Never / Return


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Never / Return



Destroy target creature or planeswalker.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Exile target card from a graveyard. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Never / Return Discussion

myronrocks on Five Color Reanimator 13-6-3 FNM YTD

1 week ago

TheRedGoatnot sure which embalm or aftermath cards you're referring to. And do you mean sideboard or mainboard? I agree embalm is somewhat on theme with zombies in general. Haven't seen anything that really impresses me that would add to this deck more than what instant speed reanimation provides.

As far as aftermath cards, I could see Dusk / Dawn being decent against mono B zombies... Beyond that? Maybe Never / Return as spot removal. But the list is pretty tight. Axe is way too important to cut. K Return is also hugely synergistic with deepfiend. Idk the list is pretty focused, but I'm open to hearing your suggested considerations.

westdoorblowsnow-- yeah Liliana is prett obviously good for a deck like this. I don't play her because a while back I ended up cutting Rise from the Grave, which is essentially what Liliana ends up being for a deck like this. I felt that a turn five reanimation spell was just not the direction this deck wanted to go. This deck wants a really strong turn three a gearhulk on four for card advantage and reanimation discard fodder and basically lock-down on turn five, chaining elder deepfiend together.

Now I CAN see Liliana doing work in my straight up gearhulk deck! That seems very good. I just can't stop playing this for a moment to try the other one out.

Thanks for the comment.

+1 of you like the deck!


2 weeks ago

clark1424You may want to look at running a Dispossess or two (did not see in main board or sideboard list). This has been very good for me against Marvel to stop it before it gets going. Also when running against control decks that use Torrential Gearhulk. I run two in the sideboard.

Voldaren Pariah  Flip is a nice card, wish I had more of. Never / Return in place of Ruinous Path for the aftermath.

Argy on Destroy the Gatewatch

2 weeks ago

Dopesmoker Awaken is a mechanic that takes some time before you get a decent payout.

Disallow is a strictly better Scatter to the Winds, and Never / Return is a strictly better Ruinous Path.

I am still considering whether I need dedicated Planeswalker removal in the Sideboard instead of Liliana, the Last Hope.

Welcome to the fold, Minion GodCyphus.

Pull up a seat and choose a skull to drink from.

Yay verily urahara_roshi thou shalt run Grixis and thine enemies will quake with fear.

They will also shit themselves, great rivers of faeces.

Such have I decreed.

Lord.of.Innistrad on budget kaalia

3 weeks ago

To decrease costs: Maybe Never / Return or Unlicensed Disintegration instead of Dreadbore.

Maybe Utter End or Anguished Unmaking instead of Vindicate

Kind of different but maybe Gruesome Encore for Exhume.

I know all of those are not as good, but they are budget!

Maradas on Black/White zombies

3 weeks ago

did test dusk to dawn as well with same results my deck also runs 2 unmakings bekause they are awesome would almost consinder a 4 of

dont have/ use grasp since some meta threats are way to big i am running some murder or Never / Return instead but they are more expensive

if it wouldnt be budget i would suggest Shambling Vent to have something left to strike after a sweltering sun or dusk hit you but should be fine without

as for plague belcher i dont have any either since for the 3 mana slot things like collosus are better but when soi/emn rotates out i would pick up some (same goes for never)

i think you are runing to many plains would cut to in favor of swamps and i dont know how to feel about 4 evolving wilds and 4 santuarys (8 tapped mana total) but testing shall show and the cardfilter aspect of the evolving wild is nice so test it out i would say

and how about lili for the sideboard?

what about Metallic Mimic are they to expensive? i run 2 and they are great so far same goes for Westvale Abbey  Flip tho i would not invest in abbey since it will rotate to soon

i am also testing around with less cyrptbreakers (or dread wanderers) due to budget and the second Cryptbreaker on the field isnt that great...

thats all i can think of right now (done casting Brainstorm :D) will test some more my selt was 2-0 yesterday in some semi casual matches yesterday

keep it up ;)

DarkLaw on [HOU] Can this Nicol Bolas ...

3 weeks ago

Argy I don't know how you prove things statistically using anecdotal evidence.

jparker-sartori21 I decided to try a second source, which says it averages 3.3% of decks as 1.6 copies in the last 2 months (I don't think you can yet narrow it down further without losing accuracy, so the true number might be greater). So it does, but not as much as something like Dispossess or Never / Return does.


Luciferos on Hand Destruction?!?!

4 weeks ago

Also, Whispers of Emrakul seems like poor-ish value because you can't even generate Delirium for yourself unless your opponent does you the 'favor' of nuking one of your lands, or killing a creature - and you can't even board a creature until turn 4, minimum. Discard at random is a bit better than discard choice, but you're getting 1 card for 1 card almost always. More of your other discards like Implement of Malice which cantrips or the stuff that forces them to discard multiple, or Dispossess may be better to surgically extract vehicle or irritating Aetherworks Marvel wincons, as if a Marvel guy manages to cheese Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger onto the board, you're 90% screwed as you have exactly 2 cards - Never / Return and Gonti that can stop him, and nothing to stop them from just topdecking more energy counters and tripping Marvel again. Collective Brutality is also good and multipurpose in the 'get rid of 1 card' category.

At the very least with the artifact-heavy Standard meta, I'd highly recommend Dispossess in the sideboard.

Argy on Pain cycle

4 weeks ago

For a start I would take out Lightning Axe and To the Slaughter for Declaration in Stone.

That will let you stay ahead of Zombie decks, and you have enough sac outlets without needing Lightning Axe.

This deck needs a Sideboard, so you can adjust it based on what kinds of removal you need.

For a start I would make it something like:

2x Anguished Unmaking
2x Cast Out
3x Grasp of Darkness
3x Murder or Unlicensed Disintegration
3x Never / Return
2x Yahenni's Expertise

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