Liliana's Caress


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set Uncommon

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Liliana's Caress


Whenever an opponent discards a card, that player loses 2 life.

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Liliana's Caress Discussion

Recover819 on Dimir Mill

1 week ago

Also, if you are just trying stuff out. I also like discard type decks. Liliana's Caress and making them discard their hand so they have nothing to cast. Just going mono black control.

Grifoneis on Guilty pleasure

1 week ago

For starters you might want to change generals from Mirko to Nekusar, the Mindrazer because he fits what you want to do more and you get red.

But with that out of the way you're gonna want Liliana's Caress and Waste Not for all the discard your opponents should be doing. Forced Fruition keeps them drawing all the time, and a well timed Windfall can deck someone out if someone's hand is large enough.

Voltron3030 on Deck Cycling the Cycling Deck

2 weeks ago

Oh and if group discard is something you like, you should also include Liliana's Caress since it can win games and it's easily tutorable with your commander.

Darth_Savage on Megrim

2 weeks ago

A cheaper version of Megrim exists in Liliana's Caress, if your going the discard route I'd also suggest Waste Not and Shrieking Affliction are good choices. Along the same lines Wrench Mind is normally Mind Rot but cost less to cast, or use Augur of Skulls. lastly Victim of Night in preference to Terror as it's restrictions are rarely relevant.

Epochalyptik on infinite combo??

3 weeks ago

Liliana's Caress will trigger Mindcrank but not vice versa.

Epochalyptik on infinite combo??

3 weeks ago

In the future, please link all cards in your question. It makes it much easier for us to understand what's going on if we can see the cards involved. You can link cards by using double square brackets:


Liliana's Caress

No. Discard is from the hand to the graveyard. Putting cards from the top of a library into a graveyard is not discard (it has no official name, but it's commonly called "mill" after Millstone).

n0bunga on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

Oh I knew full well what you meant with unpredictability used as a way to describe how the deck plays out - that's why I made note of decks using multiple strategies and how they fall victim to being less focused than decks with singular strategies.

As for making the most of a Nekusar deck, he was one of my first generals outside of Precon decks. And I tend to maintain the belief that a general and their deck ought to utilize their ability/strengths, otherwise you'd be just using the colours and have Nekusar as a mere shell.

That being said I've seen people incorporate 5c shells with Nekusar in the 99 as a hidden general. They're neat in their access to all colours. With Nekusar specifically, focus on his strengths. He's built primarily for Wheeling opponents. While wheeling doesn't equate to combat damage, Nekusar Infect is perhaps the most consistent and competitive way to win. gives you access to Molten Psyche, Reforge the Soul, Winds of Change, Fork and Wheel of Fortune; gives you Windfall, Timetwister Wheel and Deal, Twincast Jace, Memory Adept. gives you Megrim, Liliana's Caress, Waste Not, Chains of Mephistopheles, painful quandry and access to Tainted Strike, Glistening Oil and Phyresis. Hybrid colours in this Shard give you access to Whispering Madness, Notion Thief, Phyrexian Tyranny, etc.

Aggressively abusing what your general does, in my eyes, yields the best results of that general. Nekusar is designed to punish your opponents for drawing. A quick, and relatively cheap combo with Nekusar on board is Fork + Winds of Change + Tainted Strike; for you can kill an entire board with lethal infect.

gregularg on Mad Cow Disease (Neheb, The Worthy EDH)

1 month ago

Mstephenson3343, Im looking at finding a slot for Liliana's Caress currently because it would be hilarious in this deck!

Just had a quick look around for the card you are talking about, do you mean Blades of Velis Vel? If so then id totally use it had it been an aura but im not sure its worth putting it in the deck on the off chance I could make Sheoldred a minotaur for one turn.

Thanks for your comment and suggestions, it means a lot!

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