Diabolic Vision


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II (ME2) Uncommon
Beatdown Box Set (BTD) Uncommon
Ice Age (ICE) Uncommon

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Diabolic Vision


Look at the top five cards of your library and put one of them into your hand. Put the remaining four on top of your library in any order.

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Diabolic Vision Discussion

Trozzul on Nekusar WIP

2 months ago

If you would like some suggestions,Drop:

Transguild Promenade (not a great mana filter)

painted bluffs (not great mana filter)

River of tears (some comp decks run this but personally i dont like it)

Metallurgic Summonings

Sunbird's Invocation

Duskmantle Seer (you have some high CMC cards)

Nucklavee (cmc too expensive)

Wizard Replica (use actual counterspells rather than creature ones)

Dissipate (use a different counterspell: Arcane Denial)

Ravenous Trap (Run bojuka bog instead)

Disdainful Stroke (not a great counterspell: trade out for undermine)

Horn of Greed (this cards actually alright to keep if you cant find a replacement)

Neurok Stealthsuit (actually mentioning this card because its great! glad to see someone use it)

Sphere of the Suns (theres better cheaper manarocks)

Traveler's Amulet (not great ramp)

Wayfarer's Bauble ()

Mystic Retrieval

Deny Existence (not great counterspell: trade out for Dream Fracture?)

Negate (get Counterspell instead)

God-Pharaoh's Gift (Too high of a cmc for what it does, when your deck gets further developed you will end up with less creatures)

Mind Stone (trade out for sol ring)

Dimir Charm (i like izzet charm better, not a super whole lot of 2 mana cards you want to destroy in edh)

Izzet Chronarch

You have a lot of instant and sorcery retrieval, Honestly with Nekusar in my opinion you should actually replace those cards with more copys (For example Windfall and Collective Defiance are basically copys since they do the same thing) = Consistency, its nice to grab whatever you want from the graveyard but you dont always have that option.Heres some cheap cards to fit in maybe? i play paper and im thinking paper prices, everything here should be under $3

Graven Cairns: Fantastic mana filter, too bad the rest of the cycles are incredibly cheap, this is the only super cheap one

Geier Reach Sanitarium

Extract from Darkness


Breathstealer's Crypt: This card is insane for what it is, it hits you too but its still worth it.

Whispering Madness

Geth's Grimoire


Library of Leng


Mystic Remora

Crosis's Charm

Dark Deal


Kederekt Parasite

Lim-Dul's Vault

Diabolic Vision




Phyresis and Tainted Strike, it feels good to kill players with infect after wheeling multiple times in one turn

Fevered Visions

Jace's Archivist


Collective Defiance

Temple Bell Great card, try to tap it at the end of their turns, or use when you need to topdeck a counterspell

Wyyern on Welcome to the Undercity

10 months ago

Nice deck , really appriciate the diplomacy factor.Suggestions are:Trepanation Blade fun little mill and power boostNecrotic Ooze why not enjoy all those cards in the graveyardsFade Away when correctly played, this is an awesome whipeHavengul Lich Geth's assistantDiabolic Vision fav of mine in dimir

Grind on Cancel and Crush

1 year ago

welcome to commander hope you enjoy it! its all about multiplayer! here are some quick suggestions that hopefully don't break the bank and help up your power level.
Unsubstantiate over Unsummon
Crux of Fate is good with a dragon commander.
Lim-Dul's Vault over Diabolic Vision although it doesnt actually draw a card but its an instant...
Dimir Aqueduct, Underground River, and Darkwater Catacombs are good lands.
Phyrexian Reclamation and Mystic Remora are high value enchantments.
Bloodgift Demon and Burnished Hart and Steel Hellkite are good creatures.
Sol Ring and Dimir Signet are good.
Animate Dead, Brainstorm, and Swan Song are great.
final note Resounding Wave is also not allowed in a dimir deck because it has in the card text.

MrHighscore on Leeching Cotton: Oloro's Couch

2 years ago

Happy holidays and thank you for the suggestions :)


I don't feel Sigil of the Empty Throne in this deck, as I'm doing what I can to punish creatures and it has a relatively high CMC. If I was theming my defens a bit differently it could find it's way in :)

While I do agree that Diabolic Vision is a great card, I never run it, as it always feel like a jinx... every time I cast it, I end up seeing the 5 only cards I don't need right now. Though with the amount of shuffle effects I'm running, it could be worth it. What would you drop for it?

Erebos, God of the Dead is better than greed, but I don't like its extra vulnerability (I will have devotion) to exile creature stuff nor to Humility.

I also love Time Spiral but I don't think it is a thematic fit for this deck.

@o_O As a one-shot-kill with Tainted Remedy the Beacon of Immortality is good, but it does not fit my curve (would like to cap at 5) and I'm also a bit hesistant to add it as a conditional burn spell, so I'm leaving it out for now.


fluffyeel on Leeching Cotton: Oloro's Couch

2 years ago

With all the enchantments you're running, I very strongly recommend Sigil of the Empty Throne: once you get it out, just merely casting enchantments makes things super fun. There's also Perplexing Chimera, a favorite of my brother's that really screws with your opponents. It being an enchantment also feeds into Sigil and your other enchantment stuff rather well.

Another tutor-like card I rather like is Diabolic Vision: sifting through the top five of your library for two mana is pretty good, I'd say.

I might also replace Greed with Erebos, God of the Dead: stopping your opponents from gaining life is nice, plus it can turn into a semi-big, indestructible creature as needed.

The only other thing I might recommend is Time Spiral, though that's because I love the card and untapping six lands along with getting a new hand of seven is always a plus, especially with lands like Serra's Sanctum.

kintheman on

2 years ago

I whould love to have bitterblossom but it's way off my budget,whould be awesome though.I have considered the permission/disruption factor and here's what i came up with: replaced Deathcult Rogue for Invisible Stalker to have a cheaper creature that comes on earlier in the game and cant be target by the opponent; removed the Diabolic Vision since playing with it for alot of games really wasn't helping so instead i put Familiar's Ruse to counter spells, and having a creature return to my hand isn't half bad since i can have more tokens with Marsh Flitter and mill a few extra cards of my choice with Earwig Squad, and every other creature is cheap and don't matter if i have to pay to put it back in the field; -2 Rogues Gloves that wasn't working either, -1 oona's blackguard and -1 stinkdrinker bandit, and added 2 Grimoire Thief for mill and couter, +1 hidden strings to work with it, and +1 curiosity.

and i think now it's Modern legal right?

deadgroove on THE GRAVEMILL

2 years ago

Oops did a dumb, won't let me delete this comment xD