Kederekt Parasite


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conflux (CON) Rare

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Kederekt Parasite

Creature — Horror

Whenever an opponent draws a card, if you control a red permanent, you may have Kederekt Parasite deal 1 damage to that player.

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Kederekt Parasite Discussion

Heliogabale on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer

3 weeks ago

Cool deck!

I am always suprised to see Nekusar decks that favor discard pain over additional draw pain, such as Kederekt Parasite or Psychosis Crawler. Is that a conscious choice?

Please let me know what you think of my build:

Drawing Your Last Breath

Commander / EDH* Heliogabale


ZendikariWol on Discarding Dragon Specters

3 weeks ago

Just to put even more pain on those wheels, I might throw in Kederekt Parasite and Fate Unraveler.

Also The Rack and Shrieking Affliction are both pretty fun to drop on 'em.

Funkydiscogod on Hand Job

1 month ago

I've been testing a deck like this in modern, using red for Quest for Pure Flame to double the damage of Megrim for the turn I cast Burning Inquiry. I use Kederekt Parasite to activate the quest.

hungry000 on [A Small Loan of 1 Million Cards]

2 months ago

Darkness is a really good way to stall games, though it's probably too expensive for your budget. I think heavily played ones are like $5 ish. You could use borderposts like Veinfire Borderpost to help trigger Kederekt Parasite, and if u played 8 or so I think that'd be enough artifacts to play a couple Molten Psyche.

Chryvrius on [A Small Loan of 1 Million Cards]

2 months ago

Holy hell, those are some pretty great suggestions pytawidmo!

Any ideas on red permanents to add to the fold for Kederekt Parasite?

Kyrinoz on Politics Schmolitics

3 months ago

If you're running Vandalblast I would definitely recommend running Mycosynth Lattice AND Darksteel Forge

Still that's like 3 card slots for a very costly board wipe. Personally I'm surprised I don't see things like Kederekt Parasite, Tainted Strike, Barbed Shocker, Paradox Engine, Capsize, on your list, as they all synergize quite well. I would also recommend, tossing some of the Talismans & Signets despite being cheap for other more reliable mana ramping such as Darksteel Ingot Dimir Cluestone, Rakdos Cluestone, Izzet Cluestone (as they can all be sacrificed for a draw, and their Keyrune counterparts, as they can be turned into a chump blocker in a pinch if needed.

Isochron Scepter imprinting either Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual with a Paradox Engine on deck = Infinite Mana, for redundancy even with mana rocks out, Paradox Engine + Mana rocks, makes buyback spells VERY useful, as once you've got enough ramp Capsize = Infinite bounce, and there a few others that become arguably equally useful, such as Fanning the Flames, Lab Rats, Mind Games, Mind Peel, Reiterate, Whispers of the Muse, just to give you a few ideas. Evincar's Justice can be viable here too, although with Evincar's Justice you need to be mindful that it damages you and your creatures too.

Brush with Death essentially works like Tendrils of Agony if you take the Infinite Black mana route, naturally if it's countered you can't buy it back, BUT if you're wanting some redundancies for a storm / life steal win condition, it's there.

Leyline of the Void is a must add for any competitive Nekusar, the Mindrazer deck. With the wheel package you're essentially exiling everything your opponents are forced to discard. Toss in a Helm of Obedience = Player targeted, Instant kill activation.

Also, I would definitely recommend keeping Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, specifically to prevent the self-mill, AND Leyline of Anticipation, and adding Vedalken Orrery for redundancy. You can easily create a soft lock & turn it into a complete hard lock with Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir and Knowledge Pool, and why more people aren't running Day's Undoing is a bit surprising, given the redundancy to prevent mill, especially if you've acquired the means to drop it at instant speed, even on your own turn, to kill a stack & end the turn.

Also, with proper ramping, Barbed Shocker is pretty amazing, especially since it doesn't need to deal combat damage to force the wheel, (any damage it deals will trigger it), just saying. Rogue's Passage is a pretty standard commander staple too.

Liliana's Caress, Megrim, Raiders' Wake are also all must haves. Especially since, Raiders' Wake, Barbed Shocker, Shocker, (unblocked) or a Robber Fly (if you can force them to block it), & a Rogue's Passage can win the game by themselves, if your Commander or an Underworld Dreams, Kederekt Parasite is out.

ElasticPanda on Nekusar- Storm of Wheels (Needs Help)

3 months ago

So I feel like I must be missing something since no one else has mentioned it, but isn't Dack Fayden the only red permanent in your main deck? I feel like Kederekt Parasite would be worthless almost all the time. No?

Maizena on Nekusar, the Friendship Destroyer

4 months ago

Hi KIRK77. Kederekt Parasite is a nice card in a Nekusar deck, but it relies on having your commander in the field (or another red permanent). Nekusar, the Mindrazer isn't a wincon in this deck, we can use other cards like Underworld Dreams, Megrim and Liliana's Caress, i.e.

If you want to run the parasite, try to cast it only in the turn you're going to chain the "wheels" for victory.

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