Primal Surge


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Mythic Rare

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Primal Surge


Exile the top card of your library. If its a permanent card, you may put it onto the battlefield. If you do, repeat this process.

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Primal Surge Discussion

xaarvaxus on Punch the infidels!

4 days ago

Evolutionary Leap could help upgrade any mana dorks that have outlived their immediate usefulness.

Fierce Empath can get you that all-important 6+ drop.

Somberwald Sage seems like a good mana dork for a deck that is half creatures.

Hydra Omnivore hits all opponents and might be better than an 'X' CMC hydra off Primal Surge .

Rites of Flourishing should benefit you far more than your opponents.

Sheltered Thicket is a budget dual that Wood Elves can fetch.

I guess the real question is what do you define as budget? I've tried to keep my suggestions to under $3 but that may be more than you're looking to spend or you may have a higher threshold for price and that would expand my list of suggestions.

Osbert on Punch the infidels!

6 days ago

A lot of Ruric Thar decks run Primal Surge to dump their deck into play. Some have even gone as far as having it as the only non permanent in the deck; very entertaining to take your library and flip it over on the table.

If Surge interests you I would suggest having a max of 5 non permanents so the average amount of cards you should flip is ~20.

BMHKain on

1 week ago

Alright. Here's the situation: I'm over by 2 cards, I think I have enough dorks, but what I wanted to focus on now is the creatures themselves, & what the best for could be in this case. I'll be needing a lot of suggestions for this. Note that Primal Surge is banned here as 2 cards prevent use of anything but Creatures/Lands. I really want the best abilities for the creatures, & try to improve this deck's competitive avg.

So... as of RNA, can you think of any better Creatures? This commander's decks seem outdated & I wanted to revive this as well... Anything?

Osbert on Jenara’s Chosen

1 week ago

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a mana power house for permanent based decks. Also, you know, Serra's Sanctum if you have a lot of money and nothing to do with it.

I'd add Crop Rotation to find what you're looking for along with Crucible of Worlds to ramp using fetches from grave.

Alternatively you can just not pay for the stuff.... Primal Surge and Genesis Wave can just dump a good portion of your deck into play.

xaarvaxus on Karametra, God of Harvests BIG ETBs!

2 weeks ago

No Primal Surge? This deck seems primed for it.

Almost all of your cuts will probably come from creatures and I think you should prioritize ones that don't have an ETB, ie: Ant Queen & Soul of Theros. I'd cut some of your 'bounce your own creature' ETB's, Fleetfoot Panther and Whitemane Lion just aren't exciting creatures and they usually aren't things you'll want to grab off Genesis Wave

Knight of the Reliquary doesn't have a lot of targets to fetch and won't get huge quick as the deck looks like it will be keeping land in play and not a lot will hit the graveyard other than via the Knight's own ability. Maybe cut your worst mana dork?

Glowrider seems a bit out of place here. Probably not bad if you do hit it but its not really a theme/focus of the deck. Gigantomancer is expensive and fragile. Luminarch Ascension also seems a bit misplaced as it feels more of a pillowfort card to me. Wolfbriar Elemental won't do anything early or off Genesis Wave so I'd cut it as well.

Beast Whisperer is important redundancy to go with Soul of the Harvest and Primordial Sage as this will probably be your most consistent form of card draw. Knight of Autumn seems like a good fit in here as well. Sorry to suggest new cards when you're looking to make cuts...

You also have more hubs that you could flag so that more people will come across your deck while searching; 'Selesnya', etc

NinjaKitty778 on Ruric Thar's Guide to Punching Mages in the Face!

3 weeks ago

@Kruxian You are correct, I think Primal Surge is indeed the surperior option. I don’t think Tooth and Nail is a bad choice for the deck since it’s aplication is boundless in this deck, but the ability to dump the entire deck on the field is game ending.

I also didn’t even consider Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. For the longest time I’ve wanted something something better than Zendikar Resurgent cause there were times where it was in my hand and couldn’t put it in the field cause there was usually something better to play. I’ll give Nykthos a shot :) thanks for the advice.

I don’t think I excluded mana dorks, I just think that I put a bit more emphasis on cards that ramp into lands for a more permanent mana-base. We have Farhaven Elf, Wood Elves, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Burnished Hart, Oracle of Mul Daya, and Solemn Simulacrum to work along-Side our mana-dorks such as Gyre Sage, Karametra's Acolyte, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Somberwald Sage, Grand Warlord Radha etc. Not to mention that some of our lands ramp us into lands as well: Blighted Woodland and Myriad Landscape. Also Sol Ring and Gruul Signet. So I dunno, I feel like there’s a lot of ramp in this deck already.

caantpayrent on Jodah EDH

1 month ago

Hey I just finished making and refining a pretty good (imo) jodah brew

To Infinity and Beyond I've written up a few things and explained why some things are win more. Have a look it might help give you an idea.i also have a turn 4 Primal Surge that uses Jodah but it's a bit more gimmicky

OmegaZefram on Surge Ramp

1 month ago

I really like Prime Time in this deck, but I have to wonder if Tooth and Nail is just a better win condition. It means you can run more non-permanents and if you use Emrakul + Zenagos, god you can just outright win the turn you cast it.

I suppose the one advantage of Primal Surge over the Tooth and Nail deck is that the results are more resilient, multiple threats is harder to answer than a single one (I played tooth and nail for a while, losing to a random Deflecting Palm was a bad time.) If that's the case, you may want less reliance on Emrakul and something more like a bunch of smaller hasty creatures backed up by Craterhoof Behemoth. Since you will probably be putting 10+ permanents on the battlefield at once, a Craterhoof with something like Strangleroot Geist and its kin could be awesome. A build like that also means you have fewer dead cards in the event you fail to resolve Primal Surge.

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