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When asked how much power is required, Izzet mages always answer "more."

Deck Description

Hello, I am Sheld and this is my Mizzix commander deck. It is the first MTG deck I've built. I have tweaked this deck a LOT to balance its power, consistency and enjoyableness (for me and for others). I know that a Mizzix deck can be much more powerful but the goal of this deck is to be fun to play casually with friends.

That's why I don't play any infinite combos and I limited the number of buyback cards and extra turn spells. (And I intentionally included some weaker extra turn spells, because cards like Time Stretch can be very annoying to play against.) I also tried to include at least some permanents so the deck is a bit more flavorful and interactive.

The deck can be made sygnificantly more powerful if needed by swaping Melek for Reiterate . Reiterate creates an infinite combo with the mana spells (also with some spells which untap lands) and given the amount of card draw and some tutors in the deck it is not hard to pull of.

Give the deck +1 if you like it and and let me know what you think about it. Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated. :)

Deck Strategy

The key to success with this deck is to defend Mizzix . Everybody at the table will know you're playing a combo deck and that Mizzix is the key to combo off, so they will try to remove her as soon as they can.

You want to either cast her as soon as possible on turn 3 or 4 and pray that nobody has an answer yet or doesn't want to spend their turn by casting it, or wait until you have a counterspell ready and then cast Mizzix .

If you start your turn with Mizzix on the battlefield, at least 2 or 3 experience counters, a spell which untaps lands or gives you mana in some way and a card-draw spell in your hand, chances are you are going to win the game - either you create some combo and win or you get ton of experience counters and find some removal and counterspells to survive and defend Mizzix easily until your next turn.

As with every deck in EDH, it can help you a lot to use table politics to your advantage. However, when playing a combo deck which can win in a single turn, people tend to not want to make many deals with you.

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