Time Stretch


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Odyssey Rare

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Time Stretch


Target player takes two extra turns after this one.

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Time Stretch Discussion

chris.rodriguez358 on The Descent Into Darkness

6 days ago

You play Imp's Mischief in response to the Counterspell then change the target of the Counterspell to Imp's Mischief. Any spell on the stack is a legal target for Counterspell regardless of where the card sits on the stack. It's also fun stealing other people's extra turns with Time Stretch, stealing people's card draw with Ancestral Vision or Blue Sun's Zenith, or just redirecting targeted destruction off of Hero's Downfall or Beast Within. It is definitely a WTF card and never really gets old.

DrLitebur on Another thread asking for help ...

1 week ago

Ya know, another card you run as your commander is either Melek, Izzet Paragon or Mizzix of the Izmagnus. Both are interesting to run as commanders, and double-casting spells, or casting spells for free or much less never gets old. It is fun to take multiple turns (say with a well-timed Time Stretch from Melek). Yeah, some people will hate on you for the deck, but it is interesting to play regardless.

Just something to think about.

miracleHat on Player Etiquette

1 week ago

6 player edh game. That sounds so boring, long, tedious, extraneous, monotonous, especially when person #4 has just entered main-phase #2... And let's add that you are playing Marath, Will of the Wild and you haven't done anything since attacking somebody last turn. Or, did they start playing modern because maybe this scenario happened:
Time Stretch -> Archaeomancer -> Time Stretch -> Snapcaster Mage...? If so, then I would start a game of modern because 1 person is going to spend 10 minutes finishing their 6 turns.

What about the other person who joined the modern game? It takes two to tan--modern.

The life total: if he is known for having good mental acuity, no need for him to physically change his life total, but he does have to show it 100% of the time.

Many times people go to fnm to cool off, laugh, have fun, smoke a cig, and let the week wash away in a night of fun games.

Before playing music, ask for people's music preferences. Music while gaming enhances the experience for many. You can always ask for it to be turned off.

You still have yet to say why it negatively affects other players. All of the things that you listed in that segment takes 10 seconds and is actually helpful for all 6 players who are bound to forget something important.

As to all of this being rude, yes it is. However: they do not know that it is rude and will continue with this behavior until you tell them, "Hey, you are being rude, now get out or change yourself".

IAmTheWraith on Roon and the Time Warp Squad

1 week ago

Any kind of temporal cards such as Time Warp, or Time Stretch goes infinite blinking Eternal Witness every turn.

KroggandMohawk on Grenzo's Prison Break - EDH

2 weeks ago

I would have to suggest Mindclaw Shaman for the deck. I've played a few games with him and he sometimes whiffs but when he hits holy crap does he hit. I've gotten a Merciless Eviction and a Boundless Realms off of him, to name a few. I'm waiting for the day I hit a Time Stretch with him. I would also highly recommend Treasure Keeper. My deck is geared around getting back artifacts since Ashnod's Altar is my linchpin and people tend to blow it up as soon as they see it so I was able to recur Keeper about four or five times and he gave me value every time I would kill him. First was a Demonic Tutor Second was a Scrap Trawler third was a Magus of the Wheel. Can't recommend that guy enough.

Boza on Pattern Recognition #19 - Modern ...

2 weeks ago

Cantivore is >.5 card because it is not a good card - it grows only from the least played card type that is the hardest to get in the graveyard.

Vexing Devil is in another color and allows the opponent choice, and is never a good topdeck, and is easily susceptible to Lightning Bolt.

Talara's Battalion is very hard to play on turn 2 and easily bolt-able. A bad topdeck to boot.

Greenwheel Liberator is good on turn 2 and requires fetchlands to be decent. Bolt-able and a bad topdeck too.

This is not a matter of opinion or feeling. Sure, it is not good in EDH, but there is no place for undercosted vanilla creatures in the format anyways (maybe DOran could play goyf?), just like there is no place for Time Stretch in Legacy for example.

Some things like Lightning Bolt>Shock are not on debate. The same goes for Goyf - it is better than anything else for its cost and the only card in the game to do what it does this well.

the.beanpole on Sell Me on Your Favorite ...

3 weeks ago

Would you like your Time Warps to be Time Stretches at no extra cost? Would you like to double your card draw for free? Want Blazes that are big enough to burn people out in one shot? Do you like playing with cards like Brainstorm, Sensei's Divining Top, and Scroll Rack in general? How do you feel about being able to play cards from the top of your library? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Melek, Izzet Paragon may be the deck for you!

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