Ormendahl, Profane Prince


Westvale Abbey  Flip


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Ormendahl, Profane Prince

Legendary Creature — Demon

Flying, lifelink, indestructible, haste

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Ormendahl, Profane Prince Discussion

CharonSquared on Which cards are you going ...

22 hours ago

Mostly just Eldrazi Displacer. It was a fun combo deck with Zulaport Cutthroat and Brood Monitor, using Sidisi, Undead Vizier to tutor up your pieces. Also a great answer to Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip

Ryjo on Which cards are you going ...

1 day ago

I'm going to miss Stasis Snare the most. It could hit just about any creature, could remove creatures with indestructible, and the flash was just icing on the cake. Being able to snare Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip after flipping was so satisfying.

Ampa-GER on Esper Servos (Ixalan Updated]

2 weeks ago

I forgot to mention the most important one >Westvale Abbey  Flip A copy of Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip would also be nice :)

Xica on Turn 4 Ormendahl

3 weeks ago

You have 6! colored mana sources.
If you want to activate Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, you will need 5 creatures (beside the 5 mana), without colored mana it will be problematic to produce them to say the least.
Since you have only 16 colorless creatures.

So lets do the math and see what chances you will have on t4(or on t5/t4 on the draw)

You will have 72,06% chance (or 75,48% on the draw, or on t5) to draw a single source of colored mana, up to this point...

You will have 12,04% chance (or 17,02% on the draw, or on t5) to draw 5 or more creatures!

Basically the deck will do nothing ~28% of the time (playing a few ornithopters for 5 turns is exactly that).
And it will struggle very hard to produce enough creatures if the opponent packs removal - as having 3 creatures blown up by turn 5 is not unusual, while this deck at best can only hope to create that many extra tokens, compared to the number of cards in hand (which could be creatures).

Tl;Dr - it desperately needs some extra colored mana sources, AND more token generators.

P.s.: There is no point in recurring Westvale Abbey  Flip, with Crucible of Worlds, as a creature it has indestructible, if it gets removed, it will likely be exiled, thus having the ability to play it again from the grave is pretty useless.

Moby_Copperfield on Welcome to Jundland

1 month ago

Another avenue to explore is Westvale Abbey  Flip and packing in landfolk to fuel the arrival of Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip

In addition to the ones you already have, there are in Jund colours: Ghitu Encampment, Hissing Quagmire, Lavaclaw Reaches, Raging Ravine and Treetop Village.

And colourless: Foundry of the Consuls, Mishra's Factory, Stalking Stones and Dread Statuary

All depends on your budget!

SmokeyBear15 on Amonkhet God of Zombies

1 month ago

Never//Return might be a good choice, in that it is solid removal (comparable to Ruinous Path, and later let's you remove something from their graveyard AND get a zombie token. I really like how Dark Salvation also works as zombie generator and targeted removal. These help you control the board while also fueling your desire for zombie tokens. Downside is that they are sorcery speed.

And Rise from the Tides could potentially be a 1-of wincon after you have a lot of your instants and sorceries in the graveyard, of which you have plenty.

I disagree with Westvale Abbey  Flip as useful here, unless you want to use it as a potential mana dump to make tokens if you end up with extra lands untapped. But at 5 and 1 life per 1/1 token (that isn't even a zombie), it's kinda not great here. If you've already generated enough zombies to transform it into Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, then that means either Lili or The Scarab God are already going well and you want to keep your zombie count high.

Neotrup on Question concerning a a cards ...

2 months ago

A card's color is normally determined by it's casting cost. Any black symbol in the casting cost, such as in Olivia, Mobilized for War's cost (she's black-red), will normally make a card black. If a card has a color indicator located left of the type line, like Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip, it uses that to determine color instead (he's black). If a card has an ability that redefines it's color, like Bearer of Silence, it uses that to determine color (it's colorless). If an ability of a spell or permanent redefines color, like Rise from the Grave or Darkest Hour, that color is used instead of or in addition to the color(s) of the card. Rise from the Grave would make Thada Adel, Acquisitor blue-black, Darkest Hour would make all creatures on both sides of the field just black.

Epochalyptik on Duel sided card question concerning ...

2 months ago

Correct. Only Westvale Abbey  Flip exists in the graveyard; Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip does not.

Note, however, that if Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip dies, it leaves the battlefield as a creature. Therefore, you can pull off some recursion interactions with cards like Cauldron of Souls or Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. Things like undying and persist trigger when a creature dies, but they don't care if the card they return is still a creature while in the graveyard. They'll return the card with a counter of the appropriate kind; just note that they'll return Westvale Abbey  Flip and not Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip.

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