Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Uncommon
Prophecy Uncommon

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You may discard an Island card and another card rather than pay Foil's mana cost.

Counter target spell.

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Foil Discussion

rizzenkampf on Sen Triplets (building it together)

3 weeks ago

@Winterblast spot removal is a necessary evil, I agree. I tend to play a bunch in my decks - mostly staples like Swords, Beast Within and Vindicate/Anguished Unmaking. The best spot removal is the one that covers the most card types.

All your points are completely valid and that brings me to another thing - that countermagic is often essentially just that, spot removal that happens to deny ETB triggers. For this reason, unless your deck expressly rewards stuffing itself full of countermagic, I don't think one should run counterspells.dec. In my Jenara's Bant Enchantress deck I run 2 counterspells and around 4 pieces of spot removal. Less so in my Teysa deck (, but that is justified by the commander who has built-in removal.

With that being said, proactively controlling the game by stealing opponents' stuff and stax is a better strategy for Sen Triplets than reactive counter-based gameplan, although they obviously won't hurt. If I was building a deck such as this I would include 6-8 of the following:

I would consider Turn Aside, Daze, Hinder, Mental Misstep, Stifle depending on the meta. I can't myself consider Mana Drain and Flusterstorm because of budget issues.

As for spot removal, Esper is one of the best colours for it giving access to:

And for board control:

rizzenkampf on Sen Triplets (building it together)

3 weeks ago


I'd not say Ravnica karoos are bad - if you're a control player on a low-medium budget they are perfectly decent as long as you don't overdo it. The issue of land destruction that targets non-gamebreaking stuff will come up only in competitive metas. What you, Dim, should do overall, is reduce the amount of taplands in general. Look for shocklands, battlelands and painlands, as well as on-colour checklands. Cyclelands are decent, you may want to look at the Amonkhet cycles. Don't forget your alara triland if you haven't included it already.

Regarding some other stuff in your deck:

  • I am not a big fan of Daze, but it's one of those cards that gets better in EDH the more competitive your meta is - same as lightning bolt. In multiplayer, same goes for FoW and Pact - they are good put not having them is not back-breaking. If you do want free counters, Foil and Misdirection are good budget alternatives.

Regarding counter unless you pay X-spells - I also found them lacking in my games. Lategame they are often useless, with the amount of mana edh decks run.

I do however agree with Winterblast about trying to avoid 3+ mana counterspells - exceptions being Disallow and maybe Dissolve against graveyard-heavy meta. Delay is good. Deprive is usable. Arcane Denial is more questionable in your deck but also possible - especially since it's not mana intenvise and replaces itself. My general philosophy about counters is that in multiplayer EDH you can't - and shouldn't - play "permission" by countering everything. You only need to counter the thing that kills you.

Winterblast on Muzzio the Cheater

3 weeks ago

I would strongly recommend cutting all the counterspells with mana cost 3 or more. There are plenty cheaper and better counters, also for a lower Budget. You want to cast Muzzio AND be able to protect him, so every counter that is either free or only 1 or 2 mana is fine.

"free" Counters: Force of Will, Pact of Negation, Mental Misstep, Daze, Thwart (Foil too, but that is the worst)

1 mana Counters: Spell Pierce, Swan Song, Flusterstorm, Annul...and more

2 mana Counters: Mana Drain, Counterspell, Muddle the Mixture, Remand, Memory Lapse, Negate, Arcane Denial...

There's absolutely no need to use any of the worse Counters, especially because the cheap ones can wreck the acceleration of the other Players and the expensive ones can't. Just imagine someone keeps a hand with sol ring, 2 lands and spells with mana cost 3 and more. they are on the play and in their first turn you counter the sol ring with Mental Misstep - you've just put one player out of the game for 3 or even more turns! Enough time to set up your own tricks...

Averytoads on Jace Jackson Telepath Extraordinaire

1 month ago

Visions of Beyond, Foil is like a shitty for of will, Pact of Negation, I like Crush of Tentacles more than Evacuation, Kederekt Leviathan is fun with Deadeye Navigator, Peregrine Drake has the same purpose as Great Whale but costs a few dollars less, Snapcaster Mage costs money but is like a better Archaeomancer,Caged Sun, Time Warp or any take an extra turn that doesnt exile itself + Archaeomancer + Deadeye Navigator = infinite turns.

Soldcastro on Breya's Machines

1 month ago

Never thought of Phyrexian Unlife, it can be fun.
Lich's Mirror would only delay the inevitable for one turn...
Thanks for the suggestion.

I've been thinking about Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry. I didn't put it yet because i don't have a Sword of the Meek and without the foundry it's pretty useless (same as Pili-Pala without Grand Architect). As for Thopter Assembly i lack Time Sieve...
I've been wanting more tutors like Enlightened Tutor, Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor but they're a bit expensive.
Thanks for the tips!

Yes, i agree with you. I should put more board wipes since i don't need many creatures to play. What do you think about Fumigate?
About the counters, i've been avoiding them until now because my friends always complain about counterspells. What do you think about Foil instead of Pact of Negation? Sure, it's not as strong as the pact, but i have one! :D

Winterblast on LEOVOLD IS BANNED!

1 month ago

I think it has to be clear that a format, which allows almost all cards that have been printed since 1993 can never be easy to access for completely new players, unless they have tons of money to invest right away. It also has to be clear that a preconstructed deck is never going to be competetive in any format - you wouldn't try playing a standard tournament with an amonkhet planeswalker deck either.

Commander should be pretty much unregulated imo, because the singleton rule balances much anyway. The current banlist doesn't prevent competetive play but it's a risk to competetive players and collectors. We have seen how much the commander format impacts prices of cards, Hulk went from 3 to 10 euro within a few hours after the announcement of the new banlist...a card that isn't really played anywhere else (at least not in tier 1 decks anymore). Banning a card for over 40 euro isn't funny either, just because people didn't handle a simple creature(!) too often.

There are so many ways to disable the commanders, it's really unnecessary to remove certain ones from the format. With all the available acceleration it's even possible to drop Humility before Leo can do anything, a simple Swords to Plowshares sets the Leo player back another two turns (enough for someone else to win maybe), unless he has a free counterspell available (and there are only 3 - Force of Will, Daze, Foil - that would possibly do the job for the Leo player on turn 2). Meddling Mage can lock out a particularly nasty commander and the other players won't help to remove it...

The point is: having powerful cards available makes the format faster, because it's easier to win early if absolutely no one prevents you from winning. Considering how long commander games can take, if it's indeed possible to react to ALL threats on the table, more power is definitely a good way to speed up the games. And it's definitely more fun to scoop once after turn 3 and then play another game than having one long boring match that takes 2 hours and no one can make a breakthrough because the power level is too low.

Winterblast on Baral EDH

2 months ago

Thwart and Daze are additional free counters, maybe also Foil and Misdirection...nothing better than free counters imo. People don't expect it when you are tapped out, especially because most players only think about FoW and Pact in commander.

Epochalyptik on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

3 months ago

@Dankey: There aren't enough Islands in this deck to make Foil worthwhile. Foil is best played in mono-U or U/X decks, where more consistent access to Islands is likely.

@ooop333: I was wondering for a time what the deck would look like if I switched to Leovold, Emissary of Trest as the commander. Any experience in that field?

@Silverf1sh: It depends. I know that's not a great answer, but control decks must be played contextually, and there are really no hard rules for things like Blue Sun's Zenith. Generally, though, I'll use it as a utility card and leave /X up. I try to cast it when most players are tapped down to reduce the change of interference.

@XxFATMAN247xX: I don't play either of those cards for the reasons stated in the primer. They're slow, expensive, and not impactful enough for their costs.

@Pyromancer999: It's true that cantrips generally raise consistency, but they don't make enough of an impact. In a deck clamoring for tutors, counterspells, and ramp, I'm hard-pressed to include "throwaway" spells that replace themselves for only minor benefit. The amount of raw draw and tutor power, plus the shuffle effects, reduces how important cards like Ponder might be.

@budlaorf: This deck is built on a philosophy of efficient, high-impact cards. The cards you mentioned don't really jive with that.

Countersquall's cost is completely saturated, meaning I must pay to cast it (as opposed to /X). This deck wins through combos, and there's really little reason to ping people for 2 life in the interim.

Havengul Lich is expensive and doesn't really do enough to justify paying . This deck also does not play combo creatures ahead of time, so those cards are rarely in the graveyard. I feel I have sufficient alternatives and recursion in case they do ever hit the yard.

Massacre Wurm is very expensive for a board wipe in these colors, and, as I mentioned above, I don't really need to make opponents lose life before I combo. And because I don't really need to attack with this deck, the fact that it's a 6/5 is kind of irrelevant.

Rakshasa Deathdealer has no utility abilities; it's just a 2/2 that can attack or block.

Beast Within was cut from the deck earlier because it was expensive to cast. It's good enough that it could still see inclusion in variations of this deck, but I never cared for casting it.

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