Whirlpool Warrior


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase 2012 Edition Rare
Apocalypse Rare

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Whirlpool Warrior

Creature — Merfolk Warrior

When Whirlpool Warrior enters the battlefield, shuffle the cards from your hand into your library, then draw that many cards.

(Red), Sacrifice Whirlpool Warrior: Each player shuffles the cards from his or her hand into his or her library, then draws that many cards.

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Whirlpool Warrior Discussion

goblinguiderevealpls on Nekusar, The Mind Razer

1 week ago

Hey @screamer51.

I love nekusar and everything about him, I started building him as soon as he was spoiled, and now have an insanely tuned and budgetless competitive multiplayer edh deck

Anyways, what would I recommend for budget casual constructed?

As you can see by my deck, i learned that nekusar loves Wheel of Fortune and is more of a spellslinger draw theme than zombie tribal.

That being said, if you want to build around the lich king, creatures should be your last priority,

If i were to make a casual nekusar constructed that is effective, i would run things like Reforge the Soul, Liliana's Caress, Time Reversal

In a 20 life format, nekusar only needs 3 "draw 7" or mass loot spells to kill an opponent, and thankfully a majority of these are cheap.

Reforge the Soul

Day's Undoing

Waste Not


Fevered Visions

Wheel of Fate

Burning Inquiry


Whispering Madness

Molten Psyche

Dark Deal

Cerebral Vortex

Winds of Change

Second to wheels and forced draw, nekusar is kind of high cmc for a creature, so things like Nightscape Familiar can help you cast more spells faster, speaking of more spells, grixis has access to a beautiful array of rituals that you can chain into nekusar much earlier than turn 5 and also allow you to cast more wheels after refreshing your hand

The budget rituals include

High Tide

Bubbling Muck

Dark Ritual

Seething Song

Desperate Ritual

Pyretic Ritual

Cabal Ritual

Cards like Geth's Grimoire and Jace's Archivist can easily win you the game if left unchecked, and there are other forms of draw damage in Phyrexian Tyranny Fevered Visions Underworld Dreams Spiteful Visions

As far as cheap counterspells, Arcane Denial is BONKERS cuz it can deal draw damage with its draw, Sign in Blood is a cheap card draw that you can use to draw OR kill opponents by stacking it with nekusar.

Cards that save you from wheels decking you out


Library of Leng

Laboratory Maniac

Other than "wheel" and countermagic, you can also mill opponents with Mindcrank or Sphinx's Tutelage, reanimate wheeled creatures with stuff like Stitch Together, or run discard like Despise or Duress, and Cephalid Coliseum is INSANE as a cheap 1-of in edh, id be scared to see what 3 or 4 could do.

Lastly, a spell decks worst weakmess is CREATURES

now im going to assume you're not going to be slinging Damnation around, but theres tons of budget alternatives in the likely case that opponents will have more creatures than you

Deadly Tempest

Decree of Pain

Extinguish All Hope

And if you're still itching to run creatures even though i would not advise many, here are a few options thar nekusar has liked in the past

Nightscape Familiar

Kederekt Parasite

Sire Of Insanity

Goblin Electromancer

Jace's Archivist

Magus of the Wheel

Magus of the Jar

Fate Unraveler

Master of the Feast

Noggle Ransacker

Whirlpool Warrior

Laboratory Maniac

Hope this helps

Garsamuel370 on Niv-Mizzet, Drawn and Quartered

1 week ago

Great to see another fan of old Niv-Mizzet! You're certainly off to a great start with this deck, though there are a few things I would change to make it more effective and fun to play. Personally I wouldn't run the amount of mill cards you currently have as you're unlikely to win through mill unless you have Sphinx's Tutelage.

Some fun/useful cards to have with Niv are Enter the Infinate expensive but you'll win, Whirlpool Warrior as you'll want refresh your hand as much as possible with Niv, Diviner's Wand great with Arjun on the field and the new The Locust God gives you one more win con.

If you want you can check out my Niv-Mizzet deck Knowledge is Power its far from perfect but it might give you some fun ideas!

Good luck and happy drawing cards!!

Daedalus19876 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

1 month ago

MSL2395: But Avacyn must never cease purifying! OwO

But seriously, the decks don't have TOO much in common - it's not hard to maintain them both.

Um, lemme think about the essentials here...

You definitely need SOME kind of ramp to get The Locust God out earlier. I'm using the best ramp I can find, along with Paradox Engine. But cheaper cards like Coldsteel Heart and Commander's Sphere can work over expensive options like Mana Crypt in a pinch. Or maybe one-shot rituals like Seething Song...

Other than that, the only "essentials" are hardcore draw effects (and maybe a non-combat win-con or two, if you can't push through damage with creatures for whatever reason). Specific (and mostly cheap) cards that seem like a "must" to me:

Jace's Archivist, Whirlpool Warrior, Consecrated Sphinx, Purphoros, God of the Forge, Winds of Change, Alhammarret's Archive, Brainstorm, Mindmoil, Arjun, the Shifting Flame, Shared Animosity, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (somewhat interchangeable with Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre), and Magus of the Wheel. Windfall is a good substitute for Wheel of Fortune in a pinch.

And of course Murder of Crows, Ashnod's Altar, and Skullclamp to add some combo wincons ;) Does that help clarify things?

dungy4 on Locust God Card Draw

1 month ago

Have you considered looters? Looter il-Kor, Merfolk Looter, Enclave Cryptologist, Desolate Lighthouse, and Magus of the Bazaar are my favorites.

Coat of Arms, Shared Animosity, and Throne of the God-Pharaoh seem like fun win conditions.

Whirlpool Warrior would give you two wheel effects.

Fateful Showdown could provide value with a damage and a wheel effect.

Alhammarret's Archive, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Jori En, Ruin Diver for more draws.

Dream Halls is ridiculous with all the card draw in your deck.

Mizzix's Mastery seems very good here.

CaptSillva on Nekusar Just Wants the Best for You

1 month ago

You could consider these cards Phyrexian Tyranny, Whirlpool Warrior, Winds of Change, Otherworld Atlas, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Toil / Trouble, and Vision Skeins.

Also just in case you don't know Day's Undoing won't trigger Nekusar's effect. Well it will, but the triggers will all be removed from the stack when Day's resolves because it ends the turn.

Ropis on Locust Draw

1 month ago

Cards to consider (if you haven't already):

Arjun, the Shifting Flame

Burning Inquiry

Incendiary Command

Magus of the Wheel

Desperate Ravings

Faithless Looting

Izzet Charm

Whirlpool Drake

Whirlpool Rider

Whirlpool Warrior

...and for maximum chuckles, it would be awesome to find room for Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded here. I think you can get some work out of him.

Sparky41 on The Locust God

1 month ago

Also Thought Reflection, Consecrated Sphinx, Jace's Archivist, Whirlpool Warrior, Whirlpool Drake, Whirlpool Rider, and maybe Diviner's Wand and Mizzix's Mastery. My friend plays a degenerate Arjun deck, and I feel a lot of the same principles carry over, albeit with a more powerful payoff in The Locust God.

Pokimoki on Exodus 10; The Locust God EDH

1 month ago

I'm putting Whirlpool Warrior in for sure, and I definitely need cards that save me from mill so thank God you mentioned those. The only card I disagree with is Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar because it technically doesn't draw you the cards, it just places them in your hand. Otherwise thanks for the great inclusions!

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