Spell Queller

Spell Queller

Creature — Spirit



When this enters the battlefield, exile target spell with converted mana cost/mana value 4 or less.

When this leaves the battlefield, the exiled card's owner may cast that card without paying its mana cost.

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Spell Queller Discussion

wallisface on Esper Stoneblade

3 hours ago

Both Priest of Fell Rites and Dakkon, Shadow Slayer feel really strange here. Have you considered either Esper Sentinel or Spell Queller?

Oof_Magic on Azorius Spirits - Modern

2 weeks ago

I would give Glasspool Mimic  Flip a try. Obviously it’s great for copying lords but being able to copy Spell Queller and Skyclave Apparition gives you a lot of flexibility between interaction and aggression. Between Vial and Glasspool Shore  Flip, you can stretch your land slots.

Ouroboros_47 on Azorius Spirits - Modern

2 weeks ago

Glad you like Skyclave Apparition its a great card that has served me well. I like Shacklegeist personally as it can help you stall a few turns to get that win. I haven't played much spirits since MH2 though so I'm not sure how it is at current. Spectral Adversary doesn't impress me much. Unless you have a vial it's 4 mana minimum for a meh effect imo. If you are trying to protect your creatures add more Selfless Spirits it's far cheaper mana wise. Or you could even go with Kira, Great Glass-Spinner if you're really worried about target removal. If you're trying to phase out your opponent's stuff you can already deal with most threats with apparition, pte, Spell Queller, or shackle. If you wanna try it out I'm sure it'll have its moments but I suspect most of the time you'll wish you had something else.

Balaam__ on

1 month ago

I like the core structure of what you’ve built here. Initial thoughts would be a need for more control; most spirit decks run things like Skyclave Apparition or Spell Queller—creatures that in and of themselves really have an impact on the board as they enter. Those cards are significantly costlier than the individual card budget you’ve allotted, though. If they’re not an option, I’d recommend leaning more heavily into true control spells. Counterspell would perform better than Dissipate, but if that’s slightly out of range then I’d recommend Mana Leak and Spell Pierce. Seal Away is a cheap alternative to On Thin Ice or Path to Exile and works well enough.

Also, while dual lands (i.e. Hallowed Fountain) would be ideal, they’re exorbitantly expensive. Tranquil Cove suffices as a thrifty alternative.

Oof_Magic on Azorius Spirits - Modern

2 months ago

That 2/2 ground creature won’t feel too bad when it’s taking down Death's Shadows and Ensnaring Bridges. If you’ve play with Spell Queller for some time, you’ll be grateful it’s just a token rather than getting the problem card back. A 1/1 token is better for you than a 10/10 Shadow. Apparition is a must at getting to problems that Queller missed for timing or the draws.

RaidenShogun69 on Bant Spirits Pioneer

2 months ago

Nah it doesnt really make sense to say that mana ramp slows a deck down. Mana ramp speeds things up, not slow it down. Idk about you but i like the idea of countering something turn 2 with a Spell Queller .

wallisface on Esper Taxrazi

2 months ago

RNR_Gaming Stoneforge is strong but i’m trying to avoid playing it for the moment. It doesn’t interact well with Spell Queller (as far as they hurt each-others tempo).

Prelate is a new addition to the list, and i’ll be trying to name whatever number hurts the opponent the most, which is usually 1, but comes down to the matchup. If i’m trying to stop a single threat, like Prime Titan, i’ll swap it for Meddling Mage game 2.

zapyourtumor on Simic - Blues Clues

4 months ago

I checked back here and I found this in the comments box, I guess I forgot to send it.

Where's Lonis, Cryptozoologist ? I also suggest cutting Counterspell and adding the Shardless Agent package with Ancestral Vision (which would allow you to cut Serum Visions. You could possibly replace Counterspell with Spell Queller and/or Force of Negation + Subtlety to prevent cascading into a counterspell.

I think you could also consider going Bant colors for Thraben Inspector and the Stoneforge Mystic package (You already got 4 swords...). This would also let you run Path to Exile as actual removal instead of Brazen Borrower since UG is notorious for having no removal. Also gives you access to a bunch of really good sideboard cards.

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