This is a Pramikon FLyers tribal deck, with a small Angel subtheme and quite a few counterspells. Because I always try to fit too much in a deck, there is also an Aurelia, the Warleader for extra combats and an Alrund's Epiphany and Medomai the Ageless for extra turns, but they all also fall within the "flyers" category, so it should be good. I'm also considering Dragon Tempest for Medomai, but I'm not sure if the haste is worth it, as I run barely any Dragons. But you could of course switch out, say Anya, Merciless Angel , Iridescent Angel and Lightning Angel for something like Dragonlord Ojutai , Ryusei, the Falling Star and Skyline Despot .

Using the Hunted Dragon and Hunted Lammasu also seems like fun, since you can give the tokens to an opponent who can't hit you because of Pramikon

I suppose you could lean into the stax-y effect more, switching out some of the flying synergy like Favorable Winds for something like Mudslide


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