Deathbringer Regent

Creature — Dragon


When Deathbringer Regent enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand and there are five or more other creatures on the battlefield, destroy all other creatures.

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Deathbringer Regent Discussion

Neotrup on Does Panharmonicon's ability still work ...

6 days ago

Correct. A cast creature enters from the stack, though enter the battlefield effects may refer to "if you cast it from [zone]," in which case the permanent both needs to habe been cast, and from that zone, in order to trigger (like Deathbringer Regent).

Neotrup on Does Panharmonicon's ability still work ...

6 days ago

Deathbringer Regent triggers twice, but it won't activate the second time unless there are still 5 or more other creatures, because it has an intervening if clause. So if 5 creatures regenerate, it will try to kill them again, but if only 4 regenerate, it won't bother.

River Kelpie will trigger twice if a creature enters the battlefield from the graveyard, but only once if you cast a spell from the graveyard. In other words, it triggers twice from Reassembling Skeleton, but once from Skaab Ruinator.

You are correct in what it refers to, as well as anything with the phrase "as thic enters" the other thing of note would be things that enter with counters don't enter with additional counters.

Yesterday on Does Panharmonicon's ability still work ...

6 days ago

I have a two examples here that I'm looking to check.

I have a Panharmonicon on the field and I cast a Deathbringer Regent from my hand which successfully hits the battlefield. I appreciate that under most normal circumstances the ability activating twice wouldn't matter, but it does activate twice, right?

A more practical example is if I have a River Kelpie on the battlefield and I cast a Skaab Ruinator from the graveyard with a Panharmonicon on the battlefield - I get to draw a card from casting Skaab Ruinator from my graveyard, and I get to draw two cards from it entering the battlefield from the graveyard?

Finally, the rulings on the Gatherer site for Panharmonicon specify that replacement effects don't occur twice due to Panharmonicon being on the field. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this refers to creatures with Persist/Undying, and Clone effects, is that right? Is there anything else of note that doesn't trigger?

musicman3310 on

1 month ago

I don't know about Worldslayer if I make it a superfriends deck, wouldn't it kill all my planeswalkers? (with the right set up, such as Odric, Lunarch Marshal and any god, all my creatures wouldn't be killed by things like Deathbringer Regent and Worldslayer.) p.s. Know any other Planeswalkers with good creature removal?

Steelspike on

1 month ago

Worldslayer is amazing with Zurgo.

Also, Assault Suit keeps him alive, even when it's not your turn.

I had a Zurgo deck that had only 5 creatures other than him, spot removal and nukes.

Deathbringer Regent for a nuke on a critter. Hoarding Dragon to tutor up Worldslayer, and the Eldrazi titans because indestructible is always awesome.

Anyway, that should get you going! :)

DragonWitch on Kaalia, Legions of the Vast

4 months ago

Command tower and most of my more useful lands are in my other decks right now :P Avaricious Dragon is in theory to keep my hand full of Kaalia targets but yeah, I'll probably cut it. Deathbringer Regent I cast anyways so it's pretty nice Balefire Dragon I'd probably stick in Karrthus first just because it's a more fine tuned. :P Thanks for your deck though, you got some nice stuff

Spirits on Kaalia, Legions of the Vast

4 months ago

Every deck needs to start somewhere. Fellow Kaalia of the Vast player Kaalia, the Purifier. I have some discussion on my deck if your interested in reading.

Command Tower is a great commander land, and it's cheap because it comes in every commander deckbox.

Rune-Scarred Demon is an awesome demon that replaces himself in your hand with an even scarier threat.

Balefire Dragon is the king of dragons in Kaalia of the Vast build!

Swiftfoot Boots is a nice inexpensive $ wise way to protect your guys.

Lands need quite a bit of tweaking, in a 3-color mardu commander you get great benefit of blowing the budget on lands.

Reverse the Sands sounds VERY fun, but for its CMC, not sure it should make the cut.

Avaricious Dragon too aggressive for me, If your pairing with a Sire Of Insanity or a Necropotence, maybe, but not sure on this guy. If it was all players it would make more sense.

Deathbringer Regent won't trigger with Kaalia of the Vast trigger because he isn't being "cast"

Will be fun turning it into a deck you enjoy, best of luck! +1

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