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Do you like Tribal Creatures? Do you enjoy crushing your opponents with an army of indestructible, +1,000,000/+1,000,003, flash, flying, haste, shroud, regenerating, first strike, double strike + "double lifelink"? (Yes, that means "QUADRUPLE LIFELINK" - refer to combos and synergies) Or would you prefer having an infinite number of 1/1 creatures that easily overrun your opponents? Do you enjoy intimidating your opponents the second you reveal your General? If yes to any of these, then Sliver Overlord is the perfect choice for you. With its ability to tutor for any other creature in your deck, you have a complete toolkit for any situation at your disposal. With a little help from the hive Sliver Overlord can steal the opponent's most prized creatures, adding their might to your own. Using his tutor ability to beseech her Highness, the Sliver Queen, you can become nigh unstoppable by invoking an infinite creature combo crushing your opponents' hopes and dreams with creatures that have more abilities than the card would have room for.


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  • Pimp out the broodlings: Acquiring foils of all the broodlings who are currently in the deck. Most of them are not very expensive save Harmonic Sliver.
  • Continue enhancing this page: This deck is a work in progress just like this page. I've just picked up the notes on how to change your page background, but i'm still working on the accordions. Special thanks to multimedia for writing me a script that gives me a custom accordion for my description that doesn't get applied (or reapplied?)to user comments. You're the best, thank you! For additional advice on how to make a custom accordion of your own, refer to the following forums post: CSS Scoping Additionally, I added a song to the page as well (it's the audio controls right under this accordion picture). I felt a little bit of would music to help give a nice theme to the deck page. In case you didn't know, the song is Mantis' Hymn from the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack. If anyone wants any pointers on how to add music to their page, you can reference here: HTML Volume help and HTML Audio tag. Here is just a rule of thumb though, and please feel free to repeat after me: Never EVER autoplay. It is obnoxious and wrong.
  • Continue Upgrading: The deck has finally come to some sort of homeostasis. A place where I don't need to make any major changes or upgrades. After the last splurge to purchase the Kaladesh Masterpieces and a Foil Iconic Masters Mana Drain I'm pretty much done. I'll just keep watch for any cards that could be worthwhile to include like Prismatic Geoscope (but it wasn't really that good). My real wish is for more slivers to be produced (that are actually good)...or a Sliver Planeswalker. I'm not sure how Wizards would execute that though, but i'm sure it would be both terrifying (for non-slivers) and incredibly innovative and unique card design. Oh well, one can dream.
  • 180 Upvotes!: Thanks for all the votes! I hope you enjoyed all you read. Did you catch any of the little Easter (Sliver) Eggs I hid throughout the primer? They're all just silly little youtube videos for your amusement - 5 in total.

The (Actual) Queen's Egg

My amazing fiancee wife got me this custom made one of a kind deck box. Themed after the Sliver Queen (my all time favorite MTG Card), it's made out of a cast resin, with magnets to hold it all together. The box holds a commander deck double sleeved no problem, and was hand made by the one and only Liefkicker. His website is here: Liefkicker Studio. Note: These boxes are expensive but you get what you pay for. Liefkicker deckboxes are custom art pieces of the highest quality that hold your most prized of decks. Slivers will always be special to me, not to mention I made (or will make) sacrifices to get each card for my deck. The first time I revealed my box, the whole table just stopped and stared at it with wonder. "That looks evil", was the first compliment I ever got. People's eyes practically never left my end of the table (mostly because I was playing slivers...but the box is simply gorgeous). Again, i'm completely happy with this deck box, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. If you want to know more, or want to see a more comprehensive review about Liefkicker's products, I suggest you look at the TolarianCommunityCollege's review: A Review of The Hedron Box for Magic: The Gathering Also, Shout Out to the Professor!

For the few of you who have been keeping track of this deck's progress Gattison crafted some awesome and funny song lyrics which are a parody of We Care Alot by Faith No More. I made an update about this before, but over time it may become lost from the front page, so here's another location where it may be discovered. As a reminder you can find Gattison's Studio right here. He takes requests! So don't hesitate to contact him, for every deck deserves it's own song. So without further ado, here is the official song of The Queen's Egg:


The coding for this primer was developed by Epochalyptik here.


Updates Add

There is one card I saw from the upcoming Rivals of Ixalan that piqued my interest and that is The Immortal Sun. Within the context of this deck I think it's a worthy candidate for experimentation as I will be swapping it in for Rhystic Study. It does alot of goodstuff, but my only concern is that when I play the card, i'll be tapped out, and likely won't have the mana available to make much of an impact. Another card i'll be experimenting with is Teferi's Protection. It's a great card in it's own right, as I find Rhystic Study to be not quite as explosive as i'd prefer. Ultimately, i'd like to give it's slot to a Sliver that hopefully may be produced in the upcoming Return to Dominaria Set.

But the big news here is that it's done. I acquired the last super expensive card of this deck - Sol Ring for $168 from ebay. I'll make a post about it in the deck's accordion in the near future, but yeah...i'd consider my pet project complete. I have more than enough trade fodder to not have to resort to purchasing cards I want with cash. From now on, all i'll do is just experiment with slight changes here and there as previously mentioned in this update post.

Once upon a time, I naively titled this deck "The most expensive deck ever" or something to that effect. It was clocking in at about $300-$400 dollars. I quickly proven wrong, and that my deck at the time cost a mere pittance. But now I think I can say that as of this post it is the most expensive (dollar wise) Sliver EDH deck on tapped out. While I'm super happy to have my pimped out deck I feel nothing but paranoia when I break it out in large crowds. On top of that, having pimped out foil cards on the battlefield puts a big target on my head, as Slivers are scary enough, but shiny slivers? I really have to watch out.

This pet project was a labor of love, and again...stupid costly. This deck shouldn't be this expensive...but...if I could go back in time to high school/college I would definitely try and acquire the pieces when they were much much cheaper. Thanks for keeping up with my deck for these past few years. Your comments helped me optimize my deck to where it is today.

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