a graveyard, instead search your library for two cards and put those cards into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Flashback 7B (You may cast this spell from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Increasing Ambition Discussion

FinchFalcon on Let's Talk Alhammarret's Archive

1 week ago

Gidgetimer: I'd much rather have a card that draws me more cards than one that says if I draw one, I get an extra. The life gain is nice, but Oloro does just fine on his own without doubling effects. It's not that it's not good, just that it's not good enough. Turn five, I'd rather drop my Sen Triplets if I'm going to have to wait till my next turn for an effect. I'd rather drop my Gilded Lotus and hold up that mana for a counterspell. Archangel of Thune has better synergy. Divinity of Pride presents a better threat. Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is better for her control and her ult, and Liliana Vess or Increasing Ambition let me find exactly what I need. And since I've been drawing extra cards since turn three with Necropotence and/or Phyrexian Arena and/or Rhystic Study and/or Jace Beleren, I don't need the five-mana, slow, win-more effect. Either I'm already drawing cards, and I don't need the Archive to win, or I'm not, and the Archive won't save me.

PayOneLife on Yard Work

2 weeks ago

Hey dude.

You have some life gain in here, so you should have the king of mono-black good stuff - Necropotence. Makes Read the Bones look like my dear old grandma. Also, devotion.

Your lands look good, but you could pick up a Strip Mine as a replacement for or another Ghost Quarter effect.

Shadow Alley Denizen is pretty bad. Putrid Imp gives you a discard outlet for your reanimate shenanigans.

Diabolic Tutor could be improved with a Increasing Ambition, or a Demonic Collusion which gives you another discard outlet and several bites at the tutor cherry. You could use either of these to pull off Hexmage + Dark Depths, which otherwise might be a bit tough! Diabolic Intent, Vampiric Tutor and Beseech the Queen are worth a mention as far as tutors go too.

You really need more discard outlets. At the moment Living Death is going to benefit your opponents more than you a lot of the time, and you're going to have to hard cast a lot of your critters. I have noticed that most of your reanimation can target opponents' graveyards, but it's still a good idea to be able to cheat your own critters in as well. Animate Dead is a good cheapy that does the any graveyard thing. Mesmeric Orb and Altar of Dementia come to mind to fill your bin.

Exquisite Blood can go in for either consume spirit or drain life. It's way better in just about all circumstances.

Black Market because good stuff is good.

Terror and Vampire Nighthawk aren't great EDH cards imo. You have plenty of creature removal without the terror.

booflesnazzer on Vorosh's Control

2 weeks ago

Looking good! Here are my recommendations:

SinsOfAKiller1 on Dredge my way into a WIN

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the help I think I'll be removing Increasing Ambition for Mesmeric Orb That combo seems really awesome in this deck thank you. Steaditup and pauginxz And I'll think about it with the eldrazi they are like 20 each so I don't know.

NoviceMagician on Custom Card Deck Collaboration

3 weeks ago

It could work, but it'd have to be worded like Increasing Ambition.

NoviceMagician on Custom Card Deck Collaboration

3 weeks ago

Actually Increasing Ambition does do the same thing... It just makes it better because of higher CMC to cast it.

Color(s) Black
Cost 4B
Converted cost 5
Avg. draft pick 1.52
Avg. cube pick 11.36


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare

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