Murderous Cut


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Uncommon

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Murderous Cut


Delve (Each card you exile from your graveyard while casting this spell pays for 1.)

Destroy target creature.

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Murderous Cut Discussion

Xica on Why hasn't Mardu found a ...

15 hours ago

So in response to bullshit like:
"Without "catch all" cards like Maelstrom Pulse/Abrupt Decay or Mana Leak - if the threat enters play...Mardu tends to loose."
"Mardu lacks a reliable, strong threat like Tarmogoyf. Either you go tokens and go wide, or you play a much more controlling style with higher top end threats."

I would be glad to present some cards that were printed AFTER the old Innistrad block
Anguished Unmaking & Utter End are as universal, as removal can get.
Madcap Experiment + Platinum Emperion do provide a beater that is always bigger than goys (8/8 > 7/8).
Yes it comes down later, but its not such a great problem, when your life total can't change. It also dodges a LOT of removal, from the top of my head its only hit by 3 cards that are more or less common in modern Path to Exile, Murderous Cut & Maelstrom Pulse.
(P.s.: drawing it off bob is only a problem if you don't have one in play, and you can easily run this 8 mana monster as a 2 of)

Lets also not forget that whit provides the strongest hate in the sideboard Rest in Peace; Leyline of Sanctity; Stony Silence.

The colors have fewer problems than most people think but they are not insignificant:1# Its not established - thus fewer people play it, because the wise spikes have tunnel vision - and the colors are at their best at midrange, thus there is no meta where this deck would beat the most popular deck, thus goldfishing victory.
2# It misses some modern "staples" that must be included in every deck - according to some people's thinking - Snapcaster Mage; Tarmogoyf
3# It has stuff that costs 4 cmc! and without "delve"! That is heresy.
As everyone knows modern games always end before T4, thus this deck auto loses to everything, as its too slow.

TheSurgeon on Mono Blue Millitude

1 day ago

Mono blue has a hard time getting around aggro decks, without stuffing it full of cheap bounces, or saving all of your mana for one spell.

My suggestion? You may want to splash white land in your sideboard and put in 3 Holy Day/Ethereal Haze, and 3 Ghostly Prison for decks that go wide. You only have to minimize damage and buy time, so a 3+ cost boardwipe isn't necessary for this deck. You can then out in cards like Open the Armory to help find your Fraying Sanitys, and Path to Exile to not only help with removal, but to help set up a free Trap.

Alternately, you can splash black and go for Darkness, or Murderous Cut. This also opens up more mill potential with cards like Breaking and Mind Funeral and a few other interesting SB choices: Surgical Extraction and Extirpate are popular in mill.

Either way, mono blue probably won't cut it games 2-3 with this deck. You're probably going to have to splash another color.

DoomOnYOU on Kambal Prison

6 days ago

I love Kambal, and I love the deck idea. I run Atraxa Stax so I'm a big fan, but your mana base needs a bit of revision. I'd cut some lands out like Dpooser said, and I'd add some more mana rocks, like Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, even Fellwar Stone because it's 2 mana. If you're tired of just mana rocks, I'd recommend Journeyer's Kite, which is a new favorite of mine, even if it is a bit slow. Erebos, God of the Dead prevents your opponents from gaining life back, and is a neat card draw engine, but you have a lot of nice card draw enchantments too. With some of those extra land slots, some hard removal for cheap could also work. Go for the Throat and Murderous Cut are good options. Just some tips from a fellow stax player, great deck outside of the land base!

Deepstriker29 on Vampires in Brooklyn

6 days ago

Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet is directly at odds with the removal piece that is your commander, and does not give you the myriad of interesting abilities that your opponents' creatures will have. He doesn't hit anything Olivia can't hit, and his tokens are far more fragile than nontoken creatures and aren't ideal for sacrificing. Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief suffers from many of the same problems as well. Defiant Bloodlord is a more expensive and frailer Sanguine Bond, and without the direct reanimation spells like Victimize (this card is a budget allstar btw) or Reanimate, or the self-mill to reliably get it in the yard, I feel very strongly that you'll be tutoring for Bond 19/20 times. Ascendant Evincar is a very win-more card whose mana could be better spent elsewhere in your deck. Mephidross Vampire isn't very useful in a deck that is overwhelmingly Vampires in the first place, and fits better in token strategies. Guul Draz Overseer requires an extremely limited window of opportunity in your deck to make anything near a strong showing.

Corrupt is extremely reliant on having Urborg out to do anything impressive and could easily be subbed out for more immediate removal like Murderous Cut or Rakdos Charm. Blood Tribute is in a similar vein, and Incendiary Command is rather weak in this format. Profane Command would suit your needs far better.

Squirrelbacon on Vethan's Sultai Delver

6 days ago

I figured the options might be a bit much.... but if you want extra creatures another fun one that is relatively simple would be Pack Rat!

In regards to the delving options, I wouldn't go past 3 or 4 delving cards. It just gets to hard to delve out all the time... Plus, I'd rather have a Go for the Throat over Murderous Cut. Just a bit easier on the mana most of the time. Angler seems like he would be ok as an extra delve critter or 2.

I'd also recommend Liliana, the Last Hope. It kills several creatures in modern, returns most of your creatures to your hand from grave, and has an ult that will take over in time. She's actually pretty strong, I want to run her in my sultai delver list as at least a 1 of!

Best of luck to you and your son!

Madhava on Vethan's Sultai Delver

6 days ago

Exactly... Goyf, and also snaps, have lots of interplay with other cards ...which is something I'm sure he'll pick up on eventually. Cards with a lot of options can be confusing, too; I took out Sultai Charms after noticing he'd only ever use the draw/discard mode.

Delve he understands perfectly, so I'm considering adding Gurmag Angler, or Hooting Mandrills ...or possibly Murderous Cut.

I didn't plan on having as many planeswalkers in here as there are now, but he's very enthusiastic about them. He ultimate'ed Tamiyo whilst playing one of our first games. Ever since then, he thinks planeswalkers are the best cards. :D

Grixxas on Grixis Faeries

1 week ago

If you were to add more red, I would suggest cutting Murderous Cut, Go for the Throat and Fatal Push in place of a combination of Lightning Bolt and Terminate.

Also, if your having troubles with the life loss, consider running upwards of 2-3 Collective Brutality as it helps the deck significantly.

The link attached is for my Grixis Faeries build if you want some ideas.

KingSaturn on Stop Hitting Yourself! (Modern Stuffy Doll Burn)

1 week ago

this deck is pretty cool! I like the concept of self burn. The only concern I would have if you were to want to take this deck to a competitive level would be that you cant play Stuffy Doll until turn 5. So to combat this, you would need to run some white, black or both removal spells and make this a boros or mardu deck because you want to use all of your burn on stuffy doll. Path to Exile is a great removal card for any modern deck that runs white, it can keep you alive when someone drops a big Death's Shadow (which is a big part of meta right now. Running boros also opens up Lightning Helix. and if you want to run black with it you could splash in black for Fatal Push and Terminate or even Murderous Cut (since you'll have quite a bit of things in your graveyard). Simian Spirit Guide with also help you get out stuffy doll faster. And if your stuffy doll gets removed through hand disruption like a Thoughtseize, Kolaghan's Command can play around that. To make this competitive it will be a little pricey, but if you buy a modern deck you have a deck for life that you never have to change a whole lot. hope this helps

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