Grixis Panorama


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Common
Commander 2013 (C13) Common
Shards of Alara (ALA) Common

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Grixis Panorama


: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Grixis Panorama: Search your library for a basic Island, Swamp, or Mountain card and put it into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

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Grixis Panorama Discussion

Ziembski on In the Lab of the Mad Scientists

2 months ago

Thanks raffess, I will definitely keep those in mind, however few of those lands are quite pricey and it will take time until I get those.

Also, aren't Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse and Grixis Panorama just too much of fetch lands for only 4 bascis? Wilds and Expanse are dead cards if I were to draw them and basics.

E.Brown22 on Kess: Storm is coming!

2 months ago

I would highly suggest:

Yawgmoth's WillWindfallWheel of FortuneDuressGushImpulsePyroblastChrome MoxLotus PetalMana CryptMana VaultMox DiamondNecropotenceMystic RemoraFact or Fiction

My first cuts would be:

Talrand, Sky Summoner You already have far better win-cons.Liliana of the Veil Great card, but unnecessary for combo.Phyrexian Arena Too slow. This deck isn't in it for the long haul.Lotus Bloom I love this in Yidris, but not where there's no way to cheat it.Rakdos Charm Would only play this in a control version of the commander/deck.Dreadbore Same as above.Nightscape Familiar Never have been too impressed by these effects in storm.Serum Visions One of my least favorite draw spells in the format.Grixis Panorama I would cut 6 lands down to 30. You'll find yourself flooded with this many.

Beyond this, you have to play test the deck a ton to get a feel for it. I hope you enjoy!

hoardofnotions on Izzet Guildmage - Pauper EDH

3 months ago

Brainstorm is a common in it's orginal printing

Grixis Panorama is another common terramorphic expanse

what decks are you playing against that you need so many Blazing Volley type cards?

Lava Spike with Desperate Ritual spliced onto it is infinite damage with the guildmage.

Treasure Cruise is a common and great

Arcane Denial might be better than cancel

Looks really fun! Clever idea and well put together deck, I have a Jori En, Diving on a Budget deck that's running on a budget and could use another izzet mage's eyes on it if you have the time. Thanks!

DanteBeleren on Kaalia

3 months ago

@lloydss: Cards like Flooded Strand or Grixis Panorama are a weird loophole. You can't use cards with the direct symbols, but if it's just the words you can. So s/he can use them legally, it's just in bad flavor to some people.

Overall a good start. Always love a Kaalia deck, so auto plus one from me.

Your CMC seems a bit high though. While using Kaalia is awesome, she attracts a pretty big target and you'll want to be able to play your deck without her. Potentially lowering your creature count for more ramp, protection, or removal?

Some alternate considerations I've always found to be decent is using Maze of Ith over Reconnaissance as it can save Kaalia and prevent attacks as necessary. Also Wear / Tear is a very strong spot removal in my opinion. A fun addition is Amulet of Vigor as it puts your creatures in UNtapped and attacking leaving you with blockers and helps with tapped lands later in game. Since you're running Master of Cruelties, another demon for a "one shot" ability is the original Rakdos the Defiler as you can skip his attack trigger, but still benefit off his damage trigger.

If you'd like more ideas, feel free to check out my list Kaalia's Revenge. I have descriptions behind most, if not all, the cards in the deck to help people out. Either way, hope some of that was helpful and that you enjoy playing her. Again, +1 for Kaalia! lol

Deepstriker29 on Nekusar, The Mindrazer Commander

4 months ago

So, to start:

While your manabase is decently developed, 35 lands is an extremely low number for 3-color if you want to hit your fixing consistently, especially with your overwhelming inclination towards black (it's a lot harder to splash in Commander, so you may want to lighten that up after more deck testing, moreso since most of your black inclination comes from multicolored spells). To this end, I'd recommend adding Grixis Panorama and Crumbling Necropolis for a nice, handy 37 (an important threshold for consistently getting 3-land hands) that has a good bit of early fixing.

Furthermore, if you're shakily building a deck, remember the building blocks:

-10 ramp sources-10 draw sources-5 single-target removal sources-5 mass removal sources

You're halfway solid here, but your overwhelming reliance on artifact ramp might be a problem in your meta. I'd try Nightscape Familiar and Expedition Map to better support the wide amount of multicolored spells you have and fetch Urborg, because it's bloody Urborg. It's never a bad idea to diversify your ramp sources, lest Armageddon or Vandalblast set you back 5 turns.


hoardofnotions on Olivia has had enough of your games

4 months ago

Rupture Spire and Transguild Promenade could be basics. you're a 2 color deck i don't think you need to slow yourself down this much to get good mana

Grixis Panorama, Jund Panorama, Tainted Peak, Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds

Sword of Kaldra is a way to ping and exile with your commander

Fellwar Stone, Mind Stone, Star Compass are good 2 mana rocks that might be better than Bloodstone Cameo

Archetype of Finality

Is Defiant Bloodlord good enough? Maybe cut it for curve reasons

Braid of Fire is VIP with olivia. just use her ping ability in your upkeep for no downside! Yeah no mana burn!!!

Metallic Mimic seems good

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

Worn Powerstone could be good, power out your expensive threats

Pawn of Ulamog gives you a little extra value, might be better than some common vampire

another possible cut could be Hall of Triumph, your other anthemn effects are stronger

SerraMeya on Smaug's Destiny [Dracogenius Beatdown Control]

4 months ago

hi :)

thanks for your Feedback and your great suggestions. let me come down to them step by step:

  • Burn from Within: i play it over Banefire cause the "creature looses indestructible" and the "Exile" effect got me better Advantage in many situations.

  • Reality Shift is a great Card i hadnt on my Radar. i will try to get my Hands on it.

  • Wild Ricochet would fit in this type of deck. only reason i dont play it is that i dont own one currently

  • Fellwar Stone and Star Compass are great. i play my copies of Stones in my other EDH-decks currently. Darksteel Ingot is great for me as my playgroup Plays a lot of artifact hate including board wipes. same reason why i play those mana rocks that can net me a Card. to be honest, a Izzet Cluestone draws me a Card in about 2 games out of 10 - mostly because i have other insane draw engines online.

  • Hypersonic Dragon is nice to have but maybe slotted out in future. maybe for the new god from Hour of Devastation. we will see :)

  • Izzet Chronarch is ok and helps getting my Little Fox online. i love the multicoloured flavor :) of course it could be changed to lower the curve.

  • Desolate Lighthouse is not necessary in here. first i like to avoid colorless mana as much as possible, second this deck offers so much Card Advantage that we dont Need this effect, third in multiplayer you will always hit something with Cards like Pyroblast :)

  • Grixis Panorama: i didnt know that this Card exists.. i like it. Terramorphic Expanse can be included as well. i just didnt cause i dont have any copies left currently.

  • Lightning Greaves: i dont have a copie of them. i would Slot them in

  • Turnabout: i love Combos and i will try to get some around this Card and Reset in here. thats a future Goal of this deck.

i will soon have a look at your list, study it and will give ya a Feedback! go izzets! :)

hoardofnotions on Smaug's Destiny [Dracogenius Beatdown Control]

4 months ago

I really like your list! I have an Izzet deck I'm working on as well and if you can spare a look I'd appreciate it, Jori En, Diving on a Budget

So for your deck,

Is Burn from Within worth it? If you're trying to kill players and whatnot is Banefire better?

Maybe Incinerate could be swapped for Reality Shift?

Could Wild Ricochet have a place in here?

Fellwar Stone and Star Compass might be better than some of the three mana rocks, especially Darksteel Ingot. How often do you crack Izzet Cluestone to draw a card? In an average 10 game stretch?

Izzet Chronarch could be Archaeomancer if you want to lower the curve. The multicolor might matter if you get Crackleburr going but still seems good.

you have 7 sorcery spells you're giving flash with Hypersonic Dragon, is it still worth it?

Desolate Lighthouse helps turn situational cards into new stuff, like if you're playing a green opponent with Pyroblast in hand.

Grixis Panorama and Terramorphic Expanse are fetch lands that are easy on the budget

how has Mana Flare preformed for you? doubling mana for your opponents seems risky, but i would like to hear your expirence with it

Is Lightning Greaves better than Swiftfoot Boots for you? or do you not like the shroud?

I see in your maybeboard you're considering Turnabout, FYI that card combos pretty hard with Nivix Guildmage if you want to go that route.

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