Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Uncommon
Prophecy Uncommon

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You may discard an Island card and another card rather than pay Foil's mana cost.

Counter target spell.

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Foil Discussion

hoardofnotions on Jori En, Diving on a Budget

1 week ago

MoGoose831 thanks for the comment! I'm having lots of fun playing this deck.

I've been playing Foil and have been really impressed with it.

Beebles thanks for the suggestions! Do you have any ideas for cuts?

I think I like Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius more than Melek, Izzet Paragon in my deck because I can guarantee at least one card out of the Dragon if I delay playing it until 8 mana. I haven't played with melek though so let me know how it's been for you?

MoGoose831 on Jori En, Diving on a Budget

2 weeks ago

Foil in a deck with this much card draw is essentially on power with Force of Will...

This looks like a lot of fun great budget build!

n0bunga on Play Chess With the Devil

1 month ago

TankyHamster hey thank you so much! I am glad you enjoy it!

To answer your first question, yes as mentioned in the description this deck is extremely risky. And potentially fragile. You can grind out a game without Bridge From Below by utilizing Narcomoaeba, Prized Amalgam, Ichorid and Nether Shadow's recursion. At that point you would only flashback dread return for one of the larger creatures. It's not a pleasant way but it's doable. But to stop anyone from extracting Bridge From Below, Force of Will is our best method.

Now unfortunately, the answer to your second question would be to take out FoW. It's the most expensive card by a large margin. Without it the deck is about $200? Which is still fairly budget for a Legacy deck. Foil is the only thing close but as you can see it goes entirely against the build as it requires an Island to discard.

freakingShane on ☭ Soviet Russia: The Deck ☭

1 month ago

I know they are pricey...but I'd recommend looking into them if you ever have the money to spend on them! They can go into virtually any blue deck ever, so needless to say they are good!

As a budget Force of Will you could play Foil, for Pact of Negation you could do Daze, Remand, or another 1-3 CMC counter.

freakingShane on Thegru3some2some

1 month ago

I'd say that Chisei, Heart of Oceans is probably too hard to build around just because she doesn't bring much to the table.

Really the other four are all good commanders and can be lots of fun. If you decide to do Vial Smasher the Fierce, I would recommend partnering with a blue commander. That way you can use Force of Will on turn 0-1 and deal 5 damage from the get go. That idea of using "free spells" (like FoW, Foil, etc) and dealing damage is the way to go.

greyninja on Rashmi flash mob ☆

1 month ago

Hey I wanted to update my decklist to match the paper version before responding. Sorry it took me so long!

I've lowered the avg cmc i.e. removed the eldrazi titans and a few big spells, then added some new stuff like As Foretold and Baral

@Hopeless1987, idk if i even knew Deprive existed. It's not a bad idea. If Foil doesn't make it in here it'll definitely go in my Kami of the Crescent Moon deck. Rashmi's ability off a free 4-drop is $$

I did end up putting the eldrazi titans in another deck; but I kinda wish I had a set for here still. Rashmi could use the wincons. There would also have to be more ramp haha. I scored cards like Cryptic Command, Condescend, and Rewindfoil icon through various trades/purchases and felt like that was a better direction to take.

@RUST-O, thanks! I love 'er too! Since the day she was spoiled. Not only does she lead her own deck; but she's also in my Animar, Soul of Elements and Thrasios, Triton Hero/Vial Smasher the Fierce builds lol

Thanks again for the comments!

rizzenkampf on Sen Triplets (building it together)

2 months ago

@Winterblast spot removal is a necessary evil, I agree. I tend to play a bunch in my decks - mostly staples like Swords, Beast Within and Vindicate/Anguished Unmaking. The best spot removal is the one that covers the most card types.

All your points are completely valid and that brings me to another thing - that countermagic is often essentially just that, spot removal that happens to deny ETB triggers. For this reason, unless your deck expressly rewards stuffing itself full of countermagic, I don't think one should run counterspells.dec. In my Jenara's Bant Enchantress deck I run 2 counterspells and around 4 pieces of spot removal. Less so in my Teysa deck (, but that is justified by the commander who has built-in removal.

With that being said, proactively controlling the game by stealing opponents' stuff and stax is a better strategy for Sen Triplets than reactive counter-based gameplan, although they obviously won't hurt. If I was building a deck such as this I would include 6-8 of the following:

I would consider Turn Aside, Daze, Hinder, Mental Misstep, Stifle depending on the meta. I can't myself consider Mana Drain and Flusterstorm because of budget issues.

As for spot removal, Esper is one of the best colours for it giving access to:

And for board control:

rizzenkampf on Sen Triplets (building it together)

2 months ago


I'd not say Ravnica karoos are bad - if you're a control player on a low-medium budget they are perfectly decent as long as you don't overdo it. The issue of land destruction that targets non-gamebreaking stuff will come up only in competitive metas. What you, Dim, should do overall, is reduce the amount of taplands in general. Look for shocklands, battlelands and painlands, as well as on-colour checklands. Cyclelands are decent, you may want to look at the Amonkhet cycles. Don't forget your alara triland if you haven't included it already.

Regarding some other stuff in your deck:

  • I am not a big fan of Daze, but it's one of those cards that gets better in EDH the more competitive your meta is - same as lightning bolt. In multiplayer, same goes for FoW and Pact - they are good put not having them is not back-breaking. If you do want free counters, Foil and Misdirection are good budget alternatives.

Regarding counter unless you pay X-spells - I also found them lacking in my games. Lategame they are often useless, with the amount of mana edh decks run.

I do however agree with Winterblast about trying to avoid 3+ mana counterspells - exceptions being Disallow and maybe Dissolve against graveyard-heavy meta. Delay is good. Deprive is usable. Arcane Denial is more questionable in your deck but also possible - especially since it's not mana intenvise and replaces itself. My general philosophy about counters is that in multiplayer EDH you can't - and shouldn't - play "permission" by countering everything. You only need to counter the thing that kills you.

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