Make tokens to win. Back up wincon via aristocrats and possibly through combat. Just need to steadily bleed the table down anyway I can.

I love turtle decks and this is no exception. The deck really centers around Kambal, so there is a lot of ramp and protection pieces to keep him around.

Work in progress with 18 or less cards to cut. Getting close-ish to completion, where each cut is painful. Trying to cut more single purpose cards or expensive CMC cards but any cut recommendations are helpful.

Average Kambal deck: 28 creatures, 11 instants, 6 sorceries, 11 artifacts, 10 enchantments, 1 planeswalker, and 32 lands.

~Goals: x3-4 board wipes, x5-8 targeted removal, x32 land, x8-10 ramp, x6-8 protection pieces, x7-10 card draw, x15-20 token engines, x7-23 other.

Note: Kambal's second trigger only triggers per token creation event. I incorrectly thought it was per token for a while. Alas, Plague of Vermin isn't nearly as good as it first seemed. Goal is more towards making tokens often, not necessarily a lot at once.


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