Spell Queller

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Spell Queller

Creature — Spirit



When this enters the battlefield, exile target spell with converted mana cost/mana value 4 or less.

When this leaves the battlefield, the exiled card's owner may cast that card without paying its mana cost.

wallisface on Azorius Aggro-Control deck

1 month ago

9-lives Cool, i'll keep all my card suggestions to $3-or-less per card.

Being one card-down is not worth it for only really knowing what your topdeck is. If you are using Assemble the Players you are wasting resources for almost no gain. Added to this a point which hasn't been mentioned yet - drawing a second copy of this card is absolutely disastrous, as you can't do anything useful with it.

Lawmage's Binding is worse that Oppressive Rays because 3 mana for a card that's still not removing a creature is just really bad value. Far better spells to remove the opponents creatures are Skyclave Apparition, Stasis Snare, Oblivion Ring, Fateful Absence, Declaration in Stone, Prismatic Ending, and Path to Exile

Opt, Preordain, Serum Visions, and Consider are all cheap and are overwhelmingly better than Defiant Strike.

If you're trying to be aggressive with control, your current creatures are really lacking. The current creatures you're running would fit better in a tax-like build, where the aim is to mess with your opponents tempo but ultimately just slowly chip-through damage. If you're trying to play an aggressive-control deck (like the Murktide Regent list) in , then your best bet for creatures on a budget would probably be Tolarian Terror, Delver of Secrets  Flip, Spell Queller, Haughty Djinn, and maybe Lion Sash

Icbrgr on Is Leyline binding worth it?

6 months ago

I think thats what im thinking wallisface; that perhaps my personal build isnt a good home for it...because the games I win that are not just blowouts or an opponent conceding; games that get played out are very very close.

Currently my brew is extremely fair (as far as control decks go) with basically the win condition being getting the opponent in topdeck mode and essentially winning the card advantage 1-for-1 trade war via countermagic/removal and getting in damage with Celestial Colonnade/Hall of Storm Giants and sometimes getting an emblem and snowballing from there. But the truth is in the games I do end up in this kind of situation Im honestly in a pretty vulnerable state myself with low resources and probably low life total as well.

by no means did i mean to imply that Spell Queller was on the same level as Leyline Binding i am just trying to draw attention to the same result as quelling or binding an opponents planswalker or creature and it being removed and then suddenly to momentum hard shift back into the opponents favor.

wallisface on Is Leyline binding worth it?

6 months ago

Leyline Binding is very powerful, but if you think its likely to be removed, then you have to be conscious of what you’re taking. At either end of the spectrum, exiling a Hangarback Walker is permanently killing it, where as exiling a Hornet Queen is giving your opponent a chance to get a strong etb they can trigger again.

But, its more complicated than that. Leyline Binding is currently one of the absolute best forms of removal, and there’s a bunch of reasons for this. Comparing it to Spell Queller doesn’t seem fair:

  • Spell Queller existed in creature decks where it would often end up trying to exile a killspell - which means that the opponent just had to kill the Queller and you would have felt really blown-out. There’s nothing close to that kind of feel-bad outcome from Leyline Binding. Binding exists in control or grindy decks looking to buy themselves time to “win by default” - they can either protect the Binding easily, or assume that by the time its removed the game is already soo far in their favour that it doesn’t matter.

  • Queller is a whopping 3 mana, Binding is effectively 1 (or 2 in a pinch).

  • Queller, being a creature, is trivially easy to remove compared to Binding, a high-mana enchant. Added to this, as Queller was in creature-based builds, it was actively beneficial for your opponent to remove it regardless of whether a spell was under it - there’s nothing inherently beneficial to removing Binding other than getting your spell back… in fact taking time off to removal an enchantment likely plays into the control-players hands.

  • Just added to the above, a massive swath of decks have absolutely 0 ways to deal with enchantments in their mainboard. Most of these decks are unlikely to bother sideboarding-in enchantment removal either.

  • Queller being unable to remove high-powered threats like Fury, Solitude, or our friend Leyline Binding is all-too painful.

  • Queller having to remove cards when they’re cast is very different to Binding being able to remove them whenever you deem appropriate.

Now, Queller is still a fine card, I still run it in one of my decks, but it’s no Leyline Binding. Binding is super powerful because it can remove almost any threat for a single mana, is one of the hardest card-types to remove itself, and is played in decks that aim to mitigate its downsides through control and/or card-advantage.

Binding is one of the strongest removal cards, but does take some deck-building consideration… perhaps your personal build isn’t a good home for it?

Icbrgr on Is Leyline binding worth it?

6 months ago

Without question universal instant removal for is great considering how 2 of the Tri-Lands sets up full Domain very easily.

  • But does it last?

I have been really struggling with building control decks over the years... and in my most successful attempts at piloting control to victory the games go very very very long... does Leyline Binding fail to stay around for long games? Especially after the opponent sideboards?

I only have 1 copy of binding as of now so I dont really use it personally... but I get reminded of Spell Queller... I really liked that card and thought it would do work for both countermagic as well as applying pressure.... but honestly I found it to be absolutely backbreaking when the creature got killed and then they got there creatures/threat back.

Does anyone have any insight or experience on this subject?

Dead_Blue_ on Thursday Night Magic : What …

1 year ago

I looked at all 4 decks, I’d go with either Combo or the “Jank” deck but I’d swap a few things around probably cutting some Helix for Supreme Verdict/Settle the Wreckage and Force of Negation

I don’t think Spell Queller is the greatest outside of spirits

wallisface on Yorions gone - what cards …

1 year ago

So, this is my current thinking for this list - basically moving Thalia to the sideboard, and trimming some cards i’d rather not see multiples of. Also ditching Ephemerate:

Land (23)

Creature (31)

Artifact (6)

Sideboard (15)

legendofa on Yorions gone - what cards …

1 year ago

I assume you want to keep it . While cutting either or would get this deck closer to the 60-card level, it also loses a couple of key interactions.

My rough suggestion is to cut the Stoneforge Mystic + Swords and Batterskull, one Ertai Resurrected, two Ephemerate, and I'm not quite sure from here, but that's ten cuts.

For the last three, and this is where I start guessing, cut whichever creatures are doing the least work. I'm going to shut my eyes and say Skyclave Apparition, but I'm far from sold on that. Maybe one Apparition, one Spell Queller, and a third Ephemerate, or one of the Thalia, Guardian of Thrabens?

GofyTomcat1 on Modern Benevolence

1 year ago

In that case, Geist can probably be a sideboard piece against decks with a lot of removal for you, since it doesn't fly itself. My version of a similar sort of build loves Geist, but if Serra is your centerpiece card then there are a lot of alternatives that work better with her.

Maybe consider cards like Spell Queller or Vendilion Clique instead of my suggestion of main-board Geist, since they have tempo value and also synergize better with Serra?

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