Never / Return


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Never / Return



Destroy target creature or planeswalker.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Exile target card from a graveyard. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token.

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Never / Return Discussion

Feltrix on Heroes get Remembered... But Zombies Never Die

1 month ago

I think in the deck you have, I'd stick with Never / Return over Hero's Downfall. It synergizes with both your zombies and your graveyard themes. Abrupt Decay is probably the strongest of your removal and Geth's Verdict is the weakest, but ideally I'd put in some Fatal Pushes. I'd drop a copy or two of Sign in Blood. It's really not a great source of card draw. Maybe 1x Grisly Salvage? It's nice, but not amazing in an aggressive deck. Also, I'd run Lord of the Accursed over Death Baron.

vorpalaxe on Tattered Mummy, vorpalaxe

1 month ago

**i took out Death Baron because he is redundant to Sudden Spoiling. most of these zombies will kill 0/2 creatures.

**I took out Never // Return because by the time i have 4 swamps I will have other ways to get a zombie, and they will cost less. sacrificing instant speed is not worth it. The chances a 2/2 zombie for 4 mana will win a game are less than the chances an instant speed kill will be needed to win.

**I put two Smallpox in the main because casting one or two in the right situation gives you an advantage. say you start with three swamps, a Duress, and Smallpox. that is a great time to do it. discard a zombie other than Relentless Dead. now you are only down a swamp, essentially, and your opponent maybe down a land, a creature and another card, not to mention the damage done by Duress/Inquisition of Kozilek.

RedUndead40 on Ninja Gaiden

2 months ago

rob_shifflett great idea, I didnt even think of that. Far // Away, Never // Return, Consign // Oblivion, and Rags // Riches seem pretty playable. I will add them in for now but I need to cut a bunch more.

Chasedrk1 on Mono-B Midrange

3 months ago

in many cases, a single Arch of Orazca can be to many if it comes to early, or you have more important things to spend your mana on. I would reduce the count to a singleton & add another Swamp. 19-20 Swamp is a good bench mark with Cabal Stronghold

Also, 2x Torgaar, Famine Incarnate in addition to 2x Demonlord Belzenlok & 2x Josu Vess, Lich Knight is way to top heavy. you do not want any of them in your starting hand or the early game in general. I would recommend dropping Torgaar entirely for something smaller and more useful - Gifted Aetherborn Fatal Push, & Never // Return are definitely top priorities.

Also, the same is true with Mastermind's Acquisition 4x of them is too top heavy without purpose. treat that card as an emergency duplicate for your sideboard. having 1 or 2 in the opening hand or early game is just not a good thing as everything you may want is further into the late game. dropping to a singleton or 2 of will allow you to speed up the decks aggression.

Khunjund on Lich's Approach to the Glorious Trials

4 months ago

@AlienoftheLand Post-board, you have 3 Gideon, 3 Aryel, 3 Lyra, and 2 Chandra to threaten Teferi, as well as 4 Vraska's Contempt, 2 Ixalan's Binding, and 3 Duress to deal with one directly (on top of Glorious End, which can be used as a "counterspell" if you have Gideon Emblem or Lich's Mastery out). If that's really not enough, you could switch some number of Disintegrations for Never / Return, or add Cast Out, but that's pretty much it. I believe the card-advantage engine you're looking for is Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip.

purplesandpaper on Tormenting Cards

5 months ago

mavryk you are right about taking out the Bontu's Last Reckoning, I used to have very few creatures but with Dominaria I put in some more. I might replace it with Battle at the Bridge and another Never / Return. About the Walk the Plank thing, I think it is more reliable than Cast Down, and there are very few merfolk decks now, but I might change that later. Thanks for the suggestions.

mavryk on Tormenting Cards

5 months ago

Maybe take out a couple of bontu's and instead replace those with another Never / Return and Harsh Scrutiny nice low priced deck though. Also, Cast Down can replace your walk the planks... cause if you run in a merfolk deck, you'd be done for.

Rhadamanthus on Does card:Dauntless Bodyguard help a ...

5 months ago

Yes, you're allowed to do this. The words "the chosen creature" don't mean the chosen object is required to be a creature at the time you activate the ability. It's just simpler to write out the ability that way since 99.9% of the time the object will still be a creature.

Keep in mind that making a non-creature planeswalker indestructible will only protect against "destroy" effects specifically (Never / Return, etc.). It won't prevent damage, save the planeswalker from dying due to having 0 or less loyalty, or protect against "exile" effects (Vraska's Contempt, Cast Out, etc.)

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