Fall of the Titans


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Fall of the Titans


Surge (You may cast this spell for its surge cost if you or a teammate has cast another spell this turn.)

Fall of the Titans deals X damage to each of up to two target creatures and/or players.

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Fall of the Titans Discussion

MadMadison on Izzet Spells Prowess Deck (Standard)

11 hours ago

Xiar Glad I could help! I'd say you could maybe cut 2 x Censor or 1 x Censor and 1 x Magma Spray for 2 x Slip Through Space, although I'd definitely recommend playtesting with it first as you may find you need the removal more. You could even cut both of the Negate, although that does reduce your creature removal quite a lot.

You've definitely got artifacts covered in your sideboard with By Force, but maybe consider some more creature removal for those match-ups against aggro decks and possibly 2 x Bedlam Reveler for those slower match-ups. Good removal to consider that will enable your prowess and other triggers are Fall of the Titans (cast for its Surge cost) and Fiery Temper if you decide to include a way to discard, like Tormenting Voice or Cathartic Reunion.

If the Amonkhet Gods become a major threat in Standard, I'm also considering sideboarding Burn from Within as that deals with Indestructible creatures. I've also main-decked Sweltering Suns, Fling, and Insult / Injury in my deck, although I'm going to playtest them first as they could turn out to be ineffectual.

Sorry for the ridiculously long answer! If you get the chance, I'd be really interesting to hear your thoughts/suggestions on my deck as well!

Drakender on Izzet Blitz

1 day ago

If you keep with a low cost list, you'll need some value, you could try, Dynavolt Tower or Thing in the Ice  Flip, but I don't agree about removing all the Pull from Tomorrow or Chandra, Torch of Defiance...

Since you play at instant speed, you might consider playing Brutal Expulsion, Lightning Axe, Hungry Flames, and Fall of the Titans. Also, if your meta is really aggro-based, try playing more Censor main and put Negate to the sideboard...

For your sideboard, I'm not sure about Bedlam Reveler, you could put it main instead, cause side, you'll rarely put it in, same thing for As Foretold... Fiery Temper is great, when you discard it... Your odds are not for it now...

For the other options, Fevered Visions is made for control matchups and as my frieds say "put four or put not". Torrential Gearhulk or Goblin Dark-Dwellers can cast you a surprise Expedite not to neglect...

BioProfDude on The New Frontier of Mono Red Burn (40$)

4 days ago

Well, the good thing about Burn from Within is that it only requires a couple of mana to do even 1 pt of damage. I think in the sideboard might be the best place, just in case. If you have 3 or 4 mana out, that might be enough to finish off an opponent as they start getting bigger creatures and threats on the board.

Fall of the Titans can also be useful for the sideboard. Again, just in case it is needed.

Yes, Bomat Courier is a lot of fun. :-)

emrakulinsmugglers on [Community Discussion]: The flavor of ...

6 days ago

what i believe to be very important in cards is that if they are depicting magic lore, the power of the card should make it feel as that of the scene in the story itself.

for example, Fall of the Titans depicted chandra burning down the eldrazi titans. the card dealing damage and being red fits with chandra, and the surge mechanic fits with chandra teaming with nissa. it may not be good enough to be standard playable, but anyone casting this for a lot of mana using surge can feel the absolute game winning power in their hands. that is what this card should be like, not something super easy to do or broken (or the eldrazi titans would've been dead faster), but once done, is very powerful.

i don't generally care what the theme is, as long as the theme doesn't ruin the 'magic' of Magic, and there is a underlying story to it. colors don't matter as much, as long as they fit general colorings (for example, elves being almost always green), and if they don't stick to their regular colors, there should be a reason that makes sense. for example, lorwyn elves having black.

flintshadowrider on Competitive Frontier Mardu Goggles

1 week ago

Lol Fall of the Titans is such a good topdeck!

COUGARMEAT on Competitive Frontier Mardu Goggles

1 week ago

Fall of the Titans worked pretty well in goggles builds from what I remember. Used in tandem with Wild Slash or Shock could be pretty useful.

CrazyPumuckl on Competitive Mizzix

2 weeks ago

I don't know your meta, but for it seems there are too much counterspells included. May aim for 8 to 9. Also i would reduce the lands from 39 to 34 or 35 and add card draw for them. Personally, i would neither run Call the Skybreaker nor Omniscience, because they are very expensive for what they do - first one is only 5/5 and when you can cast Omniscience you should won the game due to Mizzix cost reduction. Also Galvanoth is not working with all the x spells, because x will be equal 0. May add Beacon of Tomorrows, Gut Shot or Fall of the Titans for fetchability and some draw spells.

BottelO on Nobody loves me, everybody hates me

3 weeks ago

Implement of Combustion is more of a cheap non creature draw card spell. The main Burn i have is Burn from Within and Fall of the Titans.

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