Murderous Cut


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Uncommon

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Murderous Cut


Delve (Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for 1.)

Destroy target creature.

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Murderous Cut Discussion

ej133 on Play Chess With the Devil

2 hours ago

Yeah, sure is!

Well, I'm a great fan of Gifts Ungiven, this is certainly one of my favorite blue cards ever, so I'm really more into this list than the one with Pieces of the Puzzle. Even Seth himself acknowledged that this version is probably more consistent.

About your list, I like Go for the Throat, but with so many fetchlands I guess I'd rather Murderous Cut.

Anyway, I'm always happy to see a good Esper list. Keep it up! :)

Duchys on Budget Mono-black control

3 days ago

Thanks for help Sargeras,

  1. Smallpox feels good so I'll add like 2x copies in the deck.

  2. Tombstalker I don't feel like my graveyard is going to be full enough to support 2x Murderous Cut and Tombstalker but I'll keep him in mind if I find myself with a full graveyard after I buy the parts for the deck.

  3. I'm definitely adding Gifted Aetherborn.

  4. I will go for one of Abyssal Persecutor instead of Dismember since i wanna stay in the budget and the removal I currently have is probably too much.

  5. Lashwrithe is definitely going to be in the deck, maybe cutting Murder

Thanks again for your help.

CaptSillva on Burning Sensation

1 week ago

Smasher flying solo huh? Have you considered splashing blue for Kraum, Ludevic's Opus or white for Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder? I know from experience that blue has a lot to bring to the table in a Vial Smasher deck and White could add a lot of aggressive options.

If you just stick with Black/Red you could try out Murderous Cut, Curtains' Call, Blasphemous Act, and Avatar of Woe.

Logics on Esper Dredge Reanimator

1 week ago

@jonmaior - what do you suggest? Currently I have 2 Collective Brutality, 1 Darkblast, and 1 Murderous Cut all mainboarded, as well as Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Iona, Shield of Emeria as reanimation targets which can both hose entire decks on their own.

As a comboy deck, I feel like that's actually quite a lot of mainboard interaction. That plus I can usually just block with an army of Lingering Souls and Narcomoebas is enough to slow most aggro match-ups.

The deck's configuration is very tricky though, so if you see something that may be a better set-up or a well suited replacement card, please let me know.

cplvela0811 on Sultai - White

2 weeks ago


Tasigur, the Golden Fang not only has advantages over Gurmag Angler, but gets dropped sooner. It taxes Tarmogoyf one less, and WILL generate value in the later game. Gurmag will not. It is too vanilla, for what this deck wants. Tarmogoyf is just better than Gurmag Angler and that's where Grixis dies. Relic of Progenitus will not ruin Tarmogoyf as much as Angler, for the fact they still have a graveyard. I also play x3, because when you play one, it's bound to be removed, so now you have x2 in the deck - it is a personal philosophy.

As for the Tasigur's Cruelty ~ it is literally a > discard 2 cards, against control. More so against Tron & , plus a 2/1 body ~ Value. It is surprisingly a beast and with Snapcaster Mage, may be ANOTHER discard 2 cards, for !


Thanks, but to help you understand, again ~ Grim Flayer is not good, for ME, at the current moment. It is certainly a great card, I will concede to that, however, too weak at the moment. It is nice that you do not experience problems getting Delirium online. I too use to have this deck built as a Delirium shell, but as you can see ~ with over 200 comments and almost 100 upvotes ~ I do my best to cycle ideas from the Tappedout community. That being said, other members suggested it and if you viewed the revision tab, would see that I already took that advice. It didn't work, for me. In this deck, the Delirium shell falls on it's ass, to Fatal Push & Lightning Bolt. Let's not be biased now, please listen to MY experience, with MY deck ~ that has been catered to by an entire community:

Delirium V.S. Delve

Grim Flayer dies to fatal push, may die to Lightning Bolt if your pull isn't right.

Snapcaster Mage dies to Fatal Push & Lightning Bolt...and every creature combat available.

Tarmogoyf dies to Fatal Push, not Lightning Bolt > does not need to "gimmick" its way, by being counterproductive on it's own.

Creeping Tar Pit mega dead to everything. Push, Bolt, you name it, however, steals games.

NOW...about them Tasigurs...entirely different story, that changes the game. Tasigur, the Golden Fang will always be a better turn 2 drop. No arguments about that in the current meta. There's a reason why decks like Abzan & Jund are dying right now...Fatal Push. They run too many mana efficient creatures and Wizards said "No." I'll be sure to update the site page, for you and everyone else! Thanks for the input Matt :D


Hello there. I like it better because it is just 1 , for 2 cards. I mean...I cannot really explain how good the math is on that, but with Snapcaster Mage becomes a crazy discard spell. yes, they do get to choose, but paired with Thoughtseize and Stubborn Denial, along with the sweet removal package we have, makes for some fun interactions against decks like Scapeshift when Murderous Cut is trash against them. I liked Whispers Of Emy more in my old Delirium shell. Thank you though.

Emzed on Kaalia

2 weeks ago

I am not sure if Thran Dynamo is actually better than a Signet in this deck, since it doesn't help you cast Kaalia early, which should be your primary objective. Signets are great at casting a 3-colored commander since they fix your mana really well.
On the topic of mana fixing: You should absolutely run more fetchlands. With both the original duals and shocklands at your disposal, Scalding Tarn and Windswept Heath are much better than all those basic lands.
I am not a fan of some of your interactive spells: Lightning Bolt hits way too few relevant targets in EDH, and Unlicensed Disintegration and Mortify are somewhat decent, but you have enough removals at cmc3+, so i would replace them. Snuff Out, Unexpectedly Absent, Path to Exile and Murderous Cut are great, cheap removal spells. Your deck is trying to cast a lot of expensive cards in its mainphase, so it is much better to have cheap instants to go along with them.

ej133 on Witch-Maw Control

2 weeks ago

Hey, bro, whaddup?

Well, let's get this sorted out: your deck need some improvement. You're on the right track, and Modern has never ever been control-friendly as it is right now, even though we're living in a Death's Shadow spree. But the point of playing control is having fast answers to trouble, and your list seems a bit too slow. I don't know how is your budget for this deck, so, for every suggestion I'll bring along a budget option too.

Shall we?

  • The most common decks in modern run at most 3 colors. If you wanna run 4 colors, you need a slightly better mana-base. Fetchlands like Flooded Strand and Windswept Heath, along with shocklands (Temple Garden, Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool, Godless Shrine, Watery Grave and Overgrown Tomb are your colors) will bring you the manafixing you need. You gonna lose some life, but trust me, it's worth it. Budget: you might consider running some Botanical Sanctum, Blooming Marsh and Concealed Courtyard too. They were printed in Kaladesh, so they still a bit 'cheap'. Amonkhet brought a set of fetchable lands too, so you might run Irrigated Farmland, Fetid Pools or Scattered Groves with the Khans of Tarkir fetchlands and this may also work.
  • Your removal spells are soooo expensive. I mean, you're running 3 copies of a 2-mana sorcery-speed removal. That's hardly ever useful. When I saw you were running Witch-Maw colors I was expecting some Abrupt Decay, Path to Exile and Fatal Push. These are some of the best removal spells of all time, and they're all available for . Nonetheless, they're also very good with Snapcaster Mage. And about Hero's Downfall, well... it's a cool card, but I wouldn't run 4 copies. Budget: Even for cheaper options we have awesome cards like Condemn, Vendetta, Murderous Cut, Victim of Night, Mortify and Putrefy. (Ok, these last two aren't sooo great, but at least they're instants and can handle some paralel trouble.)
  • Your choices for counterspells are very connected to the fact you run a removal-heavy deck, so you don't really need to counter creature spells. That's ok. But Dissolve is a card that rarely ever saves a game due to its mana cost. It's double blue for some small advantage. I'd recommend going for Remand or even Logic Knot. If you reeeeally like blue stuff (like me), you might even try to fit Cryptic Command in, but I don't recommend it in a 4-color. Budget: Rune Snag, Mana Leak are very competitive options too.
  • Finishers: Well, every deck needs to win some way. I really love AEtherling, this card is sooo awesome, but as I said on Jwillette72's deck Don't wake horror! (Sung like Don't Wake Daddy) once: he's far too slow for modern. By the time you drop him, you will (very likely) be nearly dead already and he won't save you. For a 6-drop I really like Elspeth, Sun's Champion. She is such a power-house. For similar reasons, I have my concerns about Desecration Demon. Sure, he's one of the fattest creatures you'll drop for 4 mana, but he is very susceptible to your opponents actions. I mean, if you're playing against someone with Lingering Souls on their deck, you're very likely to never attack with him. (by the way, you could use some of this card here too) Also, he is very easily handled by Path to Exile and Fatal Push. For a quick beatdown, I'd probaly go for Tasigur, the Golden Fang and/or Geist of Saint Traft. These are awesome finishers, and a little harder to deal with than the Demon and the Aether Guy. Budget: Gurmag Angler does the Tasigur job very good too. Blood Baron of Vizkopa is also a good option. Aaaand, four copies of Lingering Souls with Zealous Persecution can be a solid strategy too, trust me.
  • I imagine you're trying to do a sort of boardlock with Blind Obedience, but Authority of the Consuls does exactly the same thing for even less mana. You lose the Exort ability, but if you keep paying this, you might end up tapped-out and that is not what a control deck wants. But keep the Detention Spheres, this card rules.

Anyhow, I really like your deck and support what you're scheming here. If you want more tips, feel free to ask.

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