Never / Return


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Never / Return



Destroy target creature or planeswalker.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Exile target card from a graveyard. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Never / Return Discussion

Argy on B/W Zombie tokens

5 days ago

You need a 15 card Sideboard.

Some of your cards can be moved to that.

Never / Return can be moved to the Sideboard.

I would also take out Revoke Privileges, you have other removal that is better, and Torment of Scarabs, which will work against some decks but be ineffective against others.

That will put you on 59 cards.

Add a copy of Liliana's Mastery and you will be at 60.

Sideboard could look like this:

4x Never / Return - gets rid of Planeswalkers

4x Fatal Push - very versatile against a lot of low CMC Creatures that grow large, like Winding Constrictor

4x Lay Bare the Heart - gives you a way to deal with Enchantments

3x Murder - gets rid of big Creatures

Argy on Weak in the knees

6 days ago

OK I've played around with this a bit and would suggest something like this:

2x Drana, Liberator of Malakir
2x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
4x Soul-Scar Mage
4x Thermo-Alchemist
2x Voldaren Pariah  Flip

10x Mountain
4x Smoldering Marsh
8x Swamp
(it would make the mana more consistent if you added 4 Canyon Slough instead of 2 Mountains and 2 Swamps)

2x Abrade
4x Fiery Temper
4x Lightning Axe
4x Magma Spray

2x Diabolic Tutor
2x Incendiary Flow
2x Sweltering Suns

4x Nest of Scarabs

I agree that Outnumber is very situational. Incendiary Flow stops Lord of the Accursed from recurring.

You also need a Sideboard.

I would build something like this:

3x Grasp of Darkness - excellent against gods
4x Lay Bare the Heart - the only way to deal with Enchantments in these colours
4x Never / Return - killls Planeswalkers and big Creatures
2x Sweltering Suns - more board wipes
2x Unlicensed Disintegration - kills big Creatures, and the colours are easier to get than Murder, although you could use that instead

Hyperalgialysis on The scarab god 2.0

1 week ago

The mono red aggro will beat you consistently. Too fast and you would have to run Magma Spray Fatal Push and Essence Scatter at minimum in playsets to slow it down. Do you play at fnm? Your sideboard is determined by your meta(the decks being played at your local game store lgs) and what your deck lacks to beat them. Your deck may have trouble with mardu vehicles and golgari counters as well since they are very fast. Grixis usually runs control and you have some of the necessary pieces but not enough. You should probably use Never / Return as a sideboard piece. Given the high number of instants/sorceries you are playing you may want to drop Spellweaver Eternal for Enigma Drake since it has the potential to hit harder and survives Abrade and a host of other threats. Drop a mountain, 24 is plenty of lands. I think come down 2 copies on Neheb, the Eternal he is legendary and a 5 drop, I am sure 2 would be good enough. In it's place another pair of Ammit Eternal might be good or Magmaroth. Reduce / Rubble is pretty strong too.

paintballnsk on Help with Mono Black Zombie ...

1 week ago

Thanks Minihorror!

I did my first ever FNM tonight and tried the deck. It kicked butt. 3-1, and the match I lost was super close.

I definitely need to practice with the sideboards. And I guess I didn't play the deck right. First match was against GR Tron (I think). So I think I just did well first round and shut it down quick. Second round I brought in more removal spells, but I have no idea what to cut. So I cut Dread Wanderer for Never / Return and Murder. I still won, but barely. I should have cut the [Fatal Push]. Someone explained to me the reason for the Dread Wanderer is synergy with Diregraf Colossus and it's a perfect card to discard with the CryptKeeper...

So What do I cut if I want to fit in the vehicles or Lilianas. One guy had a decent UW Allies deck. He was the one that beat me. What would you cut to make the deck work against that? I assume it would need the artifacts in there for their flying?


Argy on Help with Mono Black Zombie ...

1 week ago

I will explain how I think the Sideboard works, but I might not understand it fully.

To see how the rest of the deck works, look up the Amonkhet Pro Tour final match on YouTube.

Liliana, the Last Hope is expensive because it is the best Planeswalker in this deck. Making unlimited Zombies in a way that can't be stopped, then giving them all a boost due to either Liliana's Mastery or Lord of the Accursed is very difficult to play against.

paintballnsk on Help with Mono Black Zombie ...

1 week ago


I put together the typical Mono Black Zombie deck to start playing at my local FNM and Standard Showdowns. Would someone please help explain the deck tech to me, especially the sideboard? I've never really played standard, and I'm not familiar with the meta at the local shops. I'm an admitted novice, but I've been playing about 2 months, mostly commander.

Here's the deck list:

4 Cryptbreaker

4 Diregraf Colossus

4 Dread Wanderer

1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

4 Lord of the Accursed

4 Relentless Dead

4 Dark Salvation

3 Fatal Push

3 Grasp of Darkness

4 Liliana's Mastery

4 Ifnir Deadlands

19 Swamp

2 Scavenger Grounds


1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

1 Grasp of Darkness

1 Aethersphere Harvester

2 Liliana, the Last Hope

2 Never / Return

4 Transgress the Mind

1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

2 Scrapheap Scrounger

1 Murder

I have Liliana, Death's Majesty in there instead of Liliana, the Last Hope. How crucial is The Last Hope to make the deck work? I just didn't want to drop $45 on 2 cards that rotate out in 7 weeks haha. I can use the other Lilianas for commander.And other things I can sideboard are Westvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince, Torment of Hailfire, Abolisher of Bloodlines  Flip, and Plague Belcher.

Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

PeeBee on Black aggro

1 week ago

I love black in standard and will give some suggestion, although I like the core of the deck.

I'm not sure about Dreamstealer in this deck, although he has menace, he has to wait until turn 4 to attack and then he only hits for 1. I also think if you get rid of Dreamstealer then its better to go down x2 Key to the City. Finally I would remove the Lay Bare the Heart and Harsh Scrutiny and put them sideboard and go towards removal, to help you're creatures get in combat damage, such as Never / Return, Murder or Grasp of Darkness

If you're going to go aggro, then i feel Bearer of Silence would be better and adding in 2 Blighted Fen and 4 Ifnir Deadlands will help with his sacrifice ability, and give you utility lands also.

If you dont want to go Bearer of Silence because he's just about to rotate, then Bontu the Glorified could fit well into this deck, as he hits hard, allows life drain, and you can easily sacrifice a Scrapheap Scrounger or Dread Wanderer and get them back from the graveyard anyway.

another good black threat is Glint-Sleeve Siphoner as it could allow you to draw cards, but should be able to attack in the first few turns due to menace.

I'm not sure how good Ammit Eternal has been for you, but hes always very underwhelming and when i play him and you may want to swap him for one of the above suggestions.

casmiel on Chalice of Pox

1 week ago

Smallpox + Flagstones of Trokair beg for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and a full playset of Fetid Heath so you can pox on turn 2.

4x Dismember with 4x Dark Confidant is also pretty dangerous. I'd cut some Dismembers for Never / Return, which has the upside of being a reasonable discard target. I think 4 Confidant is too much here anyways, it is a bit counter-intuitive to run it in a Chalice deck when you want to be hitting 1 and 2 mana spells.

I'm also a bit skeptical on Copter it is definitely Modern playable but I'm not sure this is the right home. Your 2CMC slot is already flooded as it is, I'd rather get some Bloodghast for Pox and Brutality.

Any reason why you decided not to run Liliana of the Veil? I've seen the full playset in pretty much any regular Smallpox list that had success.

Anyways, cool deck idea!

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