(0): Remove target attacking creature you control from combat and untap it. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn.

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Set Rarity
Exodus (EXO) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Reconnaissance occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Reconnaissance Discussion

LittleBlueHero on Edgar's Dega Vampires

3 days ago

I know this deck is retired but it still seems like the place to go with Vampire tribal related questions.

Are Dolmen Gate or Iroas, God of Victory worth running as another Reconnaissance type effect? They would still allow us to get attack triggers off our smaller creatures when needed.

Also after some teasers from this years upcoming products we know Baron Sengir will be getting a new card. For flavor reasons I kinda hope he's still mono black but from a commander standpoint I wouldn't mind if they gave him a new color treatment like they did for Volrath, the Shapestealer this past year

xSKINCOLLECTORx on Kaalia of the vASSt

5 days ago

Reconnaissance is cheap and busted, will help keep Kaalia alive, if you can afford one Maze of Ith is just as important.

I hope I’ve helped out some for your first commander deck. Hopefully you enjoy it and keep playing! EDH is a very fun and interactive format that is always changing! Every game is different! Good luck!

multimedia on Ghired's Rampage EDH

6 days ago

Hey, consider ways to make Ghired better? Repeatable protection for him in combat and more attacking with him.

Cards within the budget to consider adding:

Cards to consider cutting:

  • Temple of the False God
  • Grand Coliseum
  • Adorned Pouncer
  • Samut, Voice of Dissent
  • Thunderfoot Baloth
  • Rampaging Baloths
  • Giant Adephage
  • Ancient Stone Idol
  • Ezuri's Predation
  • Skyshroud Claim

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Ghired - token Smash face

1 week ago

Hey, nice work in progress at upgrading the precon :)

I don't know what the meta you play in is like, but what I can give you is overall advice on how to upgrade the precon. What the precon needs is early game ramp, tutors, haste enablers for Ghired and repeatable protection for Ghired in combat so he can safely attack and populate. Rhinos are really the only threat you need as long as you can keep attacking with Ghired.

Cards within the budget to consider adding:

A problem with the precon is the high avg. CMC which is 3.9. This number means that consistently four drops or higher CMC cards will be in your hand which is very slow. Early game you don't want lots of four or higher CMC cards in your hand because you will not be able to cast them. Adding low mana cost ramp by cutting high mana cost cards can help to reduce this number.

There's a lot of high CMC cards here, in fact there's 36 four or higher CMC cards which is too much. There's a lot of high CMC threats and I don't think you need all of them. Instead of playing so many high CMC threats replace some of them with tutors which can get you the better cards/threats into your hand.

To be more competitive I would expand on combos and use most of the high CMC card spots for more combo cards rather than big creature threats. You have done this some what already by adding Purphoros, Helm for Aurelia and Godo, but consider expanding further. Cards for combos to consider adding:

Combos that go with these cards:

  • Kiki + Helm + Purphoros or Tremors for infinite damage.
  • Kiki + Conscripts infinite hasty token Conscripts to attack. Add Purphoros or Tremors for infinite damage.

Outside of combos Kiki is good with populate because he can make a token copy of a nonlegendary creature and if you populate the token then that token doesn't go away at end of the turn. Kiki combos with Helm for infinite Kikis since the token copy of Kiki that's created by Helm is not legendary which allows Kiki to copy it.

  • Assault + Umbra + five lands for infinite combats.
  • Assault + Ventmaw for infinite combats and infinite green or red mana.

More infinite combat combos is good with Ghired because his power comes from him attacking. Outside of the combos Assault is a good card with Ghired because it can give you more attacks which is more populate.

A problem with Helm in all the combos, even Godo, is it's slow because you have to pay the five mana cost to equip it. Aid is a one drop which is worth including for Helm and Selves.

Good luck with your deck.

Natalbee on Propagation Nation | Populate Group Hug

1 week ago

Gleeock - Yeah, I can definitely get behind Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin; especially with Reconnaissance and Shalai, Voice of Plenty in the 99 :D

Do you think he's better than Anax, Hardened in the Forge, Arasta of the Endless Web/Dragonlair Spider, Assemble the Legion or Darien, King of Kjeldor??

Thieves' Auction is brutal haha, I didn't realize it only exiled nontokens! Definitely finding a spot for that one and Genesis Wave. I think those effects are enough to warrant spots for more non-permanents.

Is Sword of Truth and Justice just for the protection? Not sure how it benefits my strategy.

Thanks for your help!!

Last_Laugh on Edgar Markov, Vampire Tribal

2 weeks ago

Nice deck, I do have a few suggestions though.

Reconnaissance - 2nd post dedicated entirely to this card.

Scapegoat helps recover from hard to dodge wraths like tuck, exile, -X-X, and sac. I'd rather eat a personal Evacuation than be in topdeck mode. This card also doubles as a finisher with Purphoros. Boros Charm is nice too with you seeing lots of boardwipes.

Diabolic Intent - Demonic Tutor #2 here.

As far as cuts go... I'm not a fan of either Door of Destinies or Cathars' Crusade here. Both do nothing for your current board, cost a shit ton of mana for an aggro deck, and require gas after you play them. The 2 Sorin Bloodlords seem really underwhelming also.

Feel free to check out my list for ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Edgar's Dega Vampires

Last_Laugh on Edgar's Speedy Vampires

3 weeks ago

Consider Shared Animosity and Reconnaissance (in Throne of the God-Pharoahs slot, they're a nonbo together).

Reconnaissance allows you to attack with EVERY creature safely, deal combat damage in most situations, and have every one of those creatures untapped and ready to block by the end of combat.

It untaps to avoid bad blockers (only situation you don't deal combat damage), it untaps after first strike damage but before normal combat damage (handy for getting counters from Drana onto your whole team and busted with Stromkirk Captain/Stensia Masquerade), and it even untaps after normal combat damage is dealt due to the creature being an 'attacking' creature until the end of combat step ends (you untap in the middle of this step). Feel free to check out my list for ideas. It's one of the top rated Edgar lists on this site and there's also over 150 comments to sift through for more ideas. Upvotes on any of my decks are appreciated. Edgar's Dega Vampires

junkyxicht on Edgar Markov Aggro Tribal

4 weeks ago

@ Last_Laugh

I already had Reconnaissance :) it was basically my first update to my precon, based on your Edgar's Dega Vampires deck. Actually your deck was the foundation of a lot of changes i made and helped a lot understanding the streng of it!

Thanks buddy!

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