Burning Sun's Avatar


Not legal in any format

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Burning Sun's Avatar

Creature — Dinosaur

When Burning Sun's Avatar enters the battlefield, it deals 3 damage to target opponent and 3 damage to up to one target creature.

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Burning Sun's Avatar Discussion

ohtom on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

3 days ago

Goring Ceratops sounds good, but I think you're right, being only toughness 3 leaves him dead Lightning Strike, Abrade and Harnessed Lightning really easily, otherwise I'd consider a copy or two over maybe Burning Sun's Avatar. As it stands though, I don't think it's playable in standard, maybe you could sideboard it and use it against similar decks to really top of the curve?

Wakening Sun's Avatar is also tempting as a big drop - but triple white is a strain on the mana base.

TehGrief on Ixalan Park (#2 Gishath Commander)

4 days ago


Love the deck idea, love dinosaurs in general...

I notice that dinosaurs seem to have a large focus around ETB effects, so perhaps using cards such as;

These would all make for great synergy, especially with Verdant Sun's Avatar or Burning Sun's Avatar, and who doesn't want more tokens with stuff like Regisaur Alpha?

Just an idea! Though, I think it would be a powerful way to fully take advantage of all the ETB effects repeatedly.

HorridBEAST on Naya Dinosaurs! (Plz Help)

5 days ago

@pfcpat12 - I already have 11 pieces of ramp, going up to a full 4-off Drover of the Mighty is bordering on overkill. Burning Sun's Avatar has a decent ETB effect, but a 6/6 for 6 with no evasion is very lacking (also triple red in 3-color deck is asking a lot of a manabase). If I was going to main deck a 6 drop I would rather move Carnage Tyrant from the sideboard; hexproof and trample is a mean combo. Whether or not Raging Swordtooth stays will depend on what the post rotation meta looks like. There will be a lot of sorcery speed removal so it's possible that Charging Monostrosaur will do good work.

@Backinajiffy - Rile wouldn't be a great card even if I had more Enrage creatures. As it stands Ripjaw Raptor is the only creature that benefits from taking damage and Charging Monstrasaur, Raging Swordtooth, and Gishath, Sun's Avatar already have trample. Savage Stomp has the same problem that all fight cards do: it is useless if you don't control a big creature. If I'm staring down a mono-red deck and I want to take out an early game creature, the best case is I can cast it on T3 (Which means I've either got the nuts and cast Ripjaw Raptor with enough mana to spare or I'm using it to make my 0/3, 1/1, or 1/2 fight. Alternatively, if I'm across the table from a control deck it does just straight nothing. I would much rather have Lightning Strike to kill little creatures early game or go to the dome in the late game. Abrade can't go to the dome, but it can take out Verdurous or Torrential Gearhulk

pfcpat12 on Naya Dinosaurs! (Plz Help)

5 days ago

I think your land looks pretty fixed... I think the best thing you could do is make Drover of the Mighty a 4 of because you may not be set with Otepec Huntmaster t2. Sadface for no haste-asaurus right off in that case though.May I suggest Burning Sun's Avatar or more Charging Monstrosaur? Maybe youre right though, I can see Raging Swordtooth sweeping the 1/1 goblin and vamps off the field. I just thought of Grazing Whiptail as well for some blue flying pirates?

DefinitelyNotJosh on Red Green Dinosaur Ramp

6 days ago

id take out harnessed lighting in favor a more utilitarian spell such as Lightning Strike as it allows you to target the player as well as their creatures. In addition to this since you wouldn't have any energy outlets, and Shaper's Sanctuary is such a phenomenal card for this kind of creature based deck, I would recommend adding it in instead of one of your search cards as it will essentially play the same role, only with continual staying power to boot as the game goes on. Additionally, I would also take out one of your three drops (preferably Ranging Raptors as they would not do much aside from grab a land, if that, before it dies) in favor of another Carnage Tyrant or two as it is a late game insurance as well ass adding in another fatty like Burning Sun's Avatar or, if you feel you have enough creatures, a finisher like Dinosaur Stampede to close out stalled boardstates against other big range decks. Another card you could use is Savage Stomp for some cheap and easy removal if you find yourself lacking a way to kill off a bigger creature. Overall I think this deck follows a good and already established idea of playing big creatures earlier than they should be played, but needs just a little refining of the decklist to bring out it's max potential. :P

Venomora on Welcome to Jurassic Park

1 week ago

I like it. It's really got some good power to it. The only suggestion that I would make is to probably change out the Shaper's Sanctuaries, Treasure Maps, and probably the Bellowing Augisaur for something else. Probably some Carnage Tyrants are pretty good, but with the possibility that those are out of your price range (which is totally understandable), then I might consider some removal stuff. Savage Stomp seems worthy of mainboarding, or if you really want to get kooky you could try Burning Sun's Avatar, although, let's be honest, Lightning Strike is probably just better. Ranging Raptors is a nice slot for a 3 drop as well if you're worried about ramp.

RobotCowhand on Xenagos - Hasty Beatdown

1 week ago

I'm already starting to consider additions from IXN into this deck.

  • regisaur alpha - 4/4 and a 3/3 with haste for 5 mana.
  • Carnage Tyrant - 7/6 for 6 mana. Can't be countered, hexproof and Trample. Amazing.
  • Verdant Sun's Avatar - 5/5 for 7 mana. Has a really great life gain effect that maybe useful in this deck if I start getting hit on in my meta.
  • Emperor's Vanguard - 4/3 for 4 mana. Could be useful, but we already have better ramp in effect.
  • Old-Growth Dryads - 3/3 for 1 mana! All players get a basic land... perfect for politics and early damage.
  • Ripjaw Raptor - 4/5 for 4. Enrage. Card draw. Meh
  • Shaper's Sanctuary - Card Draw
  • Burning Sun's Avatar - 6/6 fof 6. A bit of burn. Meh
  • Tilonalli's Skinshifter - Clones another attacking creature and has haste. Great synergy with this deck.