Time Stretch


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Rare
Odyssey Rare

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Time Stretch


Target player takes two extra turns after this one.

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Time Stretch Discussion

VoidCaster113 on H: Updated Binder at last! ...

1 day ago

Hey guys, I'm finally back in the trading scene after a few month hiatus (didn't expect college to drain me as much as it has, but oh well). I've updated my binder with some neat new haves, most valuable Goblin Guide, Walking Ballista, Champion of Rhonasfoil icon and a couple other kewl EDH cards.

I'm looking for cards for a competitive Narset, enlightened master EDH deck. Focusing on the nonlands first, in about halfway done - all my wants (needs, really) are listed in my binder. Special priority is given to traders with: Scroll Rack and pretty much any extra-turn cards, like Expropriate or Time Stretch.

Thanks everyone :D

ccevik on Narset, Enlightened Master EDH

1 week ago

I recommend Howl of the Horde It gives you double copies after you attacked with Narset. And Time Stretch, because nothing is better than getting six extra turns in one whoop.

TheFanatic on 2power4me | Competitive Alesha

2 weeks ago

@UnleashedHavok Thanks for the feedback.

I was initially running Ashnod's Altar (and Nim Deathmantle), but I found that having a 2 mana sacrifice outlet just felt a lot better, hence Altar of Dementia. That way, you can play it on turn 2 before Alesha comes down, or on turn 4 and still have mana to activate Alesha. It's also important to note that you can (and should) target yourself with Altar of Dementia to give yourself more options in your graveyard. The fact that you can infinitely mill your opponents later on is just gravy.

My rationale for having Mindclaw Shaman over Mesmeric Fiend (or the mostly better Tidehollow Sculler) is that, while they both strip a card from your opponent's hand, Mindclaw Shaman lets you cast that powerful card for yourself. This seems much better to me in a multiplayer environment, where you need to get maximum value out of each card in your deck. It's especially useful when your meta is filled with cards like Demonic Tutor, Time Stretch, and Expropriate like mine is.

I am indeed aware of using the stack tricks for Fiend Hunter, etc. They wouldn't make the deck otherwise, because I don't want cards that are only temporary solutions since removal is so common in commander.

Serra Ascendant is something I'm considering, since I own a couple copies. Just isn't in the deck for now since my meta is so combo-oriented and the lifegain tends not to matter.

DrLitebur on Rules Change for Amonkhet

3 weeks ago

Entrei: How can you cast Time Stretch off of an exiled-Lightning Bolt with Elite Arcanist? Explain this to me please.

Entrei on Rules Change for Amonkhet

3 weeks ago

TBH, while it is kinda sad, we all kinda saw it coming. I mean you can still play Elite Arcanist, copy the imprint and exile Lightning Bolt and Time Stretch and pay 1 mana to take 2 extra turns every turn.

lagotripha on Turn 5 Win-No Creatures

1 month ago

I've got a list running helix for cruel ultimatum in grixis with Raven's Crime, so Flame Jab is a good shout, as you just need two in the yard and one in hand. Pyromancer Ascension is another interesting choice, Burning Inquiry exists, as does Goblin Lore and Shattered Perception. Simian Spirit Guide for faster combo.Ignorant Bliss would be interesting as sb against discard, and useful if you had another way to cast worldfire. Reroute has potential, but only in specific matchups, Manamorphose is traditional in the Thragtusk/Worldfire lists. Young Pyromancer could provide board presence in such a spell heavy list. Its really tricky to make suggestions, as what is currently here is a super unreliable 'combo as fast as possible' list, while the best form of it likely has a backup plan and runs a little differently, threatening other combo and providing other spellweaver interactions. You could probably drop a pair of Time Stretch to take infinite turns in pretty simply. Threatening a spellweavered Devil's Play, or Past in Flames.

Most of this type of list run other colours for their specialties to help stall the game, blue for counterspells and digging, black for hand disruption and removal, green for large blockers, abrupt lifegain and ramp, or white for removal and protective spells/enchantments. It tends to make it a little less budget though, so that should be kept in mind. Running pure search spells in blue has potential, treating combo peices as dead cards, and threatening Spellweaver Volute. Once again, a different list.

chris.rodriguez358 on The Descent Into Darkness

1 month ago

You play Imp's Mischief in response to the Counterspell then change the target of the Counterspell to Imp's Mischief. Any spell on the stack is a legal target for Counterspell regardless of where the card sits on the stack. It's also fun stealing other people's extra turns with Time Stretch, stealing people's card draw with Ancestral Vision or Blue Sun's Zenith, or just redirecting targeted destruction off of Hero's Downfall or Beast Within. It is definitely a WTF card and never really gets old.

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